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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bombohammed Cartoon Now Available on T-Shirt

First things first--I respect every living thing's right to believe what he, she or it wants. As a result, I expect my right to do the same to be respected, as well. In this case, I do not practice Islam. I am not a Muslim, nor do I believe that the depiction of a man whom I've never seen to be a blaspheme, as I don't believe in the word itself.

While I respect any Muslim's belief that the prophet Mohommed should not be depicted, it seems only fair that any Muslim would respect my right to believe that depicting anyone in anyway is not a sin.

I believe the Golden Rule fits best here. "Do not do unto others anything you would not have them do unto you."

I don't care if anyone depicts my god because all you'd come up with is a blank page, as I am an Atheist. I respect your beliefs, and, in my opinion, you should respect mine. I don't expect you to follow my beliefs, why do you believe that I should follow yours?

Earlier this week, I posted an episode of my comic strip Ballpoint Adventures that depicted my idea of Mohammed. It follows below for your reference. In it, I depict Mohammed as a flower because for all I know, that's what he looked like. I claim it is a depiction of Mohammed and therefore I have committed a blaspheme in some Muslim's minds. I do this to point out how absurd it is to follow any rule to its extreme. I could easily have depicted Mohammed as a fire hydrant or a baltine hammer and it seems that some Muslims would still believe it to be a sin.

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Go [|here] to buy your own Mohammed bomb-head T-shirt and enjoy your right to free speech.

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