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Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple’s control-freak nature didn’t matter as much when it was a plucky underdog...

“Apple’s control-freak nature didn’t matter as much when it was a plucky underdog. Yes, Jobs was a demanding boss and a finicky perfectionist—but he created great products. We rooted for Apple, and wanted it to survive. Apple seemed like the anti-Microsoft, a company that was on our side. But this year Apple will do nearly $60 billion in sales, and its market value stands at $240 billion—the third-largest in the United States, bigger than Coca-Cola and Pepsi combined. Any company that big can seem a little scary. So when police start breaking down doors over a lost phone, it’s a PR disaster, especially for Apple. The company works hard to cultivate a counterculture image, with ads that have featured Gandhi and John Lennon, not to mention the “I’m a Mac” hipster. Yet lately Apple has started to look like the big bully of the tech industry, the kid who doesn’t play well others. Over the long haul, that can put customers off.”

Lyons, on Apple v. Gizmodo (via newsweek)

Read more about my feelings on the “Apple Vs. Everyone” story on my lifestream.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Android on an iPhone

This is an outrageous hack. Imagine the iPhone being able to duel-boot into either iPhone OS or Android.

Oh, man—if the latest version of Android could run nicely on the iPhone 3G I would be happy to NOT upgrade to a Nexus One or any other phone. After all, the hardware is just fine—it’s the fricken software that drives me up the wall—too many limitations!! Oh yeah: I HATE iTUNES!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When the Empire wants their iPhone back...


This makes me giggle a little.

How I’d respond:

“Dear sir,

I am no longer in possession of said item and have given it to a Chinese gentlemen who said he was the one who had lost it.  He offered me a substantial reward, so I didn’t hesitate to return it to him.  As he wandered off, I could hear him muttering something about a backwards train driver? Or maybe it was a reverse engineer?

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact the gentleman through his website “”.

Thanks for your interest in my tech blog, Mr. Sewell! I am a big fan of your client’s products.

Have a nice day!



Friday, April 2, 2010

My Educated Take on the iPad

Not powerful enough to beat a netbook, but too big to be a PDA. This is an e-book reader competitor, folks. How many people do we know with an e-book reader?

Just sayin’…



UPDATED 20110823: how wrong was I on this one! O_O I still think the iPad can't do as much as my netbook, but clearly netbooks aren't glamorous enough to compete with the iPad.  Ah well...