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Monday, December 31, 2001

New Funnies! (But Not Yet!)

Well, today has been fruitful. I sat at my desk for most of the day working on new comics for TheFunnies Page at ThePete.Com. Unfortunately, these have been made in advance of needing them, so you won't see the ones I worked on today on my site any time soon. I did about forty single panel jokes for my TheSciFi.Com selects and for "What's on Bush's Mac". (Forty combined, not forty each!) I had much fun with both. I also wrote a new Bitch!! Check it out!

Not much else to report. It looks like TheFiancee has once again made me feel like the luckiest man on Earth since she suggested to celebrate New Years at home, watching videos and hanging out in each others arms and maybe building lego. Soooo don't be expecting any blog updates tomorrow!! ;)

Welp, I am going to run. It's fast approaching 6am. I suppose I should go to sleep. >SIGH!< I guess I will...

Oh yeah...



I'm game, are you?

Sunday, December 30, 2001


Please visit - they're a site after my own heart! They created the image in my last post. Pretty cool, huh? More later!

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Love America... Loathe George...

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Back in LA!!

Ugh - okay, I'm home now, but totally swamped with trying to catch up with everything. The site(s) will be updated this weekend. I just finished spending all the various gift cards I got (except for a Starbucks one I got) and TheFiancee and I ended up with a buttload of DVDs. I also picked up a couple of comic compilations and much, much MORE! Woohoo... I'm tired, I don't want to eat any more and I have so much to do...

Monday, December 24, 2001

Merry NOT Jesus' Birthday!

Jesus was NOT born today. Okay? He was NOT born today. According to a buttload of historical (non-Biblical) sources, Jesus was born more like in February or March, okay? Today is a big fat lie made up by the Catholics to help sell memberships in their little club.

So there.

I just had to say that.

I do think presents are cool.

Good bye.

I hope you get lots of presents.

Peace on Earth n' shit.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Fun Food Adventures with Family

Today was like an un-day. Because we were so wiped out from driving yesterday only to get here and have to be social for three more hours, we crashed and woke up around 1pm. Almost as soon as we were showered and dressed my Dad was cooking us lunch - of course, this wasn't just regular lunch - it was thick, juicy steaks, baked potatoes and brocoli. It made me wonder why we ate out the night before. Almost right after we were done eating, TheFiancee and I got in the car and zoomed off to her uncle's party which we thought would be a cool small gathering of family but ended up being huge and filled with mostly people none of us knew. Also, there was LOTS of food. After eating a huge calzone last night, a thick steak that afternoon, any other food was NOT happening. But the party was fine, we got to see TheFiancee's sister and Dad. Then we went back to her Dad's place and watched a couple home movies and that was cool. Finally, around 11pm we headed back to my Dad's where everyone was just going to sleep. My Dad and step-mom were nice enough to stay up and cook us some bacon and eggs, since we were finally getting hungry again. Ironic, since we hadn't had any breakfast (just the steak lunch) and here it was techinically morning (after midnight) and we were eating breakfast foods.

Oh yeah and one particularly good thing came out of today - it was a really solid idea for a film short. I don't want to talk about it, because, well, this is the internet and any shmoe could take this idea and shoot it. I'll just refer to it as short film #1. Suffice it to say that it would be cheap and easy to shoot and it's not science fiction! (This is a very rare thing for me to do - come up with a non-sf story idea...)

Anyway, I must crash now, it's 2:09am and I am actually tired... strange since it's so early compared to my normal bed time...

With Da Fam

FAMILY! Well, I'm a my Dad's right now - typing on my step-mom's Mac. Why is it when I go away big things (or nearly big things) happen in he world? Did you hear? Arafat has been blocked from entering Jerusalem, India may go to war with Pakistan (they are both nuclear powers) and some freakjob on a plane from Paris to Miami tried to ignite a shoe-heel full of C-4. Merry Friggin' Christmas. I'm not expecting this to be the end of Christmas-Fun 2001. Anyway, the drive to my Dad's was a reasonable one - no great traffic snares, my step-sister's dog was amazingly well behaved in the car. One drag, my web cam seems to be down. I need some way of hooking up to it over the net. Anyway, gotta run! Happy "This-Time-Of-Year"!

Friday, December 21, 2001

Good Movies? You're soaking in them!

What ANOTHER couple of days! Tuesday night was "Lord of the Rings" and tonight was "2001". I don't think my can take any more great movies for a while... The latter film I believe can't be fully enjoyed on the small screen. I've watched it a few times on video and just could not get into it. But back in 1995, I saw it on the big screen at the Cinerama Dome here in LA and it blew my head off. Tonight wasn't quite as good since the movie is shot in Cinerama, and the Egyptian isn't a Cinerama theater. But it was still FREAKIN' AWESOME!


Well, I hope there's a heaven so I can shoot the shit with you when I get there. I clapped the longest and the hardest in the theater, Stan - if you're up there, I hope you heard!

Aaaanyway, LOTR was awesome, too - but in a very different way. The crowd wasn't of "Phantom Menace" proportions, but we had a good house, anyway. It is a great movie, BTW - if you like good movies (even if swords and demons aren't your taste) this movie is one not to miss. Check out my latest Pocket Review for a nice bite sized review. The only bad thing about experiencing LOTR for the first time at the Chinese Theater (well, aside from it not being on the main screen at the Chinese) is that shortly after the climax scene but before he big, exciting set up for the sequel, the film jammed in the projector - not only did it jam, but it got stuck! Not only did it get stuck, but it MELTED!

And one free pass to apease them all...

So, we all got to see the rest of the movie AND we get to see it again for free! Cool!

Anyway, I have a buttload of things to do tonight. Must finish up the pressies (just found out I have three more people to give gifts to) and send off some VCDs to an eBay customer. Ugh. Time is a-wasting!

Daisy, daisy...

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Too much Christmas Crap!

Ugh - wow - what a couple of days. I am having trouble believing it is almost 2002! Sheesh! But the past couple of days have been rather hectic. They're only getting worse, thanks to Cmas rapidly approaching. I have almost every present taken care of. I have one more video to finish dubbing - well, two actually and then I am good to mail. I whipped up a quick Photo Cmas card and if you know me, you'll get one, if not, if email me at and if you're nice, maybe I'll send you a web-card version! (What a guy!) Anyway, so lessee, I got a stack of dubbing done, I did a screening today (the second one cancelled, which was fine) and tomorrow/today (12/20) I have to do another screening and then we're going to check out 2001 at the Egyptian. I've also got to find time to burn like twenty CDs, wrap everyone's presents and mail off the everything that needs to be mailed off. It ain't gonna happen. Hopefully if stuff goes out on Friday it will still get delivered on Cmas Eve or earlier.

Oh yeah and did I mention I am completely broke? :D Ah, life as an adult - IT SUCKS! :D

I need a vacation...

More on LOTR: It's quite a movie. Sure, it's not perfect, but compared to the rest of the crap that Hollywood typically churns out this thing is frigging Citizen Kane. In that context, it's better than Citizen Kane. This movie is just plain good and solid on SO many levels. I'm still not happy with CG replacing guys in suits, but I can look past it. Woah - I'm getting tired... the story of how the film broke will have to wait....


Wednesday, December 19, 2001


Entertaining? Um... YES! TREMENDOUSLY.
Technically any good? The movie is entertaining as hell - it's story structure is non-traditional, but in a good way. CG, obvious as usual, but story and acting more than makes up for it.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? If there is any justice in Middle-Earth, this will get an Oscar. Oh and DAMN, a whole LOT of movies ripped off this storyline...
Final Rating? GSN

2 Screenings to Do & LOTR ROCKED!

Can't type long today - moron that I am agreed to two screenings today and I saw a midnight show last night. I have just one thing to say right this moment:

See "Lord of the Rings". Do it as soon as you can!

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

More LOTR to Read & Bad Movie to Run

Another day another space where a dollar should go! Well, I can't type long today. (I know, you're so disappointed!) I have a screening to do and 50 more pages in LOTR:FOTR to get through. I'm not worried - I'll get it done. I've got 11 hours! Of course in that time I have to get more Christmas presents together and do a screening of that frothy new Meg Ryan/Hugh Jackman movie that looks so lame. Oh, sure - a rich white guy from the 1800s or earlier comes forward in time to present day NY and falls in love with Meg Ryan, who promptly falls in love with him. Sure - I'll buy that, all the way until he notices his neighbor is a black and not a slave. And right up to the point where Meg Ryan steps outside of the kitchen. Come on - if this guy came forward in time from the 1950s he'd have a culturally IMPOSSIBLE time adapting to modern times!! Gimme a break people! If you really wanted to make this movie for an audience that would appreciate it, YOU should have gone BACK in time to the 1950s to make it!

So, I'll just bring my LOTR book along and I'll read it as I run the movie. HA!

Anyway, that's it! Take care now!

Monday, December 17, 2001

Click on Dee Ads! ;)

Please visit my sponsors!

This one isn't a sponsor, but clicking on it will get you to more cool pics!


So much to type about, but so little time! Okay, here we go:

1) This morning before I finally crashed I remembered why I got hooked on eBay in the first place. I zoomed in on an auction with just 11 seconds to go and snatched up this totally awesome new Godzilla Vinyl figure from Japan. All you anti-snipers out there calm down, I got mine in the end when I discovered that the seller charges tax. He also recommends the insurance - never a good sign. Also, the guy's like a total jerk - he doesn't even let you know when he has gotten your payment or when he sends off your item. He says this is because he has over 600 auctions a month - so I guess that's as good a reason as any to treat your customers like shit. Sure, why not?

2) God, I hate the holidays. This time of year does just two things for me: remind me how broke I am (and that I shouldn't be spending any money on Godzilla toys) and how unfair of society it is to ask me to give MORE of my time to take part in this holiday when I don't have enough time to do what I really want to get done in the first place! Sure, I love the joy associated with this time of year and giving & getting presents and stuff, but I just wish I could take the holidays off just once. All right, maybe just twice.

3) I was finally able to edit the pics I took in Hollywood last week. Check them out at ThePeteCave.

4) My pal Chad sent me a bunch of cool stuff today - I MUST make it up to him. He sent me two LDs, two tapes of MST specials and a copy of the Phantom Edit. Hm, that might make a good freebie for the folks buying the Star Wars Holiday Special or the Turkish Star Wars. (hint! hint!) Anyway, so I've got to put some things together for his Christmas Funpak...

5) Presents - like I said, you never realize just how broke you are until you have to shop for your ENTIRE FAMILY. Everyone is getting VHS or VCD copies of my favorite movies this year. It's all I can afford.

I'm SURE I've forgotten other things, but this is all I can whine about for now. Oh yeah - I still have 65 pages left to go in LOTR:FOTR (I was too tired to read more than 5 pages this morning) and I have just 22 hours to go until I'll be at the theater waiting to see the 12:01am screening. Sheesh! Oh yeah - TheFiancee was awesome! She got me a Gandalf light up mug from Burger King - am I engaged to a cool chick or what?

Of course, she never reads my blog or my scripts when I need her to.... well, no woman is perfect, right?


Ugh! Not enough time in the damn day! I was supposed to be in bed 30 minutes ago! It's 6am, I am still sitting here and I've got 70 pages of LOTR:FOTR to get through before 12:01am Tuesday night!! ARG!!!

Spine straining under the ugh... strain!

Saturday, December 15, 2001

More TheSciFi Fun

Okay, I think I managed a real easy fix concerning the problem I was whining about in my last entry. Check it out here at: Ugh - I still don't have a link up to it at TheSciFi.Com. Drag. Well, it's 3:45am, Sunday, so I think I'm going to crash on the couch and read LOTR until I fall asleep and then (hopefully) wake up and drag myself up to bed... God, life can be such a friggin pain sometimes....

PS I've got just three short days to plow through 80 pages of LOTR: FOTR before the new movie comes out. TheFiancee and I have tix for the 12:01am show Tuesday 12/18/01 at the CHINESE, BABY!! (Will post pics after, of course!)

Easier to Mess Up Than to Clean Down (?)

I am just so frigging tired of everything. Oh my fucking head. Why is it SO much easier to fuck something up than it is to get it right? Why is that? I've been trying to get my MST3K pages up over at as well as getting some ecommerce pages up in TheMall@ThePete.Com but I'm just so frigging retarded (no isnult intended to the mentally disabled, I simply mean that I am SLOW AS FREAKING MAPLE SYRUP IN JANUARY!!) that I keep making dumb-ass mistakes that cause myself more work. I keep wanting to give myself some sort of disceplinary punishment, but how do you punish yourself? I spent a long time disceplining myself. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no to myself. Now, I am supposed to punish myself for being a little bit absent-minded.

Because these are nothing but absent-minded mistakes. I keep screwing up tiny little things like, forgetting which nearly identical html file I happen to be working on. Yeah - that's real smart, isn't it? So, I make all these grand sweeping edits to a file I thought I already started editing and guess what - I had jumped back over to the other file that wasn't supposed to be edited AT ALL. So I made big edits on both pages and saved them both.

I am just going to have to start saying no to everything extracuricular. Friday I went to Disneyland with TheFiancee, her sister and her sister's boyfriend. TOO much time wasted. If I had made this same damn mistake on Friday, I would have calmed down and fixed it by now.

I'M supposed to be WRITING. But I can't. Why? Because I have to pay the bills. Why can't a write and get paid for it? Because first, I haveto prove I can WRITE. Which I don't have time to do, because I HAVE TO PAY THE BILLS. So, I am a part-time projectionist and I try to sell stuff from my web site and eBay. Oh and I'm also a PART-TIME FRIGGIN' IDIOT.

Sorry, I had to rant and this subject is just way too me-centric to do it at

I wish life and a big fat pause button. And no - it's not called "a vacation". Think about it - you still have the stress. I just want everthing but my conciousness to stop for a while. I want to be aware but not too cognizant. And yes, I've already thought of TV - but that's too cognizant. This just isn't fair. I just feel like I'm not asking that much from life. I just want to write and not have to worry about the bills.

Sorry - this wasn't meant as a beg for anyone reading this to buy some stuff from the ecommerce stuff I do have set up - I am just venting.

Friday, December 14, 2001


Vanilla SkyEntertaining? Yes, but I couldn't tell you why.
Technically any good? Vanilla whaaa? Half the movie didn't need to be there and most of what was there didn't need to be the way it was. (That comment makes more sense than the movie.)
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Entertained, but puzzled as to why I was. Oh that's right - Penelope Cruz's nipples.
Final Rating? RTV

NO MAN'S LAND (2001)

No Man's LandEntertaining? Very entertaining and very thought provoking. Funny, too!
Technically any good? It's an independent film, which usually means less than perfect technically, but this film is actually superbly made.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Depressed, in a good, Rod Serling/Stanly Kubrick kind of way.
Final Rating? SIYL (it's violent)

Monday, December 10, 2001

TheSciFi.Com and ThePeteTV and MORE!

Wow - got a LOT done yesterday, but not enough! TheSciFi.Com is now on it's own server (FINALLY) and I've added two cool features to ThePeteTV, caps of my desktops so you can see what I'm doing on my computers. I've got a STACK of eBay stuff to do plus I have to study my Japanese, must empty the cat litter (I know you wanted to read about that!) and balance my check book - HA! That'll be fun. That's the one advantage to being terrible broke - it's quite easy to balance very little! (Feel free to help me out on this front by buying stuff from TheMall@ThePete.Com! Oh yeah and it's been drawn to my attention that I left out something on my hip/cool FAQ that I typed up last week. Here's the something:


No, but I used to deliver their mail and I stole a bunch of their cool name tags, is that good enough?

Ah... one small part of the universe is finally back in place... Have a great day folks!


Sunday, December 9, 2001

Shut-The-F***-Up.Com Shirts!

Welp, I added the t-shirt ads to Shut-The-F***-Up.Com. Check it out if you feel like helping my sorry ass pay for this site! (They make great Christmas gifts!) Anyway, I've got some eBay junk to do, so I don' t know if I'll be updating again today. Maybe early tomorrow... I know you care! Love and smoochies, Pete

Working on a New Site

Ugh - well, I've got a whole day to work on the my sites - TheSciFi.Com, mainly, but alas, I am building it at a new site but they haven't parked the domain at the new IP. I can't work on the site until the URL works! ARG! I am also adding stuff to that cool shut-the-f*** page that I run. What am I adding? Shirts! Yippee! You can buy shirts with obnoxious and rude sayings on them! I tried to set up the links this morning, but their service was down. Finally, it's back up - yippee - more in a bit!

Saturday, December 8, 2001


Yo, bitches! Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, I just feel like being rude. Besides, it's late and I'm tired. You don't like it, go write your own damn Blog! Sheesh! Anyway, so it's 5:40am and I am still awake on a Saturday morning having written, roughly ten more pages in my novel. It is DAMN hard keeping things interesting for myself. The reader will have no clue what's going to happen next, but me? I've had this story in my head for the past FOUR YEARS!! These characters used to yell and scream and holler at me to write them, but now they're so fleshed out, they understand my life and so they're cool with just lounging around my head until I can find the time to write them some more. The poor saps.

Yes, I'm one of those freakish writers who really believes their characters are more or less, alive. They've just become very patient as I get older. I kinda wish they wouldn't. But, when you write a book - or a script or any kind of story for that matter, it can't all be woosh-woosh, exciting stuff, non-stop. There's character and plot development. You can't just have things happen one after the other after the next and so on. Ugh... I'm tired. Good night...

Uh, I mean: Sayonara!

PS check out the new pics - they're from ThePeteTV - haven't checked it out? Haven't been there in a while? Click on the images and check out ThePeteTV! Click on the archives for more of my antics!

Friday, December 7, 2001

Good Day? Bad Day? You decide!

Oh, man! I did get some good stuff done today. Pretty much the first thing I did was finish those edits on script #1. Now I have to print it out (good-bye printer ink!), read it again and add a few last touches to make it as close to perfect as I'm going to bother with. Of course, the weekend is here, so I probably won't finish all of that until Monday. (or later!) I was also able to add a new CONTACT page for my site, which I have been meaning to do for some time. I also added a new page where you can email me directly from my site - you don't even need to have an email app - pretty cool, huh? I listened to my Japanese lessons in the car on the way to and from screening another bad movie. This one was better than the last couple - but I think they ran out of money before they finished shooting the movie because it just sorta ends. Go fig. So, I come home and TheFiancee goes to sleep and I'm up thinking "okay, I'll work on one of my scripts or maybe I'll write something else. Then, while dealing with some eBay sales and decided to listen to this eccentric radio show called The Art Bell Show. So, he mentions how MSNBC and other news agencies are repeating a story Reuters released about this Russian-born, Canadian under-water archaeologist (sp?) who says she has discovered a city 2100 feet under the water off the north-western-most tip of Cuba. Of course, this is an Atlantis thing, so I just have to read every damn article I can find. Of course, I managed to find a lot of other articles about other things that were along the same lines, but that were different. I found out that one of my favorite non-fiction writers has a new book coming out in January. It's about the British Royal Society and it's called The Invisible College. Check out that link.

Read the Rueters' piece at

So, finally, it's 5:15am and I am done reading all about it. FIVE hours later... sheesh. At least it's all for a story I am developing...

Oh and I also scooped the cat litter.



PS Watashiwa nehongoga skoshi wakadimas! Anatawa?

Thursday, December 6, 2001

I Added a New Rule! COOL!

Hey! Check it out! I just added a horizontal rule to help divide my entries! I'm so proud!

America Back to Normal

Holy crap! Another lone gunman wandering around shooting people today. Foxnews drops the ball and shows a speech "W" makes on Cancer Research. Cancer is important, but Christ - I'll read W's speech - I don't need to see it live! I want to know what's going on in Indiana with this guy who might have shot 35 people. Sheesh! I do think it's official, America, after 9-11, is back to normal. Sure, W is pushing for all these insane things, but then, that was happening before 9-11. Ahhhh. I never thought 35 people shot would seem almost like a relief...

To do today: Scoop Cat Litter (I know you want to read about THAT!), I MUST finish the polish on script #1, which should only take a couple hours. I have to call and complain to Verizon because they jerked us around with the DSL service. Also need to call my buddy Scott - we've been trying to find the time to go see his new daughter. She's 5 months old and the Fiancee and I have yet to meet her. I'm such a bad friend! Oh yeah and then I also have a screening tonight and MUST balance my check book and pay some bills...

I also need to sell more stuff on eBay... I hate this money thing...

Later! -ThePete

Wednesday, December 5, 2001


This will serve as ThePete's personal FAQ, even though nobody has asked me most of these questions...

1. What time is it? 12:35am
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate? Pete The
3. Nickname(s) : None but the one's I've given myself. (ThePete, Peteski) although I've been called The Petemeister and Petey-Fuck-Face.
4. parents names: - TheMom, TheStepDad, TheDad, TheStepMom, at least, that's what I call them.
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 30 (although I didn't actually have a cake.)
6. Date that you regularly blow them out? June 6
7. Pets: - Two cats, Ecks and Zaphod. We've been toying with getting mice, too...
8. Eye color: - brown
9. Hair color:- brown (although I toy with coloring it bright red)
10. Tattoos: - none
11. How much do you love your job? I am currently working as an unpaid writer for myself. So, I LOVE IT, but the pay stinks.
12. Favorite color: - BLACK, BABY! (That's why Jud and I are such good friends) But, Blue, White and Red follow respectively.
13. Where were you born: - Mt. Kisco, NY - rumored to be where Mel Gibson was born as well...
14. Present Residence: - Westwood, CA
15. Favorite food: - Sal's Wings (available only in and around Syracuse, NY), a CLOSE second is Sushi followed by anything else Japanese, then Salmon, Avocado. dessert... I tend to always enjoy my main meal, so I don't often worry about dessert unless someone else is paying.
16. Been to Africa? - Nope - wouldn't want to - except maybe Egypt. But not until things calm down over there.
17. Been toilet papering? - no - never. I stole signs.
18. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? - No, but I've been hurt by several people I loved so bad it made me cry. Does that count?
19. Been in a car accident? - Hey, this is LA, who hasn't?
20. Sprite or 7UP: - Sprite - but I almost never drink either - I'm a Code Red guy. (See below)
21. Favorite Movie: - Don't ask me that - my list of "my favorite movie" is too long. But the easy answer is "Cinema Paradiso".
22. Favorite Holidays: - Turkey Day, for the food, New Years Eve for the accomplishment of making it another year and Columbus Day because I love irony.
23. Favorite day of the week: - I'm with my pal Jud on this one - the ones I don't have to work. Although the days that I write are also my favorites - but I don't consider that "work". But it is a pain in the ass.
24. Favorite word or phrase: - I don't know - but I do say a few things a lot. Though, I wish I wouldn't.
25. Favorite Toothpaste: - Colgate whitening - the paste, not the gel.
26. Favorite Restaurant: - Sal's Birdland in Syracuse, Oswego and Rochester, New York. When I sell my first big script I plan on having them fedex me a couple of hundred of their wings. THEY ROCK!! This place got me through film school and then some!
28. Favorite Drink: - It's a tie - Jolt or Mountain Dew Code Red
29. Favorite sport to watch: - Dude - that's a little like asking me, "what's your favorite kind of bowel movement?" As a rule, I'm not into sports, but if the Yankees are the underdogs, I'll watch the World Series.
30. Preferred type of ice cream: - None, I have to be in the mood for it and if I am, I go with the most chocolate I can find.
31. Favorite Sesame Street Character: - Any one who knows me can probably predict this one: Oscar the Grouch. Although the Snuffelupogus (sp??) is a very close second. (I really am a fan of cool things that don't really exist.)
32. Disney or Warner Bros: - What are you HIGH? WARNER BROS!! (Disney! As if! Oh yeah - sign me up for the big-brother-world-dominating-corporation-fan club!)
33. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: - Probably McDonalds, since it's everywhere and I love their fries - but In & Out has MUCH better burgers.
34. When was your last hospital visit? - For me? 1980. For someone else? 2001.
35. What color is your bedroom carpet? Bland brown.
36. How many times did you fail your drivers test? - None, I think. Which one? I've taken one for New Jersey moped, another for my New Jersey car, another for a car in New York and another in California. I forget how I did, actually...
37. Who is the last person you got email from before this? - Jud, who asked me where my answers to these questions were.
38. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? - Nope - I was always too smart for them! ;) Plus I hid the bodies really well.
39. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit cards? WHAT credit cards? You have credit? How old are you? Jesus, what a question. It would have to be because I could by electronics, books, dvds and computer stuff. If it has to be a real store - BEST BUY - hands down.
40. What do you do most often when you are bored? BORED? Who's ever bored? CHRIST, what do I have to do? Come up with something to entertain you 24/7?!? SHEESH! Look around my web site and ask me this question again! ARG!!!
41. Who is the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest? I'm not sure of the exact miles, but Rick lives in East Sussex, England, Joyce lives in the Philapines (sp?), Fion lives in Hong Kong and Kanae is from Yokohama, Japan.
42. Most annoying thing people ask me: No one asks me anything... EVER. WHICH ANNOYS ME! (But I also get annoyed when people think scifi has no relevance to society.)
43. Bedtime: 5:30 am-ish. Depending on how much or how little writing I get done.
44. Who will respond the quickest? As I'm not sending this to anyone? Beats me...
45. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? Ibid.
46. Favorite all time TV show? MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000!!!
47. Last person you went out to dinner with: Sierra (TheFiancee)
48. Last Movie you saw: In theaters: "Harry Potter" (fun) On video: "Akira" (AWESOME) At work: "Van Wilder" (TERRIBLE - see the Blog entry below)
49. Time when you finished: 12:59am (I proofed it, which took until 1:08) See below for when I uploaded this.

What? No more questions? WHAT A GYP!

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Another Day Gone By (Wasted)

Of course, the past handful of entries mean nothing to you because you didn't get to sit through the problems I was having working out the layout of my blog - I mean - come on - does this page look that difficult to lay out? Sheesh! Anyway, the day was very close to a complete bust. I got a lot of "dumb" things done but only a few truly useful things were accomplished. Mainly, putting a link to my Blog (this page) on my site's main page and redoing the layout of this page as well. Yep - that's it. I screened the dumbest movie I think I've ever screened - it's called "Van Wilder" and stars that vaguely funny guy from that cancelled show "Two Guys & A Girl". Not the cute brown haired guy - the "rascally" blonde guy. This movie makes "American Pie" look like a masterpiece. This movie MUST have been written by all those dickheads who made fun of us scifi geeks in high school. To give you an idea of what I mean - in this movie, there's a scene were guys drink dog jiz. Reeeeeal class. This is NOT a movie to see... EVER. Oh and Tara Reid is in it, too - which I guess is a good thing if you happen to like broom sticks walking around with blond hair. (She's so un-femine, there was a shot of the guy lying on a bed, fully clothed and face down and I thought it was Reid!!) One neat thing I learned from a PA on the movie was that she's got a diet of cigarettes, Diet Coke and Vodka. That's what I call "Absolut Hollywood..."

So, aside from that fun, I did get my laundry done (2 loads - folded!) as well as managed to fix my seatbelt. Which I am very proud of - I was always too scared to take Auto Shop class in high school, so something like this is a big deal.

See? What a waste of a day!

I did play 2 games of "Rogue Leader" on my GameCube, but managed to not get past the level I was stuck at. Ugh - I can't understand how the whole day went by and it's 4am and I haven't worked on screenplays #1, #2 OR #3. This sucks... I've got to do something about this. I MUST write and draw more...

OH WAIT - I did study my Japanese - twice no less - for an hour on my laptop and then 24 minutes in the car coming home from my screening. Ok, I feel a little better.

aheegogawakadeemaska < -- say that fast to any Japanese person and find out if they can speak English...


Sooo close!

Sooooo close...

RETARDED, Retarded, not "Retarded"

By "retarted" in my last post I was not refering to people who are mentally handicapped (or whatever the PC term is these days). I was refering to the literal definition of the word meaning: "Something that has been reduced in speed."

More Blogging Confusion...

If these posts today make no sense, please, read them backwards. It's amazing, every time I come to believe that humans aren't so bad, I have to deal with this completely retarded problem created by some other person who could EASILY have solved the problem before it became one... - Cool, BUT...

This service is great EXCEPT that it's so damn retarded I can't see template changes until I post them to my own site - there's no "test" feature or whatever. This is a pain, because without this feature I end up with a lot of dumbass posts like this one.

New Layout?

Just a short one real quick here to see if the new layout worked. I didn't exactly get stuff done tonight... more in a sec...

Soooo Much to Do!

Okay, the laundry is in the washer - well, the first load is, anyway. Next up, gotta study my Japanese right away. Then, while taking a break from Japanese, I'll but laundry load #2 in. Yippee. As soon as I am done with my Japanese, make sure both laundry loads are in the dryer and then fix my damn seatbelt. I had to chauffeur a friend home last night because he couldn't sit in the front seat!! Then after that I need to work on balancing my check book for 30 minutes or so. Wish me luck on that! And at some point I need to cap more MST3K episodes to sell on VCD on eBay. It's a nice little side income... sooooo much to do.... Wish me luck! -ThePete

Monday, December 3, 2001

Crap, Crap, Crap and More Crap to Do

Ugh, well, let's see - I got the trash taken out, I did wash all the dishes. I screened a really unimpressive movie from Campbell Scott (surprising that it wasn't good, seeing as it was from him) and did talk with a friend about script #1 that I mentioned earlier. I got some good, useful feedback from him, so that was good. I got back from work and did those chores, but missed quite a few things. I try to be in bed by 5:30am if possible, and since that's just 2 hours from now, I won't bother writing at this point. I think, since I am still over 150 pages from the end of the first "Lord Of The Rings" book I will just read that until I fall asleep. Then I get to wake up around noon, do the laundry, fix my broken seatbelt (hopefully), study my Japanese (which I didn't get to, today) and do another screening. After that, I'll be working on script #2. Jeez, I also have to find time to build up a new Captain Caffeine comic book adventure for my web site. Arg! Too much to do! Hey two weeks and a day until the first LOTR opens in theaters!! COOL! Anyway, later!

Segway? NO WAY!

I forgot to mention that stupid It/Ginger/Segway - I can't believe how cool it *would* be if only it didn't cost so damn much. Oh and then there's the conflicting reports on just how fast/far/long it can go. One thing I read said it could go 17mph but could only run for one hour on a single charge - that means it can only go 17 miles. That maybe cool for New York City dwellers, but for those of us here in LA (where it's flat but wide), or in San Francisco where there are more hills than flat areas (more hills=more power used=less distance travellable), the Segway is supremely useless. They say it runs on just $0.05 per day - so what if I can only get to the grocery store - and what the hell do I carry the groceries in to get back? I'm sorry - when I bought my first PC, it wasn't in addition to anything. Email cut my long distance bills dramatically, I could get information on the web that saved me time (don't forget music sharing - that saved me money) and the PC also allows me an easier time doing what I do - write. The PC helps you do things you already do and things you just can't do with out it. Segway would just cut your commute bills dramatically - that's it. It solves no other immediate everyday problems. It gets you to work no faster than your car and while it is emmission-free (no smog) it costs too much and does too little.

Wake me up when you have one that has a carrying rack, can go twice as far as the current model and costs half as much. ($3000 grand is waaay too much to spend on something that is supposed to be bought in addition to your car!!) I think the Segway's designer is a bit too much a "New Yorker" and has no clue what commuting in other cities is like. I understand he has to be single minded and very centered on his work to do the amazing things he's done (and the Segway is amazing) but Jesus, get out and see what the people really need! Not some skateboard with gyroscopes. As cool as it's "non-tipping-over" features are, I just don't give a crap unless it fits most people's needs (i.e. can handle hills, can go more than 20 miles per charge, etc.) so - BACK TO WORK KAMEN! Build us an electric car that is PRACTICAL. DON'T REINVENT THE WHEEL, YOU IDIOT! No one needs a new kind of skateboard - they need a new kind of CAR. Use some of your immense brain power to solve the expense-problems behind fully electric cars! Don't waste time with a TOY.

Okay, I'm done... -ThePete

ThePete's weBlog!

Well, this (if it works) is helluva faster than doing the CGI myself. Hi, I'm ThePete and you've found my weBlog. This is goin to be a running commentary of my day-to-day exploits. I hope you find it amusing and at least entertaining... if you don't feel free to complain and I'll try and have a more interesting life.

Okay, on my list of things today is the following (ain't that a bitch!):
Gotta shower - cleanliness is important (especially since it's 4:18pm PST!)
Study my Japanese for at least an hour. I'm on my second run through of "Introduction to Hiragana". It's cooool.
Take out ALL the trash in the apartment. EVERY DAMN PIECE OF IT!
Wash the dishes - EVERY ONE IN THE SINK!!
Laundry - my favorite T-shirt (GAMERA!!) is dirty - THIS MUST BE REMEDIED!!
Fix the passenger-side seatbelt in my car. (How un-nerving is THAT? A seat belt broke! Really it's just the latch and can hopefully be fixed - but still!
Hm... then what?
OH YEAH - WRITE. You know, because I'm a writer and stuff.

I am currently working on two screenplays, well, technically three. I'm on a polish of the second draft of one (but I won't do much work on it any time soon since I'm waiting for feedback from friends who are reading it) I have just hand-written up a second draft (I just wrote new stuff on an existing copy of the script) of a screenplay I wrote a couple years ago and now need to type it up. This is my project for today - wait, I just realized I'm not done with that script yet. Shit. Well, I'll have to finish the hand-rewrite tonight then and actually type up the changes tomorrow night. I say "tonight" because I have a part-time gig as a projectionist at a screening facility at a Hollywood movie studio you haven't heard of. I usually work evening shows so I can sleep in and keep weird hours. I don't work every night, but I try to. Oh and the third script is actually something I'd like to shoot myself. I won't talk about any of my story ideas here, they're too easy to get ripped off.

Other things you might like to know about me? Well, I'm older than I look, but I won't tell you how old because I like the mystery - really I don't care about the "old age" thing, I just think it's cool that I look younger than I am. Also, I am engaged - sorry ladies!


Anyway, I've been with this wonderful woman for four years now. You can check out pics of her at my site, (hoping HTML works in this thing!). And no, they're not nudes! Anyway her name is Sierra and we have yet to settle on when we'll be married but she's an actress and no, I don't write stuff for her. Well, I haven't yet, but I do want to. Nothing "serious", I just have some animation ideas I want to do and she will hopefully do a voice or two. If you want to help me with my career (even a little bit!) please check out my site and head to TheMall@ThePete.Com and buy some stuff. I would REALLY appreciate it!!!!

Welp, that's it from here! Let's hope this damn thing works because I am NOT about to type it all up again. Thanks for reading! -ThePete

Friday, November 16, 2001

AMELIE (2001)

Technically any good? WONDERFUL story that never gets bogged down. You KNOW it's not a Hollywood film!
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Truly MAGICAL. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!
Final Rating? GSN


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Widescreen Edition)Entertaining? Definitely!
Technically any good? Not great - there was no sign of an actual plot until about halfway through (or even a mention of the title!) but there's PLENTY to look at while waiting.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Happy, but confused - I think I'd have benefited from reading the book first.
Final Rating? SIYL

Friday, November 2, 2001


Monsters, Inc. (Collector's Edition)Entertaining? AMAZINGLY so.
Technically any good? Overall, everything was SOLID. However, there were a few places where subtle things were heavy-handed and heavy-handed things were all too subtle. But it's all minor.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? GREAT - Pixar is 4 for 4 - will they ever make a bad movie?
Final Rating? GSN

Friday, October 12, 2001


Iron MonkeyEntertaining? YES, VERY entertaining!
Technically any good? Simple, comic-booky-style story, but in the best way. Completely inspiring story, great stunts and FX and cool story.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? AWESOME - it was a midnight show and I still felt like running out and karate-chopping corrupt politicians! WOOHOO!!
Final Rating? GSN

Wednesday, September 26, 2001


Entertaining? No. For the first flight of the first starship, everything happened very easily and quickly for them. If you haven't liked Trek for the last few years you won't like this Trek, either.
Technically any good? Slow. Fast. Slow. Fast. Instant danger and instant solutions. Predictable. UNthrilling. Nothing new here.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Trek is dead. Long live Trek - ON HOME VIDEO! STARRING SHATNER AND STEWART! All other Trek is just... dreck...
Final Rating? DNS

Friday, August 24, 2001


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series)Entertaining? AMAZINGLY entertaining.
Technically any good? This is a movie for fans of Kevin Smith - if you haven't seen his other films - go rent them NOW and see this movie. If you don't, you'll get maybe 10% of the gags...
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Happy. What's next for Jay and Silent Bob?
Final Rating? SIYL

Friday, August 3, 2001

RUSH HOUR 2 (2001)

Rush Hour 2 (Infinifilm Edition)Entertaining? Eh, no more than any of Chan's really crappy films.
Technically any good? Jar-Jar Binks has had his act ripped off! Chris Tucker shame on you for stealing!
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Insulted. I love how black people are allowed to call Chinese people 'monkeys' and 'Chin' and accuse them all of looking alike. Come ON - can we all just grow up a little? Don't see this movie. Just, don't.
Final Rating? DNS

Friday, July 27, 2001


Planet of the ApesEntertaining? Moderately.
Technically any good? Uninteresting, no surprises - didn't have anything the original didn't already have, aside from the makeup.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? I had the urge to buy the original POTA movies on DVD - even the bad ones were better than this one. (Someone tell Tim Roth to stop SNARLING!)
Final Rating? DNS

Wednesday, July 11, 2001


Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (Special Edition)Entertaining? Awe-inspiring... GREAT visuals - the BEST FX you've ever seen!
Technically any good? The plot is way deep and on the tough side to keep up with but I recommend it HIGHLY.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Very cool - gotta see it again to fill in the bits I didn't get...
Final Rating? SIYL

Sunday, July 8, 2001


Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition)Entertaining? Fun, great FX as you'd expect.
Technically any good? Nothing drove the movie - always just about survival, which we've kinda seen before.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Yawn - the film didn't even have a real climax, it just sorta ends. Do the laundry instead.
Final Rating? DNS

Friday, June 29, 2001


A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen Special Edition)Entertaining? Moderately.
Technically any good? Slow, plodding, told story we all know.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Yuck. Major disappointment.
Final Rating? RTV

Friday, June 15, 2001


Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Disney Collector's Edition)Entertaining? VERY. Not a moment was I bored.
Technically any good? Very strong, minor flaws.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? I was only moderately annoyed with some of the movie's minor silly characters. Everything else I really enjoyed. The best movie this summer.
Final Rating? GSN


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (Special Collector's Edition)Entertaining? Fun! Decent actioner, not great, not insulting either.
Technically any good? A bit dirivative, but not too bad.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Worth a matinee price, I hope for a better sequel.
Final Rating? SAM

Monday, May 21, 2001


Pearl HarborEntertaining? Only for reasons of cheese.
Technically any good? Contrived, cliche, nearly no blood!
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Disheartened with movies in general.
Final Rating? DNS