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Monday, February 3, 2003

What a Lousy Weekend Across the Friggin Board...

Well, aside from the obvious horror of the weekend (for which I've dimmed the site logos for a week) I dealt with a bunch of hardware problems on my computer. I was having weird problems with my power supply - my machine would just randomly crap out. I was debating what to do about this. It was realy annoying since there was no warning when my machine would just cut out. At least, that's what I thought. I spoke to my buddy Avi about it and he suggested it was because my power supply was a 250 watt deal and I have almost every slot taken up and every USB port used as well. OH yeah and don't forget my three hard drives and my two CDRW drives as well.

But, I was broke so I hung tight and hoped the problem wouldn't continue. Then, on Sunday, it died again. I turned off the main power and waited a while like I always do. After 30 minutes or so, I turned the machine back on and all was cool - well, actually the power supply itself was still pretty warm. So, I got to wondering how hot it gets before it shuts down. I opened up my case while the machine was on and noticed the heatsync fan for my graphics chip wasn't spinning. I unscrewed it and tried spinning it by hand. No go.

I hoped replacing the fan would somehow solve my power supply problem. So, this morning I was up before noon (BEFORE NOON!!) and made a trip to CompUSA where I bought a new fan for my graphics chip. Of course, the damn bracket that sits on top of the chip itself and holds the fan was bolted to the motherboard and I couldn't get it off without taking OUT the motherboard. So, I had to do just that.

When I went to install the bracket for the new fan, I discovered the damn thing doesn't FIT MY BOARD!! GRR. Luckily, I thought fast and found that with some creative adhesive applying I could use the new fan with the old bracket. I plugged in the fan, powered the machine back up and WHAMMO - within 5 minutes, the thing dies again. It's GOT to be the power supply, I decided.

After a call to my dad for a donation to my computer fund (I'm hyper broke right now), I headed down to Fry's and picked up a thick, juicy, 400 watt power supply - a full 150 watts more than I had. I got it for $70 with tax, so I figure it was a pretty good deal. Anyway, I took it home and after screening a movie at my part-time job, I installed the thing in minutes and it works just fine. I've got my webcam going, the scanner's plugged in, my keyboard and trackball are both USB, basically, everythings connected and running fine.

Pain in my ASS.

Well, it WAS, anyway. But now it's done.

I added a new woman to TheBeauty section - good old Diane Lane. I know she's not played really edgy "out-there" characters, but I think she's beautiful and has put in good, solid performances in everything I've seen here in - yes, even Perfect Storm - not that the rest of the movie was any good.

Anyway, there's a somber episode of The 5 Minute Show coming up on Wednesday. It's a bit of a tribute that I shot myself. Please try and check it out.

Welp, plenty else going on, but no time to type about it. Maybe tomorrow... oh yeah check out TheMall for new stuff every day!!

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