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Monday, July 18, 2005

Test Post from my OSX Dashboard Widget

Well, as you may recall, the hard drive on my beloved PowerBook died about a month ago. They got it back to me in five days time, which was nice. (Or was it four?) I decided against re-upgrading to OSX Tiger because the few days I used it before my HD died didn't present me with many positive experiences with it.

A few months back, however, I took apart my old XP machine and sold it for scrap, I mean, parts. One of the few parts I kept was this great old Iomega drive that reads and writes to just about any kind of DVD--even the DVD-RAM discs my DVR burns. So, finally, just this weekend I bought a USB 2.0 enclosure for it only to discover that OSX Panther doesn't like to write to it. Sure, it'll read it, but that's it. OH and it won't read RAM discs.

Being a guy with many years of troubleshooting experience with PCs I knew the logical thing to do was hit Google and see if anyone else had the same drive and problems. Lo' and behold, ONE person did (well, one person I could find). :) She explained in her blog that OSX Tiger actually supported her drive. Hm...

1) I love those widgets in the Dashboard.
2) I've heard the version of VLC (the only good video player for OSX) has a new version for Tiger.
3) I love those widgets
4) I now had a drive that is supported under Tiger.

After talking to a Mac-friend of mine, I decided to go for it.

The install went fine and the drive is being recognized by the system and I can even burn to it through Toast. So, I'm a happy camper! Well, almost. Seems I can't get the VRO file off of any RAM disc my Panasonic DVR has burned (burnt?). There's an app called ExportToQT that claims to be able to do it, but it doesn't work. I get some sort of Error -1700 when I try to convert the file and I have no idea what to avoid getting the error. I checked the forum for the app, but none of the creator's advice helped.

The good news is, I've got my dashboard jammed with widgets, including the one I'm using to post this entry with. It's the WordPressDash widget. It seems pretty cool, though I don't have access to my quicktags and other pluggedin magic. Still, it's handy for just jamming something out quickly or crossposting anything I post on my LJ using my LJ posting widget. :)

OK, enough of me babbling...

WTH am I doing up at 5:35am, anyway?

No, I'm not up early! ;)


  1. Toast 7 can import VRO files

  2. Hey, you're right! Awesome, man! Thanks for the info, Steve! This will save me quite a bit of time and money. SWEET.

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  5. Ha! Awesome! Nice to know some parts of my site are still working properly!