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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Never enough time, what else is new?

Well, as I mentioned in TheLatest, I've added new graphics to each of the tour pages but I'd like to add more. Also, I need to add the donate and wish list links on the main page. Ugh... I also need to start designing the new daily writing project page as well as get to work on the first new comic strips I've drawn in a year. There's also parts of me that want to screw comic strips and go for Flash 'toons. Don't know for sure though.

Thursday, December 19, 2002


Check it out, according to WashingtonPost.Com, George W. Bush is going to give more rights to non-American citizens who are in the US legally to work. In this case, the Bush administration is giving Mexican workers in America Social Security cards. Now, this seems like skipping the citizenship step entirely, to me and it also makes Mexico an awful lot like the fifty-first state.


Through a long chain of annoyingly stupid (and very uninteresting) events, I ended up with three sets of tickets to see Lord of the Rings: Two Towers yesterday. You'd think that after three viewings of a three hour film, I'd be bored of the movie...

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Entertaining? YES! YES! YES!!
Technically any good? Story, acting, action, Gollum FX YES!!! Some of the FX were shaky but NOTHING about this movie was bad enough to take away from it. GOLLUM SHOULD GET THE OSCAR!!
How did I feel as the credits rolled? EXCITED!! While you may find some of it confusing (if you haven't seen the 1st one in a while) there's still plenty to enjoy.
Final Rating? GSN


Well, I awoke today to have my computer randomly crap out on me. It literally just STOPPED working. Power cut out and would NOT power back up. I was IMing a computer buddy of mine and he said it sounded like the power supply had died. But, I have no time for that, so I simply turned off the master power switch and let it sit for five hours while I (first) went and got a new catalytic converter for my Maxima so it will pass a smog check and (second) went to my projectionist job to run a VERY disturbing film that I do NOT reccommend (Irreversible - more on this in a bit). When I got back after my job tonight, I flipped the master power switch back on and hit the power button on the front of the tower and she powered up. Go figure. One less headache for me. But that's okay, I've got PLENTY more things on my plate!!

Thursday, December 12, 2002


Entertaining? No. When your movie can't even do half as well as Scooby-Doo did opening weekend, you get an idea of just how entertaining it is.
Technically any good? Bad. It expects us to care about these people w/o any character development in it or the last two Trek films. Oops. I.e. I cared for no one. Also, script was convoluted and derivative. (i.e. it made no sense and what did, was just the TV show rehashed.)
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Glad that this movie only made $18.5 million opening weekend and LOTR:TT opens in two days. In other words, no more Trek movies.
Final Rating? DNS

Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Hey there. Well, I'm broke. Real broke. So, I'll be adding a lot more "donate!" links around the site in the coming months as well as new products to buy (I'm in the process of redoing TheMall) and some other gimmicky things to keep you and everyone else coming back. I'm thinking about a hot-chick-of-the-day feature. Not sure if I want to go that route just yet. Also HCOTD isn't much of an acronym... But there's

Saturday, December 7, 2002

What I do for my Mac friends!!

Okay, check it out - the above menu will be the FINAL new menu to grace this site. It's been SUCH a hassle coming up with an interesting way to present all the links on this site that will work on ALL browsers! I'm not even talking about just IE and NS, nor am I talking about just IE4, 5 or 6 and NS6, I mean PCIE, PCNS and MacIE, MacNS. It seemed like every cool DHTML or JS effect I'd want to use would fail on MacIE - MacNS is fine, but NOOOO MacIE doesn't like the cool DHTML/JS stuff... So, I've managed to do away with all of that, utilizing the framed menu above. Ugh... please let me know if it doesn't work for you. That way I'll know to get the hirikiri blade sharpened...

Friday, December 6, 2002


Well, the fiancee had posted some of my old vinyl records on eBay!! I need the money bad to pay for a new laptop - so if you have any interest in vinyl, PLEASE, check out THIS URL and hopefully you'll like what you see!! I'm also hoping to post some of my old Transformers and possibly, this VCD recorder deck that I own. It's a cool machine - makes VCDs more-or-less on the fly. I just never use it anymore since I cap on my PC... So, check 'em out!! THANKS!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2002


You ever wonder what makes most people tick? I wonder what makes them NOT tick. I was recently thinking about how last spring, when TheFiancee and I flew to Chicago for my grandmother's 90th birthday, we met up with one of my best friends in the world and we went hunting for Mold-A-Rama machines. Of course, my Mom must have thought this would be fun or something, so she decided she would join us... just wait, it gets better...

Monday, November 25, 2002


"The FBI wants access to decode, digest, and discuss financial transactions, personal e-mail, and proprietary information sent abroad -- all in the name of national security." -John Ashcroft

But he's spoken out more against the Internet privacy invasion, a lot more..."There is a concern that the Internet could be used to commit crimes and that advanced encryption could disguise such activity. However, we do not provide the government with phone jacks outside our homes for unlimited wiretaps. Why, then, should we grant government the Orwellian capability to listen at will and in real time to our communications across the Web?" -John Ashcroft

"The protections of the Fourth Amendment are clear. The right to protection from unlawful searches is an indivisible American value. Two hundred years of court decisions have stood in defense of this fundamental right. The state's interest in effective crime-fighting should never vitiate the citizens' Bill of Rights." -John Ashcroft

"I believe that moving forward with the president's policy... would be an act of folly, creating a cadre of government "peeping toms"..." -John Ashcroft

"The administration's interest in all e-mail is a wholly unhealthy precedent, especially given this administration's track record on FBI files and IRS snooping. Every medium by which people communicate can be subject to exploitation by those with illegal intentions. Nevertheless, this is no reason to hand Big Brother the keys to unlock our e-mail diaries, open our ATM records, read our medical records, or translate our international communications." -John Ashcroft

Okay, here's the punchline, he also said this:

"The Clinton administration would like the Federal government to have the capability to read any international or domestic computer communications."

Yes, that's correct, Ashcroft said all of this back when he was a Senator for Missouri, back in October of 1997. Four years before the Homeland department of extreme digital snooping was even considered by Republicans. Interesting, though, how things change. It seems like those in power want more power. Those not in power want to curtail the power of those in power.

Well, things are different now. Ashcroft might argue. Are they? Isn't America still America? in 1997 America was just as much at risk as it was in 2001 or in 1993 when the World Trade Center was attacked the first time. Intelligence circles were fully aware that America could be a target for terrorism and had been. Yet, Ashcroft in 1997 did not believe these extreme measures were a good idea.

Check it out, in October 2001, four years to the month from his comments against such behavior, Ashcroft said this:

"Law enforcement will begin immediately to seek search warrants to obtain unopened voice mail stored on a computer, just as they traditionally have used search warrants to obtain unopened e-mail. They will also begin to use new subpoena power to obtain payment information such as credit card or bank account numbers of suspected terrorists on the Internet."

In April of 2002, Privacy International awarded John Ashcroft it's Big Brother award for "Worst Public Official for attacking privacy and freedom of information".

This is a far cry from the John Ashcroft who was just a mere senator, back in 1997. Now, he's America's top cop and he's in charge. I guess Ashcroft discovered the same thing his boss did when his boss said "If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier � just so long as I was the dictator."

When you're the top cop and can get laws changed in your favor, that's exactly what you are...

To read Senator John Ashcroft's statements regarding Internet privacy from 1997, go here.

To read Attorney General John Ashcroft's more recent comments about Internet privacy, click here.

To check out Privacy International's web site or to find out who else got Big Brother awards in 2002, check out this link.

Saturday, November 23, 2002


Yep, that's right, in the state of Texas, promoting the sale or use of objects that simulate a sexual organ or are primarily used for stimulating sexual organs is illegal. To get more specific, posession of more than six such objects is considered intent to promote. Now how absurd is this? Well, think about it - who uses these types of objects? Just off the top of my head (no pun intended), I'd say women and homosexuals. Hm... what does this sound like to you?Yep, that's right, the Texas State Legislature is legislating the sex lives of women and homesexuals. Are we living in the dark ages? Is Texas colonial Salem where women doing drugs and having orgasms without their men was labeled witchcraft? Or is this just the most sublte form of a kind of racism? Not racism, really, but 'sexism' is too tame a word for it. Gender domination? Obsessive control over another gender? Something like that...

After all, why would promoting these kinds of items be a bad thing? Well, let's examine that. Okay, so dildoes are promoted as a good thing. Women and homosexuals buy them and use them. (Sure, straight men can be into jamming things where the sun doesn't shine, but for the sake of argument, lets assume that most don't...) Women and homosexuals use discover that they are indeed very useful and buy more of them. What does this mean? It means that regular old fashioned men are not required for women to get off and if gay men use these items, it's just disgusting!!

So, if men aren't needed to get women to have orgasms, what are men good for?

Good question...

Now, if you're a mature person, adult or not, you realize that there are plenty of reasons to keep men around. First off, they're stronger than women. That's a fact, there's nothing wrong with women, they're just different. Another thing men are needed for is to actually do the impregnating so the human race can continue. (Although I've read that artificial sperm does exist, but surely, the real thing is best.) The point is, men have a purpose and everyone knows it. So, why this law then?

Simple: To control the women. For centuries (even millennia), women around were told by religious 'authorities' that sex was not for enjoyment. In fact, men would go to great lengths to make sure that women did not 'accidentally stumble upon an orgasm' by the institution of female circumcision or what some have come to call Female Genital Mutilation. I won't go into details, but let's just say most versions of the procedure remove enough of a woman to allow her to miss out on all the fun of sexual intercourse. It's a practice that goes back centuries and while it is no where as prominent as it was, it still occurs often in Africa and many other parts of the globe (even western countries). The idea of this procedure is to curb promiscuity, adultery and women losing their virginity too early.

Now, this is a far cry from banning the promotion of dildos, but how far is it really? Isn't the intent of control over a woman's body still evident? Sure, women aren't mutilated, but the male dominated state government of Texas is still trying to tell women what they can and can't do with their own bodies. Only this isn't about abortion, or even drugs. It's about pleasuring one's self. Why should anyone be able to tell a woman (or a man) how to touch themselves and to limit what they touch themselves with?

How the hell did a law like this get into the legislature in the first place?!?? Isn't it a woman's own damn business what she does in her own pants?

Maybe we are still living in the dark ages...

Read more about female circumcision at the Nazareth College web site and at

Read the article covering the woman who was arrested for possesion of 17 objects that either resembled a sexual organ or was primarily used for the stimulation of the genitals.

Thursday, November 21, 2002


Entertaining? YES! A modern film about interacial and homosexuality issues wearing the flawless skin of a 50s movie - very cool!
Technically any good? Hits the 50s movie-style on the head but deals incredibly well with modern issues. Very well written, directed and performed!
How did I feel as the credits rolled? So, so sad! But in a great way - it's a tragic love story, really. But it's funny, too.
Final Rating? GSN!!


Entertaining? YES!! Insanely so. It was great to see Bond get back to real adventuring.
Technically any good? FX were on the weak side, but still impressive. Story more complex than most but characters were lacking (especially Jinx - weak! I liked her character better when she was played by Michelle Yeoh!) Physics were out the window, but then, it's a Bond movie.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Pretty immensely satisfied. The plot does get convoluted and the film does substitute solid story for amazing stunts and glitz, but nobody ever said spectacle is ALL bad.
Final Rating? GSN (a real crowd pleaser!)

Saturday, November 16, 2002


The New York Times has reported that a small group of Kennedy family associates have finally allowed a historian and a medical consultant to examine John Fitzgerald Kennedy's medical records from what was easily his most stressful years alive. What they found was pretty scary. According to the historian, Robert Dallek who is writing a book about JFK, the assassinated president was taking a daily cocktail of as many as eight different drugs. At various times throughout his time as President, JFK was taking...

Thursday, November 14, 2002


Have you heard of Bill Moyers? I have. He's a newsman who's been around for a very many years. I think he used to be on one of the major broadcast networks, but as they got more shallow and he got older, he had to move on. He's now on PBS, the only network that isn't scared of losing their money because they beg for it at least once a year. It's stunning to read the words of such an experienced newsman when he says negative things against the US Government. When's the last time you heard someone respected in the News industry say bad things about the US Government?I can't remember the last time I heard a real journalist talk (or type, I guess) the way Moyers did in a November 2002 commentary over at It's impressive. He has his facts in order and has formulated reasonable judgements.

And best of all, he agrees with me...

I'll pass on the URL for the article at the end of this article and you can see for yourself. But my main point is that if a man like Bill Moyers is saying that things are bad, chances are, they are. And how scary is that? When a reasonably paid, established journalist tells you that your freedoms have slowly started to ebb away and that your government is going to quietly dissolve the separation of Church and State without telling anyone or even passing a law about it, how should this make us feel? When someone who is white and about as 'mainstream' as they come tells you there's little difference between politics, religion and money, should we be concerned?

I say... yes.

[|Go read Moyer's commentary] and see what you think. Then, if it worries you as much as it did me (which it should), come back here and post your comments on it.

And don't worry - it's not the end of the world... yet...


Bill Moyers on Election 2002

Way back in the 1950's when I first tasted politics and journalism, Republicans briefly controlled the White House and Congress. With the exception of Joseph McCarthy and his vicious ilk, they were a reasonable lot, presided over by that giant war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, who was conservative by temperament and moderate in the use of power.

That brand of Republican is gone. And for the first time in the memory of anyone alive, the entire federal government — the Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary — is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate.

That mandate includes the power of the state to force pregnant women to give up control over their own lives.

It includes using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich.

It includes giving corporations a free hand to eviscerate the environment and control the regulatory agencies meant to hold them accountable.

And it includes secrecy on a scale you cannot imagine. Above all, it means judges with a political agenda appointed for life. If you liked the Supreme Court that put George W. Bush in the White House, you will swoon over what's coming.

And if you like God in government, get ready for the Rapture. These folks don't even mind you referring to the GOP as the party of God. Why else would the new House Majority Leader say that the Almighty is using him to promote 'a Biblical worldview' in American politics?

So it is a heady time in Washington — a heady time for piety, profits, and military power, all joined at the hip by ideology and money.

Don't forget the money. It came pouring into this election, to both parties, from corporate America and others who expect the payback. Republicans outraised Democrats by $184 million dollars. And came up with the big prize — monopoly control of the American government, and the power of the state to turn their ideology into the law of the land. Quite a bargain at any price.

That's it for this week.

For NOW, I'm Bill Moyers.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Meaning of Assassin

Hey, check it out - the word assassin comes from the Arabic word "hashshashin". According to the site TakeOurWord.Com, the word "hashshashin" refers to a con employed by the leader of an obscure Islamic sect called the Ishmaeli. They were well known as effective killers however, to join, you would have to consume this drug mixture of hashish and other potent potables which would cause you to pass out. While you were out cold, the leader would drag your sorry ass into his compound, where he had set up beautiful trees, grass and plants. Oh and there were naked, young, HOT girls, too. While you were there partaking in the, uh, paradise, he would feed you the hashish mixture again, thus, causing you to pass out again. Once you'd wake, you'd find yourself outside his compound. The leader would then explain that he had allowed you to sample the paradise you would experience if you died in his name. As a result, his men were well motivated...
Check out the full explanation!

Saturday, October 12, 2002

You Don't Know What Happened Today 605 Years Ago

Exactly 605 years ago today (10/13/02) Jacques De Molay was arrested for being the Grand Master of the Templar Knights who were in turn banned by the Pope. De Molay and hundreds of his men would be tortured and finally executed. De Molay himself was burned at the stake seven years later.

Oh yeah, and the day he was arrested, October 13, 1307 was a Friday... Get it?

Tuesday, October 1, 2002



Just a little reminder...

Sunday, September 29, 2002


Do you still feel hope?

Tell me, because I've forgotten, what does hope feel like? I'm not trying to be sarcastic, really. I just don't remember.

See, while I am totally for saving the environment, I think it's not the most important thing out there these days. What do I think is more important than the environment? One thing - US. Not the U.S., not our economy, not our bank accounts, our SUVs or even our way of life. But our life itself. You see because WE are the problem and the solution - well, we WILL be the solution, but for now, we're just the problem. Here are some things I've observed about us wacky and not-so-lovable humans:

1) People are interested in maintaining their own lifestyles as they are. OR, improve their lifestyles by making more money.

2) People are so interested in 1) that they will perform all manner of mental rationalization in order to make it happen. Whether it be taking a crappy job that makes them hate life, or by stepping on people to get ahead.

3) There are way too many people who can't see past what's on TV tonight. (Oo! The Sopranos!)

4) There are also way too many people who say things like "sure, I'm all for the environment!" but then drive around an SUV in a major American city. (With no plans to ever take their vehicle off-road. Hauling is no excuse - why do you think God invented the mini-van?)

5) People are so afraid of risk, pain or ANY kind of suffering that if a disaster happened and our leaders took every last one of their rights away from them 'in exchange for their safety', they would sit down in their easy chair and smile, feeling safe again to watch Family Feud in 'peace'.

6) Movers and shakers in the world are happy to overlook the fact that marketing campaigns have effectively become brainwashing campaigns. Calling them 'propaganda' doesn't go far enough.

7) Movies, TV, media, politicians and other public figures set examples that only serve to enforce the above points in every member of the Western World.

8) Millions of people have died around the world in the name of profits, the bottom line. (See 1) And we hear barely word one of any of it on any of the mainstream news media outlets. The Sudan, Bosnia, Columbia, the Middle East, areas of Asia. All of these places are focal points for oil and death. Don�t believe me? Do a Google search for any of those locations. You�ll find oil or violence-related stories for all of them.

My point in a nutshell is this: The environment will never be saved until the majority of humans on this planet stop treating each other with less respect than they do the environment.

Sure, 'education' is up compared to one hundred years ago, but lets compare the education the poor folks get to the education the white-- I mean the *rich* folks get. Let's check out health care. If you're rich, you get to pay for the procedures you need... until you need more procedures. Even the rich don't escape the fact that our health care industry is set up so that we're not *cured* we're just perpetuated. In the end, I don't care who is really behind 911, nor do I care about the Palestinians or the Israelis. I couldn't care less about famine in Africa or genocide in the Sudan, or the myriad lies we are told and tell ourselves here in the US.

All I want is for us to stop being so shitty to one another.

And no, I didn't just have a bad day, I'm just trying to point out that while I don't feel we are a suicidal animal, I do think we are incapable of respecting ourselves and others any less than we already do. And until this changes, THIS is the reason the environment can NEVER be the most important thing on our minds.

Humans have the potential to achieve great things. Explore the universe (both literally and figuratively) create works of art so grand they cause spontaneous tears of joy and/or sadness to fall, we are capable of such wonder, and yet most of what Humans do is one of three things:

1) Figure out how to make other people give you their money.
2) Figure out what you need to do to get the money you'll give to person #1.
3) Survive.
Granted, there are exceptions (I did say 'most' of what humans do), but the generalization is that all we really want to do is have money so we can live the way we want to live. We're an entire species dedicated to the get-rich-quick-scheme. And when it comes to the people polluting the environment? Guess what kind of people they are. #1, #2 and #3.

This has been "Life According to ThePete: Sucks Doesn't It?" and I'm your host, ThePete saying good night and suck less!

Crap, I forgot to try to suggest a solution. Okay, here goes:

We need a new group. Maybe a political party even. This group would work quietly, subtly, working it's way into society's most powerful corners. From there, each member would illicit change. Right now, I am on a path to do just that. I am trying to change things with my writing. I work positive, environmentally responsible messages into everything I write. (Maybe that's why I've not sold more.) In my opinion, this is the only way a sweeping change can occur - gradually, over the span of many years. Long-term investment isn't easy, but I'm doing it.

By doing this, I know I'm opening myself up for an attack from people more cynical than I (if such a person can exist) for being stupid and thinking I can change the world with my writing but I don't give a crap. I'm putting myself out there. We all need to do more of what we believe is right, not what's right for our bank accounts. And that INCLUDES how we treat each other and our environment can come after that. Think about it - if we just save the environment, the people who were in power before are still there. What's to stop them from polluting the environment all over again? But if we get humans to treat each other with respect, then automatically, the environment will be saved, because, after all, hurting the environment is hurting ourselves.

You know, I think I do remember what hope feels like.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Crazy World, TheKey Passes 1600 Pages

Hey there... things have been crazy the past couple of days. Just passed page 1600 in TheKey a couple of days ago. It's been tough to pull myself from world events. Things are so crazy what with people just not getting what's going on with the US Government. It's some pretty scary stuff and frankly I haven't been able to figure out where to come at it from. But watch GDF.C (TheBitch Page) for stuff... so much to assimilate, but I'm getting there. Hopefully this weekend, I'll be back on the weekly bitch schedule... wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002


First off, I've added a new Real Media clip in TheMedia of the Moment section. It's of our fearless leader flubbing furiously a famous old phrase about being fooled... ironic.

But the REAL news is this article:


It claims to have uncovered a document that is the Bush 2 Administration's plan for an Iraq Attack and then followed by a global domination-type deal. If that's not enough for you, this document is dated September 2000. Talk about the power of positive thinking. Although I think it's more negative thinking from the world's point of view... If this article is legit, which it appears to be, there's some serious bad things in front of us... anyway, enjoy your day!! Click here to watch a Real Video presentation on how the world is running out of oil! COOL!

Thursday, September 12, 2002


A year after terrorists struck American soil, the Bush II Administration is using this attack as part of it's reasoning for a new Iraq Attack. However, there doesn't appear to be any evidence that Iraq has helped Al Qaida out. Speaking to the UN, President Bush tried to address concerns of an Iraq Attack and the justifications to have one. You can read the whole speech here. What follows are my problems with his address. (I refer to the United States Government as the USG.)

Had Saddam Hussein been appeased instead of stopped, he would have endangered the peace and stability of the world.
Can I ask just what Saddam was supposed to do to threaten this so-called world peace and stability? (I didn't realize we had it!)

In 1991, Security Council Resolution 688 demanded that the Iraqi regime cease at once the repression of its own people, including the systematic repression of minorities - which, the Council said, "threaten(ed) international peace and security in the region."
Oh, I see, so he's trying to build on a mis-statement of the UN in the first place. I wonder who originally decided at the UN Iraq's oppression of minorities somehow equated a threat to world peace...

Tens of thousands of political opponents and ordinary citizens have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, summary execution, and torture by beating, burning, electric shock, starvation, mutilation, and rape. Wives are tortured in front of their husbands; children in the presence of their parents - all of these horrors concealed from the world by the apparatus of a totalitarian state.
Hm, this sounds a little like the USG's ally Saudi Arabia. Not a perfect comparison, granted, but close enough to wonder how the USG can point the finger at one without pointing it at it's own friend. Hell, that also sounds a bit like the US! (I said a BIT.)
In 1991, the U.N. Security Council, through Resolutions 686 and 687, demanded that Iraq return all prisoners from Kuwait and other lands. Iraq's regime agreed. It broke its promise. Last year the Secretary-General's high-level coordinator of this issue reported that Kuwaiti, Saudi, Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Egyptian, Bahraini, and Omani nationals remain unaccounted for - more than 600 people. One American pilot is among them.
Nice try - ONE person constitutes a violation? Come on, man! Give them a break. You try being a government and keeping track of ONE person. Hell, the USG couldn't keep track of FOUR PLANES on 911 and you get mad because the Iraqi's miss ONE GUY? (Don't get me wrong, they should release that one guy immediately, but this should not be considered a full violation.)

In 1991, the U.N. Security Council, through Resolution 687, demanded the Iraq renounce all involvement with terrorism, and permit no terrorist organizations to operate in Iraq. Iraq's regime agreed. It broke its promise. In violation of Security Council Resolution 1373, Iraq continues to shelter and support terrorist organization that direct violence against Iran, Israel, and Western governments. Iraqi dissidents abroad are targeted for murder. In 1993, Iraq attempted to assassinate the Emir of Kuwait and a former American President. Iraq's government openly praised the attacks of September 11th. And al-Qaida terrorists escaped from Afghanistan are known to be in Iraq.
Uh, ya want proof with that? Jeez, I've heard better arguments on Limbaugh's show. Last I heard, the terrorists were hanging out in the northern territories where I thought Saddam didn't have a whole lot of control over. Just my understanding - please correct me if I'm wrong.

U.N. inspectors believe Iraq has produced two to four times the amount of biological agents it declared, and has failed to account for more than three metric tons of material that could be used to produce biological weapons.
So, isn't this saying that Iraq *doesn't* have chemical weapons? "Could be used to produce" suggests they haven't produced them yet.

Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.
Again, how about some proofy-woofy with my Big Mac?

United Nations inspections also reveal that Iraq likely maintains stockpiles of VX, mustard, and other chemical agents, and that the regime is rebuilding and expanding facilities capable of producing chemical weapons.
WHICH UN inspectors? Because I know of at least one (COUGHscottritterCOUGH) that thinks nothing even close to this.

And in 1995 - after four years of deception
Pick your reaction:
1)Oh THAT'S rich.
2)Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
3)Well, if anyone knows anything about deception, it certainly would be Mr. Bush!

Iraq finally admitted it had a crash nuclear weapons program prior to the Gulf War. We know now, were it not for that war, the regime in Iraq would likely have possessed a nuclear weapon no later than 1993.
Uh-huh, that's nice. Um, Georgie? Why don't you go back to your room until you have some actual evidence that Iraq needs to be invaded, m'kay? You can watch a little TV if you want, but please try and finish your homework before taking up the UN's time... in other words, what the hell does this have to do with Saddam having nukes NOW? It only speaks to the likelihood that he has nukes now, but this is hardly proof. That's like assuming every guy who gets out of jail WILL commit a crime again. Sure, it's possible, even likely, but do we arrest these guys again, just in case?

Today, Iraq continues to withhold important information about its unclear program
How's that for an ironic typo?

Iraq's state-controlled media has reported numerous meetings between Saddam Hussein and his nuclear scientists, leaving little doubt about his continued appetite for these weapons.
Why doesn't Bush just say "I saw on TV that Saddam was meeting with really mean guys and that's not fair, since he said he wouldn't. And it's his own TV station, so you know they're telling the truth!" So, just because he's meeting with nuke scientists they've instantly got nukes...

Iraq was allowed to use oil revenues to buy food
Of course, Bushie-poo fails to mention that buying oil from Iraq is a LOT like supporting an enemy government. If Iraq were so bad, wouldn't we want to avoid Iraqi oil all together? (I know the answer, I'm just being rhetorical.)

{Saddam} blames the suffering of Iraq's people on the United Nations, even as he uses his oil wealth to build lavish palaces for himself, and arms his country.
And this means that we should invade his country? I'm not sure I see how a leader being a dickweed to his citizens means we need to play schoolground protector. Besides, shouldn't we march into Saudi Arabia with the same attitude?

In 1991, Iraq promised U.N. inspectors immediate and unrestricted access to verify Iraq's commitment to rid itself of weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles. Iraq broke this promise, spending seven years deceiving, evading and harassing U.N. inspectors before ceasing cooperation entirely.
Again, this is not what Scott Ritter said.

As we meet today, it has been almost four years since the last U.N. inspectors set foot in Iraq - four years for the Iraqi regime to plan and build and test behind a cloak of secrecy.
Pick your criticism:
1) Isn't this an admission that we have no intelligence regarding Iraqi weapons capabilities? (i.e. we have no evidence that they have WOMD so we can't really invade.)
2)So much for US intelligence sources... I thought we could find out a lot about them by watching those who sell stuff to them...

Saddam Hussein's regime is a grave and gathering danger.
Can't the same be said about the USG?

To suggest otherwise is to hope against the evidence.
WHAT evidence? You mean that list of things you think suggest evidence, Bush?

To assume this regime's good faith is to bet the lives of millions and the peace of the world in a reckless gamble.
I know that life has been a pretty stable thing for you Bush - what with your daddy making so much happen for you, but LIFE is a gamble. By marching into Iraq, YOU are GUARANTEEING the deaths of American soldiers and the expenditure of a BUTTLOAD of American tax dollars. Thanks, I'd rather wait for real proof to emerge from intel sources before we do that.

The first time we may be completely certain he has nuclear weapons is when, God forbid, he uses one.
Wow - even Bush's speech writers are idiots. "we may be completely certain" when "he uses one"?? I think there would be pretty much no doubt at that point, Bright Eyes. The catch is, there are many things we can find out about Iraq and their weapons capabilities in the meantime. Just look at the folks over at - do you think opposing governments just hand out information on their own forces? But Jane's has been publishing intel on America's enemies since the cold war (or before, I'm not honestly sure). So, you tell me how they can know all this stuff about enemy forces, yet we can't tell if Iraq has bought the parts needed for a nuke.

Iraq has answered a decade of U.N. demands with a decade of defiance.
That may be, but are there no other alternatives?

If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will immediately and unconditionally forswear, disclose and remove or destroy all weapons of mass destruction, long-range missiles and all related material.
Sounds fair enough. Won't we need to send in weapons inspectors to make sure they're not lying? D'OH! Guess we can't invade then!

If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will immediately end all support for terrorism and act to suppress it, as all states are required to do by U.N. Security Council resolutions.
WHAT a crock!! The US supported terrorism in the past by calling it "resistance". PLEASE.

If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will release or account for all Gulf War personnel whose fate is still unknown.
All one of them!

If all these steps are taken, it will signal a new openness and accountability in Iraq. And it could open the prospect of the United Nations helping to build a government that represents all Iraqis - a government based on respect for human rights, economic liberty and internationally supervised elections.
JUST LIKE SAUDI ARABIA... I mean.. no wait...

The United States has no quarrel with the Iraqi people
But we'll kill them when we invade, just like we did in Afghanistan.

Liberty for the Iraqi people is a great moral cause and a great strategic goal.
Oh, sure! Yes, yes. Hm-hm... that's why we didn't kill Saddam ten years ago - because we wanted to liberate the Iraqi people... If anything, it's about the money the Iraqi people will spend on Coca-Cola and McDonalds once our corporations colonize Iraq.

Free societies do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest and open societies do not threaten the world with mass murder.
But it's okay when WE do it! :D

We can harbor no illusions. Saddam Hussein attacked Iran in 1980,
!!! WITH OUR HELP YOU MORON! WE GAVE HIM THE MONEY/WEAPONS TO DO IT!!! IF IT WASN'T FOR THE USG, SADDAM WOULDN'T BE IN POWER RIGHT NOW!! (Shouldn't the world be more concerned that the USG keeps propping up seriously dangerous people as leaders of countries?)

and Kuwait in 1990. He has fired ballistic missiles at Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Israel. His regime once ordered the killing of every person between the ages of 15 and 70 in certain Kurdish villages in Northern Iraq. He has gassed many Iranians and 40 Iraqi villages.
Sure, and we knew about all this back when we were supporting Saddam's regime with American Tax Dollars. Has the USG suddenly grown a conscience? Or are the war profiteers that run the USG looking to put some really big presents under their Christmas trees this year?

My nation will work with the U.N. Security Council on a new resolution to meet our common challenge.
Read: We've got a plan, you want to come along? Fine. But, uh, we're going to invade. Just an FYI...

The Security Council resolutions will be enforced
Even if the Security Council doesn't want them enforced.

the just demands of peace and security will be met - or action will be unavoidable.
WITH WAR!! YEAAAH!! KILL 'EM ALL! ahem... I mean, uh...

And a regime that has lost its legitimacy will also lose its power.

Events can turn in one of two ways.
Again, choose your reply:
1)My way or my way...
2)Ah... black or white, the ONLY two ways to look at the world!

If we fail to act in the face of danger, the people of Iraq will continue to live in brutal submission.
Isn't it cute how he continues to pretend to care about the Iraqi people? He doesn't care about the AMERICAN people! It's ADORABLE!!

And if an emboldened regime were to supply these weapons to terrorist allies, then the attacks of September 11th would be a prelude to far greater horrors.
Yeah and Ben Kenobi was telling Luke the truth when he said Vader killed Luke's dad from a certain point of view.

We must choose between a world of fear and a world of progress.
And WAR is the correct choice?? Is pot free when you live in the White House?

We must stand up for our security, and for the permanent rights and hopes of mankind.
While eroding the rights of our own citizens...

Sigh... I wonder at this point why Bush is even caring what everyone thinks. In the end, he will have to invade anyway. If he doesn't, watch for his administration to slowly move away from Saddam as a real target, just like they did with Osama. Personally, I hope the latter happens. Invasion now would just mean that "W" will try to use the momentum to continue his world conquest and invade other countries as well. My guess is that if an Iraq Attack does happen, it'll be at one of three times: the end of September 2002, the end of November 2002 or January of 2003. I've read that the US Government has claimed all three dates to foreign powers, yet to the citizens of it's own country, the USG has made no such clear declarations...

Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Okay, so TheBlurb lies - but not entirely. My 911 tribute is in TheMedia of the Moment section - specifically in the Real Media section. Click TheMedia link above (not NOW, you boob! Finish reading this first!) and then click on the three videos in the top section. The bottom two have been up for a few days. But, they're all examples of how our WONDERFUL government has let us down.

The third clip down is a clip from an episode of the failed X-Files spin-off scifi show The Lone Gunmen. It follows the adventures of three conspiracy geeks as they foil a plot to remotely pilot a passenger airplane into the World Trade Center. The episode the clip is from aired March 4, 2001.

The second clip down is a clip from a recent episode of Donahue featuring a clip from a BBC documentary about how botched the 2000 election was.

The first clip is the best of the bunch - it's a clip of George Bush as he is told in front of a school room full of kids that a second plane has just struck the Twin Towers. At this point, we didn't know if there would be more planes falling from the sky or what. Yet, what does he do upon discovering the country HE'S leading is under attack? He sits back and continues with the school kids for another 20 minutes. To which, I say: "Why did we elect you, again? OH THAT'S RIGHT, WE DIDN'T!"

How do you like THAT 911 tribute...

Oh yeah and you can check out the other stuff too. There's a new fun wav clip and I've added a new mp3 that you should listen to and try to name it. Use the tag board for your ideas for what the track is. Oh yeah and the Gatchaman clip is still up just cuz I think it's so damn cool... :D

Wednesday, September 4, 2002


Wondering what those two $5 bills are when you go to ThePete.Com? (I recently moved them here.) The bottom one is a standard $5 bill before the new ones came out a couple years back. The top one, with the red seal is a United States Note ordered into existence by John F Kennedy on June 4, 1963. It was a silver certificate, which meant that you could go to the US government and ask for silver in exchange for the note. Before 1963 and since JFK's death, this is NOT the way US money works. US money today is worth something ONLY because the US Government (and the citizens it governs) agree that it is 'worth something'. In actuality, it isn't worth anything at all. Just a little FYI to confuse the crap out of you during an otherwise 'normal' day. To TOTALLY blow your mind, check out this thread at one of my favorite forums to post to. It will open your eyes and knock you on your ass. ENJOY! (But, be warned - it's a tough read - make sure to stretch out your brain before because you don't want to sprain it like I did... ow! I think I pulled a lobe!)

Monday, September 2, 2002

Back from the East & Lone Gunman Clip

What a crazy couple of weeks it's been. First off, check out the new Real Media clip in TheMedia of the Moment - it's a clip of the failed "X-Files" spin-off called "The Lone Gunmen". The episode the clip came from was aired March 4, 2001 and in it, the lead characters foil a plot that may seem familiar to anyone who watches TV. Check it out. Last week I had to fly back east to my mom and step-dad's place because they're moving. This meant that I had to save my old toys from oblivion. I also brought my cat from high school back with me, so we've now got THREE cats and four mice... pictures of all are coming soon! Anyway, lots more going on. More soon - I PROMISE... like you care ;) Oh yeah, I'll have a new Bitch by the end of the day, too. Lataz...

Friday, August 23, 2002

21st Century Civilization to Murder Unwed Mom

Please go HERE to help try to stop a Nigerian woman from getting stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock. (Not drugs - ROCKS.)

Monday, August 19, 2002

To Bitch or Not to Bitch

I've wanted to write another Bitch for for the past week now, but I'm just 1) not in the mood and 2) not sure what to bitch about. I mean, Bush hasn't done anything particularly bad in the past couple of weeks or so. I suppose I could make a big deal out of him taking a month to be away from the White House, but it's not like he's not on call. The talk of an Iraq Attack is still going around, but that's what I bitched about last week. And why should I write a bitch if I'm not passionately frustrated with something?

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Lots of Doings on My Sites

Well, I've changed some junk - or rather updated some things, here at I've added a bunch of new items in ThePeteStuff and FrigginStuff, so be sure and check those out. I'm also going to ditch TheSwen and the board at TheSciFi.Com, soon, I think. Nobody posts to either of them and I'm tired of bothering. Feel free to tell me if you want them to stay. Or just post to them.

I do hope to use my buddy Alejandro's List CGI script to help with the future of TheSciFi.Com. It's this great script that will automatically list the contents of a directory as links. I already use the script a lot on ThePete.Com. So, we'll see how that goes. I'm also going to begin streaming videos longer than those Star Wars Commercials soon. I hope you like cartoons! Anyway, gotta run... keep watching the site for updates!! Woohoo!

Oh yeah and I'm also thinking about ditching the Times version of the main page - I'm not sure how much I like it but no one who has visited the site has said it sucks. So, if you do think it's sucks or if you like it, let me know!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Talk About a Weak Excuse for an Update... NO Excuse!

Haven't changed this in a while, so HERE YA GO!

Sorry, I know this is a lame blog entry, buuuut...

Sunday, August 4, 2002


The Earth is facing a lot of problems right now - America in particular - which is even more worrisome than before when just the rest of the world was in trouble. I know that sounds all ethnocentricky, but let's face it, when the most powerful country in the world becomes unstable, does that mean good things for the rest of the planet? I don't think so.

First off, the good King George W. Bush (according to the ever vigilant press), is talking about an Iraq Attack because they have either 1) supported terrorist network Al Qaeda or 2) have weapons of mass destruction. This war will cost billions and would be on top of our already waging 'war on terrorism'. As if you need another reason to NOT go to war against Iraq (ONE WAR AT A TIME PLEASE!) we have the following:

1) There has been no concrete connection drawn between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Even if there was, so what? Saudi Arabia and Pakistan both have documented connections with Al Qaeda. If we invade Iraq, then to avoid looking like inconsitent fools in the eyes of the rest of the world, we have to invade two of our supposed allies in the aforementioned 'war on terrorism'. Luckily, America hasn't cared what the rest of the world thinks about it since before we dropped the bombs on Japan. So, let's move on...

2) Scott Ritter is an ex-marine and voted for George W. Bush (not that King George would have lost if no one had voted for him), he is also an ex-employee of the United Nations. He worked for them as a weapons inspector in Iraq. He says that he personally oversaw the destruction of 90% of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. This includes chemical and nuclear weapons. Ritter says that a good amount of the other 10% was accounted for when Iraq showed them a field where weapons and equipment were destroyed and then buried. The remains of the weapons and equipment were dug up and identified thanks to serial numbers on invoices from the original sale of the equipment. He now says that Iraq definitely doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction. He knows this because there are a limited number of places to buy the materials for weapons of mass destruction and they can be easily watched. These sources, according to this one man (who's opinion differs from those in charge), have not sold materials for building weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

Even if evidence that Iraq does have connections with Al Qaeda and/or evidence is presented that suggests Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, why should we listen to the US government when they present us this 'evidence'? The FBI has recently stated they want to subject members of the Senate and the House to polygraph tests to confirm they haven't been leaking intelligence reports to the press. This means the FBI doesn't trust the Senate and House to be honest. Obviously, someone is leaking intelligence because we're hearing about all this Iraq Attack stuff. Then of course, the people who are leaking the intelligence about the US Iraq Attacking are leaking it because they don't trust that the Executive Branch (King George) knows what they are doing.

So, what do we have? A bunch of elected officials who don't trust each other about incredibly important, life-threatening, economy-risking issues.

Oh, yeah, we're in good shape. Just fiiiine.

Friday, August 2, 2002

SIGNS (2002)

Entertaining? No. Not at ALL.
Technically any good? Terrible, clunky EVERYTHING. Barely having anything to do with crop circles, the movie has aliens invading but the writer/director chooses to tell the story of the least effected people in the invasion. The pace is slow, editing laborious, the story bland and uninteresting.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Glad I didn't pay for it. We don't even get a big twist in the end. This movie wastes the viewers' time. It strings you along and then leaves you hanging with nothing to show for it.
Final Rating? DNS (you see one alien in the whole film!)

Monday, July 29, 2002


US 'President' George W. Bush has now stated that he wishes to remove threats to America and freedom throughout the world.

"We are going to respond in a determined, focused, effective way by defending freedom no matter what the cost, and that includes understanding we cannot let the world's worst leaders blackmail the United States or our friends and allies with the world's worst weapons,"

What is the proof of this 'blackmail?' Who has publicly threatened the use of 'the world's worst weapons' against America and her friends? I challenge anyone to quote one leader who has publicly said 'America? She's a bitch and we're gonna put her down.'

Okay, so they don't need to have used those exact words, but even Sadam hasn't said 'We plan to nuke the USA.'

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq says there is absolutely no evidence of Iraq having any weapons of mass destruction. Who would better know about this than he? Ritter is an ex-Marine and a Republican who voted for George in the last 'election.' So, it's pretty clear he can be trusted. In my opinion, you can usually trust a man who has turned against his leaders for reasons of logic and morals.

Many are saying that George will attack Iraq because of this 'threat.' Even if you ignore that this would effectively be two 'wars' the US military would be fighting, the next logical question is, what's next? China doesn't like us that much and there's a list of countries behind China that also don't like us. Will there be (imagined?) threats of those countries using the 'world's worst weapons' on us then? Or will George be satisfied that freedom is protected with Iraq out of the picture?

I think every American everywhere should speak up and make their opinion known on this. Proof needs to be presented to the American people of these threats. War is no longer a logical rational for man to wage in the twenty-first century. It is against International Law to conquest for land and our borders are not being threatened by Iraq or any terrorists.

War is acceptable if a country is attacked by another. But so far, there has been no proof of even a threat of this against America. And after all that has gone on between the 2000 'election' and the recent economic scandals (some surrounding the US 'president' and his 'vice-president', it doesn't seem to be wise to trust them at their word when they claim there has been a threat issued.

America needed Pearl Harbor to get involved in World War II. America needed 9-11 to get involved in the 'war on terrorism.' But now, George is out there inviting World War III.

And too many people are silent on this front. Who was it that said:

'Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.'

I guess I just did� huh, neat�

Thursday, July 25, 2002

TheKey and Some Other Junk

Nothing too exciting to report. TheKey is starting to pick up steam a little bit. I've also just parked a new domain that I hope to doing more work on soon - it's for one of my favorite characters that I created myself... more on that when I've got something at the site to talk about... yesterday the extreme heat in LA made me ill - isn't that COOL? I hate this town... Aside from that zippo is going on... (well, aside from the same old crap, anyway...)

Sunday, July 21, 2002

My Rump Hurts!

Ahhh life - what a pain in the ass! So much to do and I got way too much sleep last night. This of course means I have to DO this stuff. Great... thanks sleep... damn flakey alarm!!



On July 17, 2002, the Government Reform Committee Chairman and Republican, Dan Burton said this on the Donahue show:

BURTON: We're in a war. It's going to take place and is taking place in our country right now. And so the PATRIOT Act, which you referred last night, is something that does eliminate some of our civil liberties and rights. But when you're in a fight for your survival, then you have to take some steps. And so I think this is a little bit different.

I thought our rights were more important than survival. I thought that hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of men and women serving in our armed forces gave their lives so that we could have these rights. Saying that we as American citizens should willingly relinquish these rights to ensure our survival seems to defame the memory of those brave men and women's lives.

Did they die only to have us willingly give up the rights they gave they gave their lives for? Apparently so.

I'm not in the military. But I understand why many people went into it. I understand that many people chose to risk and lose their lives so that America and other countries can breathe the air of freedom, because it is the only air worth breathing.

Here we have an American Congressman telling us that it's okay to have some of our civil liberties and rights eliminated. I hope there isn't a heaven because if there is, there are thousands of very upset souls up there, looking down wondering just why the hell they bothered.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Laughter is a VIRUS!

What is it with laughter that makes it so contagious?


Entertaining? Yes, vaguely. The acting was fine as was the story.
Technically any good? Too much music telling us how to feel. Not enough movie making us feel things. Script seemed too accurate to actual events to allow for a really good movie.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Note to self: Don't let National Geographic co-produce your movie. This thing really should have been an hour long and on TV.
Final Rating? SIYL (Don't expect anything exciting or action packed.)

Sunday, July 14, 2002


You ever notice how in a single hour of American TV there are about thirty TV commercials for cars? If people stopped buying cars, not only would the car industry lose jobs and money, so would the oil industry. After all, the main reason for the oil companies to exist is to create fuel for cars. And if the oil companies lose, that means that there's a LOT less money floating around the US economy because the oil companies are HUGE. Less money in the US economy means weaker US economy which means weaker world economy.

The safety net here is that if the oil companies lose money, politicians get less money in payoffs-- I mean -- bribes -- I MEAN -- donations. The result of that would be a more free and less corrupt government. Of course, because the world economy has weakened so much, who knows what that less corrupt government would really be like or how long it would last. Weaker economy in theory could mean more chaos in the world.

So, this drive by environmentalists and people just more interested in saving the environment (and the human part of it) to ditch oil-based cars in favor of hybrid or electric cars is going to be about as successful as a career upswing for Pauly Shore.

Of course, a balanced approach to this problem would work fine, but the white men in power right now (even if they're black, they're still white) are about as balanced as the OJ Jury. The reality of the situation is that it's best for the environment if only vehicles that demand the power only an Internal Combustion Engine can give them get ICEs. If every four door sedan or two door were to have fuel cells or be a hybrid car (gas and electric) the environmental problems facing major cities all around the world would be cut in half. (Because, lets face it - in the US, half the cars ARE SUVs!)

But of course even asking for a balanced approach from the white men in charge is like asking a nun for oral sex. As a result we're getting screwed, anyway. Too bad it's the bad kind of 'screwed.' In the end it means that 'alternative' fuels, 'alternative' vehicles and just about anything else 'alternative' will stay that way.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002


Imagine yourself, for a moment, living in pre-World War II Germany. If you read the papers regularly, you may have heard of a guy called "Adolf" who was running this up and coming political parties. Perhaps you'd know the name of the party, perhaps you wouldn't. Most likely, you'd be too busy with your job, or raising your family, or just taking care of your own life to notice.

But then, many days later (perhaps many weeks later) that you hadn't seen a good number of your friends lately. You decide that they're probably just busy with their jobs, raising their family, or just taking care of their own lives to stop by for a visit or go for coffee or anything like that. No big deal.

Weeks later (perhaps months later), you're at the market, or perhaps at a friends house for a small get together when you hear a rumor. Something about certain locals getting rounded up in particular areas of cities in your country. Nothing big, just mentions by vague acquaintances of how someone like you wouldn't want to go into those 'types of places' anyway. After all, you're not Jewish are you?

"Uh, no - of course, not." is you instant, gut response. You don't think about what it means because you're too busy thinking about being social. Get-togethers like this are for relaxation and friendly companionship, not discussions of moral issues.

Months after that (or was it longer?), you go to the movies for a relaxing night out with friends, or perhaps your loved ones. Perhaps "Das Gestohlene Herz" or "Ein Mann will nach Deutschland" or was it "Triumph des Willens"? That was it. And what a problem those Jews are. You had never really thought about it before. But it was difficult to not think about those Jews in a bad light - there's such an anti-Jew movement in the country right now - just think about those crowds from the movie. They were all together because they wanted to fight back the influence of the Jews.

But still, you're not Jewish and you don't know many Jews, so you think it's just best to go back to your life and concentrate on your job, your family, general things like that. This is precisely what you do. Too much to worry about in your own life to think about these Jews. They were in their own areas of the city, so it really wasn't a big concern of yours. Especially since after poor President Hindenburg died, Adolf Hitler was now in charge. He was the most outspoken of the people calling the country's attention to the Jew-problem. If anyone could take care of it, he could.

Months after that, you hear something in the newspapers about Jews losing rights or something, but you don't give it much thought. They were, after all, a problem according to the leaders of the country. This was just a necessary step. It's not like they were being physically harmed, or anything.

More months pass (or was it years?) and one morning on your way to work, you look around to discover a section of town you pass by every morning was a mess. It was as though the place had been torn to bits by a riot. You read in the paper later that it was some sort of retribution for a Jew who killed a Nazi. Well, that makes sense. If you can't keep your own people in line, how can you blame others for not trusting you?

The newspaper, radio and Television reports that Germany is expanding - good news, certainly! Of course, you're just trying to concentrate on personal and professional issues. You've got a family to take care of.

Then the newspaper informs you that German forces have moved into France. This is exciting for you because you've always wanted to visit Paris and think it might be easier to visit now that it's part of Germany.

At another get-together with friends, you hear more vague talk about what happened to the Jews. Your friend tells you that it's no big deal but that all of the ghettos are being emptied of the Jews. The Jewish problem is over.

A few days later you find yourself with business near an area that has come to be called a 'ghetto'. You happen to find an opening in one of the walls that separates the ghetto from the rest of the city. You watch as people, you assume they're Jews, are forced at gun point to climb into the back of a large truck. One refuses and struggles to get free. He is summarily shot and killed on the spot.

Good. Damn Jew.

How does it come to this? Did the non-Jewish Germans just wake up one day and find themselves hating the Jews? Of course not. Then how did this happen?

Slowly� very slowly� but surely.

This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.
-- George W. Bush

Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
-- George W. Bush

[T]o give law enforcement the additional tools it needs to track down terror here at home.
-- George W. Bush

The course of this conflict is not known, yet its outcome is certain. Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them.
-- George W. Bush

We're fighting people that hates our values. They can't stand what America stands for.
-- George W. Bush

We're now interested in finding those who may attack America and arrest them before they do. We've had over nearly a thousand people have been detained in America and questioned about their motives and their intentions.
-- George W. Bush

If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.
-- George W. Bush

That last quote is obviously just a joke, but if little hints like the above quotes are repeated slightly differently enough times, you'll buy into them and come to agree with anything their speaker suggests. Think about how many car commercials you see in a single hour of TV. You think they'd be pounding us with those ads if they didn't work?

I'm not saying Bush = Hitler, but the propaganda techniques are similar, you have to admit� So, listen to what he says and make sure you don't take him too seriously. What's right and wrong is really up to you anyway, right?

Saturday, July 6, 2002

Ghost Town on July 4 - What's This Iraq Stuff?

Well, the fourth was fun. We visited a ghost town up near Palmdale. It was pretty neat. Not terribly exciting - not like the ghost towns you see on TV shows or anything, but it was neat being among these broken down and nearly non-existent buildings. We took pics and video, I'll try to post them soon. Hey, I'm curious - what do you think the President is up to? If anything? All this talk about invading Iraq - what's the deal? We've never 'invaded' a country before - at least not like this. And why now? Shouldn't we be paying attention to the terrorists? What's going on here? Hm... I think I feel a Bitch coming on...

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Fluoride Fun (???)


(to get to the REALLY crazy stuff, scroll down to the brain and read how studies in China suggest Fluoridated water actually lowers IQ!...)

MEN IN BLACK 2 (2002)

Entertaining? Not really. Sort of in a Saturday afternoon cable tv there's nothing else on kind of way.
Technically any good? The FX are somewhat neat, but the one that kept sucking was Johnny Knoxville's TERRIBLE second head. Oh yeah and the script SUCKED. It stole ALL of it's gags from the last one and brought NOTHING new to the screen. NOTHING.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Saddened. I like Will Smith. I like Tommy Lee Jones. Why did EITHER of them agree to be in this movie?
Final Rating? DNS (How many more bad movies will Will be in?)

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

TheKey...Half Way!

Busy... what else is new? Approaching the EXACT midway point on TheKey!! Check it out now!! It's a good time to start reading since I just started a whole new section of the story. So if you haven't been reading CLICK HERE! Oh and the PDF for June is up, too...

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Burgers with Lithgow...

Woohoo! Just started BOOK 4 of TheKey!! I ended a major story arch and now the (surviving) characters are back in LA of all places waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. If you missed the climax of Book 3, GET OVER THERE and click on the first June entry. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I hope you readers feel the same way...

Not much else to report for now. Got my first Saturday screening in a while. Oh yeah - last night TheFiancee and I had dinner at the same burger place as John Lithgow and his lady. She actually accused us of cutting in line in front of them. Yeah, like we'd got in front of Dr. Lizardo! She just didn't see us hiding behind the inside of the door as they walked in. Ticked me off, too because I really didn't want to meet Lithgow for the first time in any sort of awkward situation. I'm a fan of his work - big time.

That's pretty much it for now!

Wednesday, June 26, 2002


Well, it's certainly good for white people in positions of power - in fact, it's downright good for anyone in positions of power. It must be since there has always been terrorism. Technically, the Boston Tea Party could be considered terrorists because it was a strike against a non-military target. Saudi Arabia trains terrorists and they're our ally. They're in the literal cat-bird seat. They are being threatened by nobody and they put restrictions on the American military's mobility and access to their air space. They stood up to America and made the rule for them.

Terrorism is good for George W. Bush, too. Very good, in fact. Back in June of 2001, just months before 911, his job-approval rating was at 50%. A year later, it�s up 20%. He's been able to do a lot to push forward programs that were dead in the water before 9-11. Thanks to the 9-11 terrorist attacks, he's been able to get nearly universal support and a recent poll suggests that 80% of likely American voters think Bush should get a second term in office.

Someone call Rod Serling - it's official, we're now living in the Twilight Zone.

Submitted for your approval. A man is installed in the White House by the Supreme Court after narrowly winning an election. (Or NOT!) Suffering from a lack of personal dynamics and a way to show of his leadership skills, a terrorist attack levels a major American landmark (and part of a second) which allows him to show off his stripes like a zebra with it's own hit sitcom on Thursday nights after Friends.

I'm sorry - when someone goes from barely half of America wanting him in office to three-quarters of America wanting him to stay in office, one can come to only one conclusion.

Terrorism is good. (If you're powerful.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Thinking About Going Without my Car...

Well, I've been busy writing like crazy. I'm way ahead on TheKey and I've even gotten back to writing a project I was supposed to write a bit in every day since January. Hey, I'm only four months behind! Anyway, I'm thinking about buying a scooter and getting rid of my Maxima. I'm tired of paying more and more for gas when 75% of the usefull space in my car is left unused. I'd really like to get this scooter. But I'd have to mess with the DOT and whatnot. I don't feel like dealing with that, plus I'd have to pay for shipping from Germany. So unfair! Maybe I'll just go with this one instead.

Friday, June 21, 2002


Entertaining? Yes. There are some honestly fun moments in the movie. (But enough wannabe serious ones to make this movie perfect to quip to!)
Technically any good? Well, the future is a very dreary place - lots of grays and blacks - on everyone and everything. You can follow the events just fine, but overall the movie is confused and muddled. One minute it's serious, the next light and whimsical. There was one scene I was convinced Indiana Jones would show up.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Frustrated - there was more of Kubrick's influence in this movie than in A.I. and while this was better than A.I. I'm afraid Mr. Spielberg just isn't playing with a full deck anymore. Entertaining yes, but convoluted as hell. Again with the multiple endings!
Final Rating? DNS (unless you just have NOTHING else to do.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2002


The President says that we've got a new branch of the government and it's all about fighting terrorists. Our local and state governments say that precautions are being taken to prevent any future attacks on American soil. However, most authorities and alleged "smart people" are positive that there will be another terrorist attack on American soil.

Centuries ago, humans decided that there should be a body that keeps human affairs in check. There needed to be some sort of organized group of people that made sure nobody's rights got trampled on and would provide safety to the humans it was in charge of. In time, people would call this a "government". In modern terms, a government (in this case a democratic government) exists to protect the rights of its citizens and provide reasonable safety and protection from threats to that safety (i.e. a police force on a local level and a military/coast guard on a national level). This is the basic understanding of government.

Since November of the year 2000, we have seen the United States' government drop the ball on both of these fronts in very substantial ways.

First, we see the President's identity determined essentially because of a perceived lack of time. The law could have been changed to extend this time to be certain as to who won Florida, but instead it was decided with out an official accurate count. This resulted in doubt regarding the true outcome of the election in Florida. Since Inauguration Day 2001, outside counts were made and conflicting results were reached. Even if you agree that our current President did win Florida, this conclusion was not reached in a manner removing all (or even most) doubt. As a result, we have to take our leaders' word for it when they tell us that the man occupying the White House, is the man who should be occupying it.

Second, as we all know, on September 11, 2001 several terrorists (many of them from US ally Saudi Arabia), working from inside the United States caused over 3000 America citizens to lose not only their rights, but their safety and even their lives. We looked to our government and our leaders to learn what went wrong and what they'd be doing to protect our rights, safety and our lives in the future. We have been told that things are changing. The Department of Homeland Security we've been told will be what the CIA and the FBI have not been. A force that will track down terrorists and stop them before they can threaten American lives.

If this new DHS will be so effective, why will the FBI and the CIA continue to exist? If they are at fault for not spotting the signs that may have suggested 9/11 would occur, why is it that the DHS will reacquire the FBI and CIA to hand over their intelligence? If an American citizen had approached an FBI agent or a CIA agent on 9/10 and had asked "Are you keeping me safe against terrorism?" what do you think that agent would have said?

If you were to walk up to an FBI agent or a CIA agent today and ask them "Are you keeping me safe against terrorism?" what do you think that agent would say?

If you were to walk up to one of these agents today and ask "Either you guys were too stupid to recognize the signs that the terrorists were going to strike, or you let it happen - which was it? Stupid or saw it coming and let it happen?" what do you think they would say?

I think I know the answer to my question "WHO CAN WE TRUST?"

And I think you know it, too.

Thursday, June 13, 2002


Here's something EVERY AMERICAN should do!!

Click this link:
Okay, here's the deal. A bunch of powerful white men are going to decide if tons and tons of radioactive waste should be transported from nuclear power plants across the country to a mountain in Nevada. The people in Nevada have voted against this plan, but the government is about to over-rule them. This could mean potentially fatal amounts of waste could be shipped through YOUR neighborhood or the neighborhood of someone you know and/or love. Find out more at the above site and use the above site to quickly and easily send emails to your congresspeople to tell them that YOU ARE AGAINST THIS ABSURD PLAN WHICH WILL ALLOW TERRORISTS A BIG FAT TARGET TO STRIKE AT!

Sure, that Padilla guy couldn't get his hands on radioactive material for his dirty bomb - BUT THIS PLAN WILL GIVE AL QAIDA A DIRTY BOMB ON WHEELS!! Please help America stay Nuclear Radiation free!

Monday, June 10, 2002


Okay, so this guy goes into a bar that was recently held up and says "Hey, you guys - you would not believe what I've been hearing around town! There are a bunch of really bad guys and they're talking about knocking over this place! They also might hold you all at gun point and demand your wallets and jewelry, not just the cash from the till! Now, if you want, I can do my best to go get these guys for you. I'm not sure who all of them are, (some of them could even be in this room!) but if you give me some cash, I can buy some guns and hire some friends of mine and we'll go hunt them down. I can't promise anything, but I will promise that your safety will be at the forefront of my efforts. Be warned, going after these guys won't be pretty. There may be some blood drawn and well, while my boys and I are out going after one of the thugs, another thug might rob the place. So you need to be prepared. WHATEVER you do - don't just go home - this bar would go under if you were to do that. So, just stay here, buy your drinks and I'll worry about the rest of it."

So, the people in the bar, being kind, trusting folk gave the man their money and some even bought the man drinks for being such a fine upstanding guy. The man smiled, his pockets full of cash and his gut full of beer, and headed for the door.

"Hey mac, where are you going?" The bartender asked.

The man looked at him and smiled. "Are you kidding? Where do you think? Another bar!"

Huh, I thought this essay was going to be about the president... oh well...

Saturday, June 8, 2002

Getting... Ol...der...

Birthdays suck - I think we celebrate them because if we didn't, we'd be horribly depressed that we're not getting any younger... this last bit gets worse the older you get, celebration or no. I had a nice, pleasant birthday, but a couple of days later, I'm depressed...

Wednesday, June 5, 2002



I just spent the last couple hours updating the pics and adding brand-spanking new items, too! My birthday is the 6th - what BETTER way to say "Happy Birthday" than to buy some of my stuff? I make a buck and you get some cool stuff!

Just check it out, will ya? SHEESH!

Oh yeah and more junk is coming soon. has some cool new items and I'm just tapping my finger tips waiting for these items to become available... tap-tap-tap-tap...

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

I Gotta Brag!! (No One Else'll Do It for Me!)

Page 809 BIOTCH! I BE A WRITER! (can't you tell?) YEAH! (Plus I finished a first draft on screenplay #3 last week!)

Saturday, June 1, 2002

Explain THIS UFO...

Most flying saucer sightings that have been caught on video are usually pretty vague, right? I mean, you look at them and yeah, the lights are patterned like a triangle or whatever and they are hovering in a semi-weird fashion, but really, they could be anything. It could be a blimp with some of it's lights out. It could be a plane that has some weird reflection deal going on, or maybe you look at it and you're like, "I don't know what it is but nothing in that clip makes me believe that it's definitely NOT a typical plane, or frisbee, or whatever."

This clip is different.

It's a short, 1.11mb MPEG and is worth the DL... right/hold click to save to your hd.

Please, comment!

Sunday, May 26, 2002


Woohoo! Well, it's been a productive weekend so far. I started Screeplay #3 this weekend with plans of finishing it by the morning of Tuesday, the 28th - that's right I am planning on writing almost an ENTIRE screenplay by Tuesday morning! It's a spec that uses other people's characters, so there's no way I'll ever sell it, but I am doing it as an exercise and because I think I can write this sequel better than the guy who created the characters can and I want to prove it, at least to myself. And last (and certainly most importantly), it will show how I can do a really good job with other people's characters. (This will open up the script-doctoring side of the movie-writing-biz to me, hopefully.)

I've already got Screenplay #3 started - I have a complete outline and I've already written 11 pages of the script itself. This is all ON TOP of my regular duties writing TheKey.


Friday, May 24, 2002


Entertaining? Not really.
Technically any good? No. You know who did it from almost the begining and nothing else that happens is interesting in the least, really.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Like I'd discovered the perfect cure for... what else? Insomnia. Just don't bother with this one.
Final Rating? DNS

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Chandra's Gone

Well, the bad news is Chandra's dead.

Anything going on in my life can't come close to being as bad news as that...

Now we wait to see how she died. Part of me wants it confirmed that Condit murdered her. But part of me wishes that we could trust our politicians more. The guy's already not to be trusted for all of the times he cheated on his wife and for the completely stupid way he acted in the public eye when the heat started coming his way. So, the trust issue is gone. I'm just curious what happened.

Politics is quickly becoming a dangerous business to get into.

Did you hear the one about the guy who wrote the tell-all book about "W" and was found dead in a hotel room? The authorities said it was a suicide, but his wife said that she didn't believe he would ever do it...

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Why Not Goldenrod Alert?

With all this talk of terrorist attacks on US soil, you'd think we'd be at something other than Yellow Alert over at the Homeland Security page at WhiteHouse.Gov...

Since a building could get blown up at aparently ANY MOMENT, wouldn't Goldenrod Alert be more appropriate? We still have Blood Red Alert to climb to if things get really bad...

It just seems odd that we've been at Yellow Alert since the damn thing was created and now, our fearless leaders tell us "It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when they'll attack US soil next." Sheesh... color me cynical, but I'd have to say that it seems like SOMEbody's thinking about that particular politics-related race for a certain colored house that begins in about a year... gotta keep the threat alive so they have a reason to stay in office, right? Whatever, I should save all of this for

Thursday, May 16, 2002


Entertaining? I suppose you can enjoy it for the FX, but that's IT. And even though the fight scenes were fun, they were not ground-breaking in the least.
Technically any good? Wow - after the first viewing, I gotta say this movie is worse than Phantom Menace! NO character, NO throughline and I TOTALLY didn't buy the love story. (The Yoda fight scene was not as bad as I had expected.)
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Devastated. Honestly, I feel that Star Wars has now joined with Star Trek as corrupt, horribly uninteresting and just plain LOUSY! I really didn't expect it to be THIS BAD!!
Final Rating? SIYL (but only for the FX or if you feel obligated because it's Star Wars. Otherwise, DON'T.)

Sunday, May 12, 2002


What a world - the new Star Wars movie is on the Internet already and it's not even in theaters! I've seen it and I am amazed that I was able to. I watched it at home, on my couch with popcorn and a soda, just like I was at the movies, minus the line, the crowd and everything else that both sucks and is good about the movie going experience.

I still plan on seeing it twice on opening day at the Chinese Theater. Despite my review of the new Star Wars film. I already have my tickets - well, not in hand, but they've been paid for. Why did I watch a crappy bootleg of what may be the biggest movie of the summer? For a couple reasons. First, I COULD do it. There's a certain power trip you go on when technology (or in my case a friend's technology) allows you to download a whole movie. It feels cool to see it way before everyone else. Second, I was tired of not knowing. I am still pretty hurt by Phantom Menace. It pissed me off that it was so bad and I didn't want to see another Star Wars movie not knowing for sure if it was going to suck. Now I know...

The final reason is easily the most important. To make a statement. Hollywood thinks their movies are SO good they can charge as much as $10 for a ticket. Well, let me tell you 95% of Hollywood films SUCK. This price is too high and if it stays up that high, I'm gonna download as many movies as I can and watch them at home because I know most of the time, these movies will be HORRIBLE. STOP RAPING US HOLLYWOOD!

Okay, I'm tired, time for bed!

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

TheKaiju at TheSciFi.Com is UP!

FINALLY got TheKaiju section up at TheSciFi.Com!! Well, half of it is built but now that the first half is done, the second half will be a relative breeze - just tedium awaits. But for now for YOU, TheKaiju section has images of Gamera posters and video covers along with at least one trailer for every Gamera movie ever made (some have more than one trailer!). SO CHECK IT OUT!! Lots more Gojira stuff to add soon. Don't know when I'll get around to it... must reply to email, edit script #1, do the dishes AND get to a screening Wednesday night. THIS BILL PAYING THING SUCKS!! Not that I do it very often. Did I mention that...



They do. For some reason they've now re-revoked my account because I didn't change my phone number with them and this ALONE PROVES I PLAN TO DEFRAUD THEM!!! Bastards. They've got so many damn customers they don't need to be nice to anyone, especially me it would seem. Hypocrites... I'll have to build an "I HATE EBAY" board, just to see how many people post to it with similar complaints.

Please read TheKey!! Just click the link and read some... it's fun! Trust me!

Got an opinion? Click the comments link below, replace TheBlurb above or use TheTagBoard... why?

Because your opinion is coooool, man!

Too Much as Usual!

Ugh - it seems like there's just never enough time. Big revelation there! I STILL have to finish editing the damn script #1 and a STACK of other crap. I spent too much time (in the great scheme of things) working on TheKaiju page but not enough time to actually finish the basics completely. Check out what I've done so far here.

I got my eBay account back, but I'm not sure how long I'll keep it... drag - just too much to do... I gotta go to bed now...

Friday, May 3, 2002

TheKey is 1/3rd Done!!!

BEEN WRITING THEKEY FOR ONE THIRD OF THE YEAR!!! I've been writing EVERY day in it since January 1, 2002...

I RULE!!!!

You think it doesn't sound so hard to do? You try writing at least a page a day for 123 days straight!

Hey if you do, let me know and I'll post a link to your story!



Entertaining? HELL YES! This is a good old fashioned crowd pleaser. And what's great about it is that the movie doesn't dumb itself down in the process.
Technically any good? The FX were a bit off, but I think they translated the comic amazingly well. Story was solid and even stayed true to how a Spidey story works.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? IMMENSELY satisfied. Looking forward to the sequel... (and the DVD!)
Final Rating? GSN (This kind of movie doesn't come along often!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

TheKey, Tickets and Those!

Well, I've actually been getting TheKey written pretty close to midnight again which is great, but I keep over sleeping the next day which means either I go to bed later or on't get as much done! BLAST!

SO much to do... as usual. Gotta edit script #1 after writing today's entry in TheKey (which I'm going to endeavor to do in daylight!) and then gotta drive in to Hollywood to see about tickets to SPIDER-MAN and AOTC... Spidey's this weekend while AOTC is in two weeks. THEN I have LOADS of web site work to do. It's been a major drag not being able to do much on my sites over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to more stuff in the next few days... oh yeah and studying Japanese... gotta do that... ugh!

Anybody got a time machine? Or just something that will stop it for a while... I'll pay you... just email me or leave comments below...


PS I just got suspended from eBay for selling the Star Wars Holiday Special... how nice, especially when you consider that there are ten other listings for nearly the exact same item on eBay RIGHT NOW... but buy yours here and support me and NOT eBay...

Monday, April 29, 2002


Don't ask... long Sunday - got little done... just a huge stack of VCDs... AFTER way too much troubleshooting...


(Y'all should be SHOT!)

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Hardware Nightmares

What a big fat pain-of-a-week it's been!! Last Sunday I set about trying to save my laptop computer by doing a clean install of my operating system. After I did this I still had loads of lock ups as well as bad problems writing to the HD. I was pretty sure what this meant but after consulting with a couple of computer-jockey friends of mine, my fears were confirmed - my laptop hard drive is dying fast. So, I performed an Exodus of the few files I had changed AFTER the clean install and then turned my attentions to my desktop machine which is infinitely superior to my laptop, but until now has been doing media crunching, VCD making and VERY limited 'net stuff. No email, no p2p and not much else. On top of that, I had installed two apps WHICH I HEARTILY RECOMMEND AGAINST USING EVER!!

eDonkey2000 is a peer-to-peer (p2p) app that is like Morpheus that allows you to swap files from your HD with another person's HD over the net. Nice in theory but eD2K dumps all this RAM-jamming spyware as does the next bit of software YOU SHOULD NEVER INSTALL!

ANY DivX Player!! Don't touch them - they ALL seem to have copious spyware and have caused a lot of stress, crashes and pulled hair. Anyone who supports this stupid format is a shmuck anyway, since no DVD players support DivX (ie, they won't play DivX discs) and what freak wants to sit at his computer to watch a whole movie?

ANYway, so I got my desktop back up to speed after doing a clean install of my OS on it since you can't get rid of most spyware easily. Basically, I spent Sundayy reinstalling on my laptop (all day), Monday trying to get my laptop to work, Tuesday I spent resintalling stuff on my desktop machine and then the rest of the week making up for the first three days of my week being wasted with these stupid computer woes!! ARG!!

I did buy some cool Star Wars toys which you've no doubt seen just in getting to my site... yippeee! Anyway, I got my Federal Tax Refund already and have spent a goodly chunk of it on clothes, toys (Lego Spidey!) and computer supplies... all in all though, it's been a very mixed week... (emphasis on WEAK.)