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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TheDaily Jay 1/31/12: Kay and me riff on how tired we are of this election crap...

Ballpoint Adventures for January 11, 2006: Billy hasn't got faith in faith.

Faith is taking a step onto a stairwell that you can't see because it isn't there.  (Sorry, Dr. King.)

Draw Every Day for January 11, 2012: My clothes dryer today

I'm done catching up with Draw Every Day 2012, but this was my clothes dryer on January 20. Sometimes I can't think of anything to draw, so I draw what's in front of me.

Draw Every Day for January 31, 2012: NIHON (kanji)

Today I start a new level of Japanese classes at Japan Society and I've been cramming for the last week to prepare. I've got Japanese dripping out of my ears, so it seemed appropriate to draw some kanji. Technically, I draw every time I write in Japanese ????

In fact, as this picture posts on my blog, my class is just starting!  ?????

I just favorited this from @lizstrauss...

"How Apple is sabotaging an open standard for digital books @edbott <- READ THIS B4 you pub on IBooks"
January 31, 2012 at 02:11PM
from: @ lizstrauss's original tweet. sale! Pick up my photomag for $3.50 or just $1 for the ebook version! Go now!

That link once again:

Monday, January 30, 2012

TheDaily Jay 1/30/12: Insider Trading to Get Banned for Congress folks?!?!

Don't ask me why but tonight's egg-in-a-frame dinner is an homage to the Wu-Tang Clan

Like I said, don't ask.

Draw Every Day for January 30, 2012: Wishful Thinking

Don't get the wrong idea for this pic--I'm not singling out the USD. :)

More back-dated drawings are on their way! I'm all caught up! I just need to upload the images and post 'em to the ol' blog.

Ballpoint Adventures for January 30, 2012: Boldly Standing Up for the Principles that are already supposed to be in place.

Nothing like the leader of the free world championing the very principles the country was supposed to be founded upon (as though they're new concepts, too).

Friday, January 27, 2012

I just favorited this from @OccupyWallStNYC... (UPDATED)

"#TwitterBlackout. #J28"
January 27, 2012 at 09:37PM
from: @ OccupyWallStNYC's original tweet.

UPDATE: Well, that was a bust. I saw @OccupyWallStNYC tweeting on the 28th. Really useless.  Wondering just how purposeful this whole #Occupy movement will be in the end.  My guess is that it'll just draw attention to how little the powers-that-be like real dissent.  Too bad the USG can't just bribe them all to go home.  That would make things a lot more simple, cheaper and better for PR.

I just favorited this from @EFF...

"9,233 people defending the right to #jailbreak. Help us get to 10,000: #DMCA"
January 26, 2012 at 11:30PM
from: @ EFF's original tweet.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My most recent Daily Mugshot


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TheDaily Jay for 1/24/12: hey #OWS guys, what's so bad about capitalism?

Draw Every Day for January 9, 2012: How Was This Ever Enough?!?

My old 5G iPod still functions, though the battery doesn't hold a charge.  Sad how I got the note backwards on the iPod screen.  Stupid.  Did the whole thing from memory (obviously) well, except for the symbols on the click wheel.

My latest post over at is up! It's all about worrying for nothing about Obama's 2nd Term

My latest post over at is up! It's all about worrying for nothing about Obama's 2nd Term by thepetecom

Head over to or hit up the post itself here:

Low 50s today in NYC. Did Mother Nature just give up on winter this year or what?

January 24, 2012 at 01:39PM original
from @thepete

Ballpoint Adventures for January 24, 2012: Barbie has encouraging words for Billy

Barbie's right, of course.  Even if Obama wins, he's practically a Republican.

Draw Every Day for January 8, 2012: Some Doors are Stranger than Others

"Some Doors are Stranger than Others" is the full title of the above piece.  If you look closely, you can see a door knob and hinges.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I just favorited this from @AnonymousIRC...

""Dropbox, MediaFire, RapidShare and, at risk of prosecution." #Anonymous #OpMegaupload #EFF"
January 23, 2012 at 04:09PM
from: @ AnonymousIRC's original tweet.

TheDaily Jay 1/23/12: Done watching the debate? Watch Kay and Me Take on Newt!

Draw Every Day for January 7, 2012: Ryoku, Japanese kanji for strength and power.

Starting to play around with lines a bit.

Ballpoint Adventures for January 23, 2012: HE gets to be a swinger?!?

Just the thought of Newt being ABLE to find a sexual partner, let alone, THREE (or MORE!) makes me want to find another planet.  Not just because the guy looks like a marshmallow in human form, but because he's truly a horrible person.  Hypocritical, rude as hell and pretty obviously a sociopath.

Draw Every Day for January 6, 2012: abstract Munny design

A "Munny" is an urban vinyl toy from KidRobot. I've designed a bunch over the years but haven't in a while. I want to get back to it really bad, so this is a start.

Yes, I'm a quite a bit behind on Draw Every Day 2012. A visit to family and then being down with a cold for four days(ish) will do that to ya. But I'm catching up and will be caught up before the end of the month.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures with rude neighbors and their loud music

First real snow of 2012 for #NYC makes the view outside my bedroom window seem a little nicer....

The winter of 2011-2012 is definitely a weird one for NYC, what with the first snow back in October and temperatures only really dropping to normal levels in late December and January and finally second snow well into the second half of January. What's up Mother Nature?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In our seats, waiting for "Follies" on Broadway to start... 7 more minutes...

@SierraRein and I are on our way to see Follies on Broadway comlliments of TheDad. Thanks, TheDad!

January 19, 2012 at 06:51PM original
from @thepete

#SOPA/PIPA vs #NDAA Part Two: Chasing the Phantom Menace (I'm NOT talking Star Wars)

Yesterday, I posted part one of my 3-part SOPA/PIPA Vs NDAA series (read it) in which I suggest that all these sites going dark to protest SOPA/PIPA was just misplaced efforts and energy (the indefinite-detention-legalizing NDAA of 2012 is much more worthy of protest, harms more of our core human rights, and is already a law!). Last night over at, my third post for them went into more detail explaining just how the NDAA is much more of a threat than the SOPA/PIPA bills (read it). But in my post, here on yesterday, I also suggested that the reason this movement had gotten so big was not because of how much a threat SOPA or PIPA are (they haven't even passed either house of Congress yet) but because big Internet companies stand to lose a lot of money if they get blocked in the US (aka they're only doing it for the money).  Today I'm going to suggest that protesting SOPA/PIPA actually helps the bad guys.

Free swag bag contents from #amnhsciam Beyond Planet Earth tweetup event last night. Thanks @amnh & @sciam!

Contents included*:

Creatures of Light exhibit at AMNH flyer (opens March 31, 2012) Sounds cool!

Beyond Planet Earth flyer detailing the exhibit we saw last night :) which was a lot of fun!

AMNH Museum Calendar (always useful when planning AMNH visits!)

Beyond Planet Earth Moon Base card with AR symbols on the back for use with the (very cool) "Beyond Planet Earth" Augmented Reality app for iOS (AR is used really well in this exhibit, btw)

Free copy of the February 2012 issue of Scientific American magazine (Nice! I haven't read a magazine in forever! Well, aside from my own ( and it's mostly pictures!)

Free copy of "Zagat: Discover the Upper West Side" 2011 restaurant guide (very useful during visits to AMNH!)

Free package of Astronaut Ice Cream! (YESSSSS!)

*Contents did NOT include the little plastic astronauts and spaceships. Those I got for $10 in the gift shop after seeing Beyond Planet Earth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I just favorited this from JonSpace...

"In case anyone was wondering, here are the devices people tweeted from at #amnhsciam"
January 19, 2012 at 12:48AM
from: @ JonSpace's original tweet.

The #amnhsciam Beyond Planet Earth Tweetup from @amnh and @sciam

via Flickr

Check out more pics by clicking that there Flickr link!

More pics coming tomorrow! (I'm tired!)

Me checking out a 3-D AR model at tonight's #amnhsciam tweetup at @amnh!

(It's not really there--I was just pretending...)

At the @amnh tweetup with @sierrarein and a bunch of other smart people.

Can't wait to get inside that planetarium!

#SOPA/PIPA vs #NDAA Part One: What is this protest really about?

I've got a post that should go up at some point soon over at about this same topic, but I thought I should go into a bit more detail.

So why all this hubbub about SOPA and PIPA when the bills have yet to pass either house of Congress? Where was all this hubbub when the NDAA of 2012 was passed? This is my main gripe about all these sites going dark today.  Which is a bigger threat? Stopping us from using the Internet the way we want or a violation of one of the most basic human rights our constitution guarantees?

Of course, SOPA/PIPA need to be protested, but there has been MUCH more of a net-wide freakout over these two unpassed laws than is required at this point in time.  Wouldn't humanity be better served by spending our energy and effort on protesting the more infringing law that is already on the books rather than laws that are three very large steps away from being laws?

Maybe we should ask ourselves why there is such a bigger outcry against SOPA/PIPA.  Is it just because these laws could give corporations the ability to effectively shut down some our favorite websites?  In the great scheme of things, that seems pretty minor.  What's your Internet freedom compared to your actual freedom?

So what is it, then? My only guess is that it's all for the money.  Think about all the money those sites will lose if they are blocked from American users.  Since they would be blocked Google would probably have trouble indexing them and if they had trouble indexing them, they'd have trouble putting targeted ads on their sites.  In theory those sites could go under entirely, robbing Google and other b2b service providers of a lot of income.  Of course, when you or I get detained indefinitely at a protest, that doesn't have any effect on these companies' bottom lines, so why should they care?

[caption id="attachment_13117190735" align="alignright" width="150" caption="From Tumblr today. Really? The WHOLE Internet needs to be saved?"]From Tumblr today. Really? The WHOLE Internet needs to be saved?[/caption]

Maybe it's a stretch, but why else would such Internet powerhouses as Google, and Wikipedia care about a law being passed? They didn't seem to give a shit when a law was passed that would allow for the legal indefinite imprisonment of people. So, when human freedom is at risk, they're meh. But what gets these big guys motivated? Lost revenue. Then you see them marshaling their Internet forces and suddenly it's as though the entire Internet was at risk--literally, that's what Tumblr is saying today.

"SAVE THE INTERNET" any page on Tumblr reads right now.

It's as though the Internet always existed or as though we couldn't live without it.

Do I think SOPA/PIPA are worth protesting? Of course. Do I think it's a waste of resources because there's a bigger threat out there? Definitely.

I've plenty more to say about this.

Part Two coming tomorrow....

Monday, January 16, 2012

I just favorited this from uberlife...

"@thepete I just accepted your invite request to @uberlife. Time to create a hangout!"
January 16, 2012 at 06:38PM
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I just favorited this from thepete...

"@uberlife makes us beg for invites on Twitter. Why not just trade an invite for a mention on Twitter?That would make me still want an invite"
January 16, 2012 at 03:50PM
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Friday, January 13, 2012

TheDaily Jay 1/13/12: oh, no, man! It's Friday the 13th! But so what?

TheDaily Kay: Kay's new hair style!

Huh... John Edwards has something wrong with his heart? Didn't we already know that?

Seriously. Why does this guy even get covered in the news anymore? What's wrong with the media where they waste our time with front page news reporting on people who have no effect on our lives? If people like Edwards must get covered, why on the front page?

Worst Idea for a Merchandising Tie-in comes from my most favorite movie of the last couple years.

SIGH. A "Sword of Desperation" earwax remover? >_< Nandekorewa? But seriously, see this movie--it's brilliant. Just got it on DVD from

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ballpoint Adventures for January 10, 2006: Why just pray to God?

This is the first of a huge line of Ballpoints about God. Hope you're not easily offended! :)

Hey! A post I wrote for is live! Go Read it!

That link again: or just head over to

According to #MyJapaneseCoach for #NintendoDS, I'm a 4th Grader! ???????!

I don't believe it! Seriously, I think MJC is way easy on me.

TheDaily Jay for 1/11/12: Santorum isn't #2 anymore, man! But what is he?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My most recent Daily Mugshot


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Ballpoint Adventures for January 9, 2006: Standing for nothing.

Wow.  I drew this back in 2006 and six years later the first black president signs HR 1540, essentially violating the Bill of Rights (the part that says every human has a right to a quick and speedy trial).

Another reason to like Japan--they have excellent taste in social networks :)

Saw this in the Zite app last night. Turns out Japan is the only country that uses Twitter more than Facebook. I'm really not a fan of Facebook at all because it's filled with (largely useless) distractions. Twitter is simple to use, has a fairly intuitive UI, and, best of all, is as focused as you want it to be--all of this is unlike Facebook, in my opinion. I have a feeling this is why the Japanese, generally prefer it to FB. Of course, Twitter is more useful to the Japanese than it is to us, in the West, thanks to kanji. Kanji are single characters that can represent entire words. So, instead of 140 characters in a Tweet, they can, theoretically, post 140 words, though forming a sentance with just kanji is impossible, I think. Regardless, my list of things I like about Japan just got longer.

Read the entire article on Japan's preference of Twitter to Facebook here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ballpoint Adventures for January 8, 2006: Barbie Ballpoint accuses Billy!!

She's got a point, but now what??

Ballpoint Adventures for January 9, 2012: Billy Uses Dirty Language

You'd think that when the Internet decides to define you as something truly disgusting you'd either change your name or drop out of politics.  Here's hoping he'll still do the latter.

I just favorited this from SenatorSanders on Twitter...

"The 2012 Economy - Take Bernie's new poll: #Vt #Btv #ows #p2 #nh"
January 10, 2012 at 05:36PM
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I just favorited this from thepete on Twitter...

"Don't we all! RT @jaythepal: "TheDaily Jay 1/9/12: Sometimes we don't communicate so well, man.""
January 09, 2012 at 07:02PM
from: @ thepete's original tweet.

I just favorited this from DNAinfo on Twitter...

"Uptown Residents Fight to Convert Defunct Coliseum Theater into Arts Space @carlazanoni #WAHIN"
January 10, 2012 at 03:00PM
from: @ DNAinfo's original tweet.

My most recent Daily Mugshot


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I just favorited this from BreakingNewsUK on Twitter...

UK sets out conditions for Scotland to hold vote on breaking away from the rest of Britain - @Reuters
January 10, 2012 at 01:03PM
from: @ BreakingNewsUK

I have been taken by the laptop rapture... or the "laptopture" ...I guess.

January 10, 2012 at 01:04PM original
from @thepete

Found this note Sunday night after coming home from a weekend trip to visit family down south.

Stew is one of my oldest friends and was kind enough to feed our cats
while we were out. He's also a goofball :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten days in an I'm already behind on keeping my New Years Resolutions... sheesh...

January 10, 2012 at 01:10AM here:

Ballpoint Adventures for January 7, 2006: Billy Ballpoint isn't exactly a feminist...

Sometimes Billy represents my point of view and other times, society's.

ThePeteTV presents: ThePeteVlog: NYE in NYC Edition! 2012

Fireworks in Central Park was way better than crowding into Times Square like sardines to watch a ball drop. Seriously, we tried, it wasn't fun.

TheDaily Jay for 1/6/12: UNCUT!

From last week: My content shows up on Flipboard for me. :) (check out the Flickr and Google Reader thumbs)

It's cool seeing your own content anywhere, even when you put it there yourself.

"Splashtop Remote Cannot connect to your computer." This happens much too often.

It's a great app for iThingy...when it actually connects. :(

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ballpoint Adventures for January 5, 2006: This is how Billy Dealt with NSA Phone Snooping...

Remember how we were worried about the government eavesdropping on our mobile phone conversations? I sure hope that's not going on any more, but how would we know if it was? We didn't know the first time.

Draw Every Day 2012 Day 5: On My Desk

As I looked down and to my right, this is what I saw.  Well, only for real. I don't see the world as an old "Ah-Ha" video from the 80s.  (Though I sometimes wish I did!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ballpoint Adventures for January 4, 2006: Freedom of Speech (Depending on Content)

It always struck me as odd that simply threatening the POTUS was illegal. I'd say that 90% (or more) of the time, threats are empty no matter who they are aimed at.

Draw Every Day 2012 Day 4: LiarMan! (ThePeteMan's Sworn Enemy!)

This here (as it says in the drawing) is The SWORN enemy of ThePeteMan. His name is LiarMan and everything he says is a lie. OR IS IT?

For a while now, I've been developing the idea of a superhero based on myself (though he really isn't). I actually did a short comic with him back in 2005, but he never appeared online. I'm hoping to bring ThePeteMan to thepete.comics soon. Of course, every superhero needs a worthy opponent. LiarMan is ThePeteMan's. :)

OH and if you want to see more of my Draw Every Day 2012 series, you can see them here:

Don't forget! The first issue of thepete.mag (a photo magazine retrospective of 2011 from my POV) is now available! Download it today for just $1 or get the print version for $6! Head over to now! Thanks!

Poor little subway rat, literally dead in the water :(

Snapped this just as my train was arriving so I couldn't get a cleaner shot. The rat was lying in a stream of flowing water that ran down the length of the track. Sad little guy. Now he will be remembered. Kinda.