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Sunday, June 20, 1999


Well, I'd just like to take this quick moment to apologize for how sucky the Big Bitch for this week is. I've had a particularly hectic weekend and just can't think of anything else that bugs me about George Lucas that doesn't give away plot points in The Phantom Menace.

I guess I am just too tired or annoyed that TPM didn't make more money this weekend. It's not that I want George Lucas to make more money, I just want to see Jim Cameron's film, that I like to call Tyranic, to be knocked out of the number one spot on the top Box Office grossing films of all time list. I do think George isn't as ground breaking as everyone else seems to think. I mean - check it out - the best Star Wars movie was one he didn't even write! Also, it was his ideas that made Return of the Jedi a bad film. (I still fantasize about how cool a planet of Wookies would have been!)

I think if Lucas has half a brain, he should write a draft for Episode I and II and then hire Larry Kasdan and his wife to rewrite them. Lucas could pay them enough to keep their mouths shut and he could still take all the credit for writing the films. This way, Kasdan and his wife (who wrote Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark) will know they have helped the most fun scifi franchise back to it's former glory and Lucas will still look cool.

In my opinion there were way too many glaring holes in the plot of TPM and way too many wasted AWESOME opportunities for great characters and events to be introduced. I know it's hard as hell to make a movie of that scale - THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T DO IT ALL YOURSELF, GEORGE!!

Okay, I feel better now...

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