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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Wow, well, I've been sitting on this one for a couple of days, but apparently the "mainstream" US news sources have decided this story isn't of any value at all, so I decided that I should cover it along with all the non-US, "non-mainstream" news sources and the stacks of blogs that have covered it, as well.

What's the story? Well, that guy the USGov just appointed to run the Iraqi government? Yeah, well, according to witnesses he murdered six suspected insurgents in cold blood less than a week before he was named PM of Iraq.

Well, hell, being a murderer practically makes you a shoo-in for leader of any country in the world. I don't know what all you "lefties" out there are concerned about.

I mean, decisions Bush 43 has made have resulted in the deaths of nearly 1000 American GIs and over 10,000 Iraqi civilians. That's a helluva lot more people than just 6 suspected insurgents.

Come on, this Allawi guy's a puss.

Once he starts killing hundreds, I'll start to be impressed... < /SARCASM >

Read more about this disturbing story about how the US appointed a cold-blooded murder as the leader of a country they supposedly freed over at the website for Australia's Sydney Morning Herald.


Some of you with longer attention spans may recall that before 911 was never linked to Iraq, it was tenuously linked to Afghanistan. The truth was that Al Qaeda was hiding there with the collusion of the Afghan government before and just after 911. Even though the Taliban were something different from Al Qaeda, rather than concentrating on the group that is said to have actually committed the acts of 911, Bush 43 orders Afghanistan invaded. The Taliban was a dangerous regime that needs to be removed from power because they refused to give up Osama. At least, that's the official story.

So, the USMil attacks and takes out the Taliban. A terrible regime has been removed and the world is a safer place...



Don't listen to the Bush 43 Admin when they tell you the Taliban has been "vanquished" because they haven't been. All the USMil succeeded in doing was shattering the roughly unified country into smaller chunks that are, to this day, not terribly unified. Each chunk is run by a different warlord and Afghan president, and former Unocal spokesperson, Hamid Karzai has about as much control over his country as Lyad Allawi, Iraq's new puppet--I mean, Prime Minister, has over "his" country. Evidence of this shows up in a Reuters article excerpted here:
A local Afghan official and one of his guards were killed Saturday when suspected Taliban gunmen opened fire in the southern province of Helmand, the provincial governor said.

Two other guards were wounded in an attack by around 10 suspected militants in the remote district of Khanneshin, which lies 70 miles north of the Pakistani border, said Helmand governor Sher Mohammad Akhundzada.
In short, before the Taliban was even truly out of commission, Bush 43 sends the USMil into Iraq.

Now, ask yourself, what's the real connection between Iraq, Afghanistan and 911?


The invasion of Iraq has only helped Al Qaeda recruit more people to it's cause. The invasion of Afghanistan did not net us Osama, nor did it fully rid the Afghan people of the Taliban. In fact, the rationalization for invading Afghanistan is almost as tenuous as the one to attack Iraq. The USMil's invasion of Afghanistan is like arresting the mother of a guy who just robbed a bank. Shouldn't we go after the guy who actually committed the crime instead of killing the person who was nice to him?

Shouldn't Osama be the first guy that Bush 43 should want to take down?

Instead, Iraq is a mess, Afghanistan is a mess and Al Qaeda is still, apparently, a major threat to America.

When's all this killing going to start paying off?

When is Bush 43 going to start paying off as president?

Oh yeah, that reminds me, when's that payoff--I mean, tax cut for us Middle-Classers in exchange for not revolting? That is what we got the last time... $300, right?

Read more about the Afghan official who was killed by a "vanquished" Taliban.


Wow, so, you women out there? The Pope says YOU SUCK! You're supposed to be MOMS and WIVES, but it's cool if you want to have a job, too. I mean, hell, even the Pope knows how messed up the economy is. Hey, he knows Bush isn't a great president and understands when mothers and wives have to help out the mighty men with bringing home the bacon. The main problem is that women are inferior and they need to remember that. Conversely, men need to remember that they are superior and therefore do not need to have any maternal instincts, because, well, gay marriage is wrong. That's right, gayness is still an abomination, roughly, and if you show even an ounce of maternal tendencies, you're worse than that show QUEER AS FOLK. Remember that despite the accusations by "lefties" that what gays do in their own homes effects no one but them, gays will burn in hell and, in fact, they'll burn even hotter and longer and drenched with a spicy sauce if they are gay AND married.

But while the Pope has left us hanging as to the posthumous fate of women's souls should they not have children or accidentally wear pants on ocassion, we can reasonably assume that they'll go to hell, or perhaps take part in some sort of virgins-for-whores transfer program with Allah. Seems, when all of those suicide bombers get to heaven, all those virgins Allah ponies up are just not the same as those whores back on Earth.

"There's something nice about being with a woman who I don't think I can beat the crap out of and get away with it. I feel clean after love making. It's just not the same with these virgins. I can whip them until they bleed and it doesn't matter!"

Meanwhile, the Pope has acknowledged that women are smarter than they look. There is at least one woman in the Catholic Church who has been allowed to be an assistant to a high ranking Vatican official, but commented on the condition of anonymity that "It's just not fair. I don't get to do the real work of being a priest! He's in his office having all the fun molesting the kids while I'm stuck outside, taking his phone messages and handling his dry cleaning. When will it be my turn to serve God's will?"

The Pope has made no mention of when God might actually allow the world to function as it has been promised in all of the religious literature one finds in the front lobbies of churches and in the White House. Until then, the idea is that apparently, we should all sit back and trust that God knows what he's doing and that now that there is an Israel, any day now, Jesus will be returning to Earth to kill most of us and to kill the believers too, only that last group gets to go to heaven.

Still no word from the Jews as to how we'll all fit up there.

A sense of humor contributed to this report. ;)

Read more about the 2000-year-clueless-Catholic church's latest direction under the Pope JPII over at


Pope warns feminists

Bishops told to take hard line on issue of gender

John Hooper in Rome and Tania Branigan
Saturday July 31, 2004
The Guardian

The Pope will call on leaders of the Roman Catholic church today to attack feminist ideologies which assert that men and women are fundamentally the same.

The Vatican is concerned that this belief is eroding what it regards as women's maternal vocation. But a paper on the subject which is due to be published today - the Vatican's third major pronouncement on women's role in the quarter century of John Paul's papacy - has drawn scornful criticism from feminists and academics.

According to a leaked extract, the document accuses feminists of "blurring the biological difference between man and woman".

But it is also understood to break new ground by appealing to governmentsto give help to women so they can cope with their broader modern responsibilities.

It emerged yesterday that the Vatican itself had taken a further step towards incorporating women into the previously all-male leadership of the Roman Catholic church. A nun, who was not named in Italian media reports, was said to be working as a high-level aide to the Pope's "foreign minister", Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo.

The statement of doctrine on gender issues is the first serious attempt by the Vatican to come to grips with a world of working women. But it is just as clearly intended to prevent any erosion of the church's resolute opposition to gay mar riage, the incorporation of women into the priesthood, and trends in gender studies which the Pope has damned as "misleading conceptions of sexuality".

The Vatican's sights are trained in particular on the view that while people's sex is anatomically determined their gender identity and roles are entirely a product of conditioning. In a letter to bishops on the participation of men and women in the church and the world, the Pope's chief theological spokesman, the German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, stresses, as the pontiff has done on several occasions, that the book of Genesis is unambiguous on this point.

The letter was drawn up inside Cardinal Ratzinger's Vatican "ministry", the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. However, as a statement of doctrine, it would not have been sent for publication without the consent of the Pope.

The Vatican's letter ack nowledges that the emancipation of women, which the pontiff applauded in his earliest pronouncements on the subject, has given them a vastly increased presence in the labour market.

Recent decades have seen a plunge in birth and fertility rates, particularly in the Roman Catholic heartland of southern Europe, as women struggle to combine jobs with their traditional roles as mothers, homemakers and carers.

Church representatives have argued that this is symptomatic of a breakdown in values, and particularly a greater selfishness among young couples more interested in consumer goods than creating life. Feminists have long held that it is a result of the reluctance of men to share household tasks and the failure of governments to provide adequate support for families.

Cardinal Ratzinger's document appears to have embraced implicitly the feminist view on this point, though in language unlikely to win over many feminists.

According to the leaked extract in the German tabloid Bild Zeitung, his letter to bishops calls on governments to "create conditions that enable women not to neglect their family duties when they enter into a job".

Dr Helena Cronin, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, said: "It's absolutely true that we are different, in a variety of ways." She said that in all mammals, females showed a greater propensity to caring for the young than males did. But she added: "That's not saying that women have no other vocations, or that they should be devoted [to motherhood]."

The feminist author Natasha Walter questioned whether there were essential differences between men and women at all.

"We have centuries and centuries of acculturation towards a 'vocation' of maternity, and men have only had a couple of generations of acculturation towards active paternity. Until we encourage men [to do more] it's too early to call on whether there are innate differences. The weight of tradition is so strong that it precludes the freedom to choose."

However, Eva Figes, whose book Patriarchal Attitudes was one of the major works of feminism's "second wave" in the 70s, said: "I have always thought men and women were different - we have better linguistic skills, for instance - but it wasn't politic to say so when I was writing 30 years ago."

She added: "The trouble is we all know the Pope's opinions on issues such as abortion and contraception.

"There is another agenda there: he will think maternity is more important than public life. I don't see why women should not have both - and it should be their choice."

Guardian Unlimited � Guardian Newspapers Limited 2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004


WOW, well, it looks like according to one prominent doctor us anti-Bushites were right all along! Apparenly, Bush is a psycho. Well, not exactly a psycho, but a "paranoid meglomaniac." This story is being reported by the DC indy news site CapitolHillBlue.Com. Here's a nice little snippet:
Bush's mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months. Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President's wide mood swings and obscene outbursts.

Although GOP loyalists dismissed the reports an anti-Bush propaganda, the reports were later confirmed by prominent George Washington University psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank in his book Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President. Dr. Frank diagnosed the President as a "paranoid meglomaniac" and "untreated alcoholic" whose "lifelong streak of sadism, ranging from childhood pranks (using firecrackers to explode frogs) to insulting journalists, gloating over state executions and pumping his hand gleefully before the bombing of Baghdad" showcase Bush's instabilities.

So, there you have it! A prominant DC doctor has written a book on how insane "W" is. Knowing this, doesn't it make all of his actions incredibly easy to understand?

He is trying to kill as many people as he can.

He didn't want the oil, he wanted to kill.

Seriously, to me it all makes sense now. It also explains how he's able to talk about Christianity as though he means it. After all, if you're freaking koo-koo, you'll say anything to get your way. The man has lied or has been wrong about so much and saw thousands die because of it. Now here's a doctor who says he is crazy.

As far as I'm concerned, 'nuff said.

[|Read the CapitolHillBlues.Com article yourself].

From CapitolHillBlue.Com:

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

Editor, Capitol Hill Blue
Jul 28, 2004, 08:09

President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President�s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately.

�It�s a double-edged sword,� says one aide. �We can�t have him flying off the handle at the slightest provocation but we also need a President who is alert mentally.�

Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay.

�Keep those motherfuckers away from me,� he screamed at an aide backstage. �If you can�t, I�ll find someone who can.�

Bush�s mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months. Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President�s wide mood swings and obscene outbursts.

Although�GOP loyalists dismissed the reports an anti-Bush propaganda, the reports were later confirmed by prominent George Washington University psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank in his book Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President. Dr. Frank diagnosed the President as a �paranoid meglomaniac� and �untreated alcoholic� whose �lifelong streak of sadism, ranging from childhood pranks (using firecrackers to explode frogs) to insulting journalists, gloating over state executions and pumping his hand gleefully before the bombing of Baghdad� showcase Bush�s instabilities.

�I was really very unsettled by him and I started watching everything he did and reading what he wrote and watching him on videotape. I felt he was disturbed,� Dr. Frank said. �He fits the profile of a former drinker whose alcoholism has been arrested but not treated.�

Dr. Frank�s�conclusions have been praised by other prominent psychiatrists, including Dr. James Grotstein, Professor at UCLA Medical Center, and Dr. Irvin Yalom, MD, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University Medical School.

The doctors also worry about the wisdom of giving powerful anti-depressant drugs to a person with a history of chemical dependency. Bush is an admitted alcoholic, although he never sought treatment in a formal program, and stories about his cocaine use as a younger man haunted his campaigns for Texas governor and his first campaign for President.

�President Bush is an untreated alcoholic with paranoid and megalomaniac tendencies,� Dr. Frank adds.

The White House did not return phone calls seeking comment on this article.

Although the exact drugs Bush takes to control his depression and behavior are not known, White House sources say they are �powerful medications� designed to bring his erratic actions under control. While Col. Tubb regularly releases a synopsis of the President�s annual physical, details of the President�s health and any drugs or treatment he may receive are not public record and are guarded zealously by the secretive cadre of aides that surround the President.

Veteran White House watchers say the ability to control information about Bush�s health, either physical or mental, is similar to Ronald Reagan�s second term when aides managed to conceal the President�s increasing memory lapses that signaled the onslaught of Alzheimer�s Disease.

It also brings back memories of Richard Nixon�s final days when the soon-to-resign President wandered the halls and talked to portraits of former Presidents. The stories didn�t emerge until after Nixon left office.

One long-time GOP political consultant who � for obvious reasons � asked not to be identified said he is advising his Republican Congressional candidates to keep their distance from Bush.

�We have to face the very real possibility that the President of the United States is loony tunes,� he says sadly. �That�s not good for my candidates, it�s not good for the party and it�s certainly not good for the country.

� Copyright 2004 Capitol Hill Blue

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

New TheAnime Column!

Hey there, folks! Well, over the past few months, I've managed to amass a goodly collection of anime on home video. Fansubs, store-bought, you name it, I've got stacks of it. From GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX, to EVANGELION, to ESCAFLOWNE, to LUPIN III, to GATCHAMAN, to... you get the point. In fact, I have enough 30 minute episodes of anime shows to watch one episode a day for the next year and never run out of episodes. (Did I mention COWBOY BEBOP, URUSEI YATSURA, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS, MACROSS and SOUTHERN CROSS?)

Anyway, when I was in college, I really loved anime. I couldn't afford to get into it as much as I wanted to back then because I was in film school and what little money I had went into my films and, well, eating. Now that I am an adult, I can afford more, anime is much more common and, well, there are other ways to get your hands on anime these days. ;)

Back in college, we were so desperate for anime we'd watch it in Japanese with no subtitles. We loved the medium that much. We saw movies that we didn't know the titles to, but enjoyed watching them nonetheless. In fact, I remember Ray Caddy, one of the guys in my comic club, would visit Japan and bring back laser discs and play them for us. He'd try to translate for us, which was worked fine sometimes, other times, not so much. Regardless, we'd just figure out what was going on when Ray's knowledge of Japanese couldn't tell us. The first time I saw AKIRA and CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO, it was this way. I even stumbled across a fandubbed episode of a show called DIRTY PAIR DOES THE DISHES. The people behind the fandub were like my friends and I were, only they got more creative. Not only did they piece together what they thought was going on in the non-subbed Japanese episode, they wrote a script, made it funny and dubbed it themselves. Go fig! In fact, I think I still have a copy of it on VHS, I hope the tape hasn't given out on me!

In short, I am a fan of TheAnime. This column will feature news and reviews all pertaining to TheAnime that I enjoy and watch. The reviews will come from the anime I'll be watching daily until I run out of shows to watch. I'll try to review every episode I watch regardless of the show and I'll begin watching episodes on August 1, 2004. That's in just 3 days. My first review will post the next day.

Now, when I watch an anime movie, that gets me off the hook for a day, but only one day, regardless of how long that movie is. I also may do marathons with TheFiancee as we like to do from time-to-time where we go ballistic and watch four hours of anime in one sitting. (We did this with EVANGELION AND GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX and it ROCKED.) In those cases, again, the entire marathon will count as one episode. However, I will review the episodes we watch as a whole, so don't expect specific episode details for marathons.

My reviews will have three sections. Info, spoilers and opinion. The info section will be title, description and other information if I can find it. The spoiler section will describe the events of the episode and opinion will be strictly my opinion, spoiler free.

So, there ya have it!! Got some anime you want to review? Perhaps you want to recommend I check out some anime you like? Perhaps you'd like to donate your entire collection of NARUTO to me ;)? Send me an email through my contact page (find the link under the "interact" popup, under the giant ThePete.Com logo).

The first anime episodes I'll be reviewing starting next week will be from the series CUTEY HONEY. They are off of a double-disk DVD set I got from Best Buy for just $13 on my birthday last month and are a remake of a classic anime series about a woman who is some sort of female android that can transfrom into various different types of women depending on the needs of the situation. So, if she needs to make a quick getaway, she can turn into a race-car driver. If she needs to beat the crap out of some female sexpot-badguy, she turns into an S&M dominatrix. The nice thing for us heterosexual males (as well as all you lesbians out there) is that whenever she transforms, her clothes tear off and are replaced seconds later. Otaku (Japanese for fanboy) call this "fan service." Actually, in the case of CUTEY HONEY, they call this very GOOD fan service!

Obviously, not all anime is kid-safe. It is animation, but it ain't always for kids. In fact, that's what's so great about anime. You can watch hours of episodes from many different series and never feel like it's talking down to you. Sure, there is anime for kids (like Tetsuwan Atom/Astroboy) but most of the stuff I'll be watching will be more for the adult (probably male) crowd.

Class begins August 2nd. Don't be late or you might miss something that will be on the final!! :rolleyes:


One of my major gripes about all of this 911 crap is that nobody really mentions that we have (and had) security measures in place to stop something like 911 from happening. That's right, if a plane is hijacked, fighter planes are scrambled to intercept and, if need be, shoot down those hijacked planes before they crash into anything populated or get blown up over a populated area (like in the Lockerbie tragedy). 911 would have happened, anyway, but the Twin Towers would still be standing and the Pentagon wouldn't be busy paying off a massive bill from Home Depot. Oh yeah and the death toll from 911 would have shrunk from 3000 to just a few hundred.

Check out this great flash animation for a more entertain and more thought provoking presentation of the above facts.

Do it now, it's a good clip!


layincuffs (42k image)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Wow, well, just in case you had forgotten, electronic ballot boxes are incredibly fallible. The New York Times brings us a reminder. Here's a clip:
Almost all the electronic records from the first widespread use of touch-screen voting in Miami-Dade County have been lost, stoking concerns that the machines are unreliable as the presidential election draws near.

The records disappeared after two computer system crashes last year, county elections officials said, leaving no audit trail for the 2002 gubernatorial primary. A citizens group uncovered the loss this month after requesting all audit data from that election.
So, once again, my advice to everyone is to refuse to vote if they tell you to use an electronic voting machine. Demand a punch card, anything, an index card you can write the name of the person you're voting for on, just don't trust something electronic with your vote.

Read the NYT article at their website.


{{popup greekmissiles.jpg greekmissiles 340x450}}greekmissiles (20k image)Well, according to a Reuters article over at My Way News, Greek authorities are going to guard the 2004 Olympics with giant missile launchers like the one seen here. The funny thing is that they seem to be blissfully unaware that most terrorist attacks don't involved crashing airliners into buildings. Most are car bombs or suicide bombers.

Now, do you think that big-ass missile launcher is going to stop a suicide bomber? I'm sure it could, but it'll also take out a chunk of the non-terrorists attending the games.

Nothing like good old human logic!!

It's no wonder aliens don't visit us. Would you want to hang around people supremely more dumb than you?

Read the above referenced Reuters article about the GreekGov's anti-terrorist measures at the 2004 Olympics over at My Way News.


My Beef With Big Media by Ted Turner

Ted illustrates how what he did to get started can't be done in today's climate and big media is to blame.


Got Torrah?

Wow, it's so bizarre when religions literally try to sell themselves. Frankly, I thought Judeism was above that. However, I was just checking out an article about nuclear whistleblower (or as the Jerusalem Post referred to him, nuclear spy) Mordechai Vanunu and spotted a column ad that asked "Does Judeism think women are inferior?"

I was curious, so I clicked on it. What I got was this flash animation that felt more like a commercial for Dianetics than Judeism. Once you get past the flash, you can choose to educate yourself or your kids. Either way, you end up at a website that shamelessly plugs Judeism as this catch-all, wonderful religion and that everyone who is Jewish is happy. Well, that's what all the pictures of smiling people suggest to me and being an Atheist, I'm hardly qualified to know how successful Judeism is at making people smile. I guess I'm just urked by the fact that they feel the need to advertise.

They're Judeism, for Christ's sake!

Oh, sorry, badly put, but you get the point. They're the most important of the big three! Without Judeism, Christianity and Islam wouldn't exist. Why do they need to advertise? Who do they think they are, Coke? But that's the other thing--they don't seem to be interested in making money. What they do is they set up an appointment for an expert to come by your home and talk to you or your kids about Judeism for free. Which is pretty cool, if you ask me. But then why the PR push? Especially with the uber-cheesy slogan "Got Torrah?"

I mean, come on, aren't they getting kind of close to Kevin Smith's Buddy Christ? Why do they want to embrace the idea that your religion should be hip, cool, and warm and fuzzy?

One of the reasons I abandonned Christianity was because I felt it patronizing. This kind of ad campaign doesn't make me want to be a Jew, although I would love to sit down with someone and talk about Jewish history and religious practices. Only because I'm curious. Sorry! ;)

The sad thing is, I'm still curious if Judeism thinks women are inferior... :( (The website doesn't say!)

Monday, July 26, 2004

More Updates!!!

Hey, check it out! I've been busy! I did a new TheBeauty, a new Pocket Review and even two new comic strips! (Granted, the Otis was a fast draw.) I hope to do a lot more comic work for the site and will also be posting my strips at my Deviant Art page. I figure, why take up server space on my server, when theirs is free? I also need to update my movie LJ. I have hundreds of ticket stubs from movies over the years that I've seen and thought it would be cool to post them all there along with goofy little comments I wrote down after seeing the movie initially. It's just a daunting (and boring) project since it entails a LOT of webcam snaps of ticket stubs. I will get serious about it and start doing a couple a day, with any luck.

OK, enough outta me, check out the new stuff and feel free to comment on things or swing by TheForum to post any random thoughts you might have.

Thanks for stopping by!


You may or may not be familiar with Sibel Edmonds. She is the former FBI translator who discovered that people with ties to groups under investigation by the FBI (for terrorist connections) were working for the FBI as translators. Put simply, she uncovered moles inside the FBI. She also found connections between this group and major American politicians.

Who are these politicians and what is this group?

She can't say. She tried to say, but Ashcroft used the State Secrets Act that declares the information she has and wants to disclose as effectively being Top Secret and a threat to national security if it is exposed.

In the wake of the latest 911 report, released by a commission staffed with people who have genuine interests in manipulating the findings of their investigations, Sibel Edmonds has pointed out a few odd things missing from said report. Mainly everything she told the 911 Commission about this group, it's ties to terrorism and American politicians.

In a short essay for AntiWar.Com, she reminds us how the USGov hasn't tried to redact, censor or ban this new 911 report in almost any sense. I'd like to remind you of those redacted 28 pages from the last 911 report to be issued by a government entity, yet somehow, this 911 report is perfectly cool. Edmonds explains:
This puzzles me, considering that every investigation by the Congress and the Inspector General (IG) into my issues, every report involving my already-confirmed allegations involving serious lapses within the FBI, and every legal procedure and due process dealing with my case alone, has been blocked, gagged, entirely classified, and stopped. It is extremely curious that while investigations and reports on one case alone has created so much havoc, a massive investigation and a report involving all intelligence agencies and other government bodies, including the State Department, has evoked zero objections based on "sensitive foreign relations," "highly classified intelligence matters," and/or "ongoing intelligence investigations."
Seems like this here is proof of a cover-up. I'm not trying to be sensationalistic, but she's said if her information gets out, US political heads will roll and she is being silenced. From what I understand, if she speaks out, breaking her effective gag order, she could go to jail or even be accused of treason. If I'm not mistaken, treason has some seriously severe penalties.

Read her short, but worrying essay over at AntiWar.Com. (Please read it, she's the smoking gun that is always missing in cases like this.)

Read more about Sibel Edmonds by doing a Google search for
web pages and news articles about her.

From AntiWar.Com:
July 24, 2004

The Puzzling 9/11 Report

by Sibel Edmonds

The countdown is finally over, and a 567-page 9/11 Commission report [pdf] is out. According to the Commission Chairman, they have seen "every single document" and have interviewed "every single relevant witness and authority." According to all Commission members, this report should be considered a resounding success, since it encompasses all information relevant to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and very little, almost none, has been redacted, classified, or glossed over. Yet we have heard no one screaming "classification," "sensitive diplomatic relations," "highly sensitive foreign business relations," or "national security implications." This is highly puzzling and curious.

This puzzles me, considering that every investigation by the Congress and the Inspector General (IG) into my issues, every report involving my already-confirmed allegations involving serious lapses within the FBI, and every legal procedure and due process dealing with my case alone, has been blocked, gagged, entirely classified, and stopped. It is extremely curious that while investigations and reports on one case alone has created so much havoc, a massive investigation and a report involving all intelligence agencies and other government bodies, including the State Department, has evoked zero objections based on "sensitive foreign relations," "highly classified intelligence matters," and/or "ongoing intelligence investigations."

This puzzles me, knowing the detailed information I myself provided to the commission during a three and a half hour tape-recorded briefing, yet finding only one footnote (footnote 25) briefly stating insufficient translation capability within the FBI. It is highly curious that the report mentions nothing regarding the "intentionally blocked translations by certain Middle Eastern Translators, who also breached FBI security, as confirmed by the Senate Judiciary"; nothing regarding "adamant resistance to investigations of certain terrorist and criminal activities; refusing to transfer them to counterterrorism from existing counterintelligence investigations, solely based on the vague notion of protecting certain foreign relations"; nothing regarding "continued efforts to cover up certain highly specific information received prior to September 11, even now, years after 9/11"; and nothing regarding "knowingly allowing certain individuals, directly or indirectly related to terrorist activities, to leave the United States months after 9/11, without any interrogation, and per the State Department's request."

This puzzles me, having firsthand knowledge of ongoing intelligence received and processed by the FBI since 1997, which contained specific information implicating certain high level government and elected officials in criminal activities directly and indirectly related to terrorist money laundering, narcotics, and illegal arms sales. It is highly curious that the report omitted all this information, knowing that others in the Congress have been briefed on these issues and have been given the names of targets involved, special agents, translators, field offices, and files. I am highly puzzled and curious.

After the many public hearing shows, in which the Commissioners very skillfully played their good cop/bad cop routine and displayed their lifelong mastery of the political art of saying but not saying, and asking but not asking, all parties and all agencies have readily accepted this report. The president apparently considered the report rosy and appropriately symbolized its presentation in his rose garden. The previous administration sighed with relief, having scored a negative 4, compared to the current administration's negative 6, in the blame game. Notorious Attorney General John Ashcroft left his over-secrecy and classification guns in their holsters. In fact, this report ended up being blessed by all those responsible for our nation's security and interests, which were severely violated on September 11. I, for one, am highly puzzled and curious. How about you?


The Bourne Supremacy (Widescreen Edition)Entertaining? Yeah, but only in a way that feels intelligent, but really isn't.
Technically any good? The script is a mess and it starts out by insulting the fans of the first film by killing off Marie, Bourne's love interest from the first film. After that, characters just sort of do things with vague reasons one time after another. The whole thing culminates in a climax that oozes out so gradually you kind of don't realize it's a climax.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Disappointed, but not suprised. I really liked BOURNE IDENTITY, as well as the director of SUPREMACY, but they just couldn't keep things as smart and thrilling as the first one. Everything is still thrilling and most people will probably enjoy this film, but I wish it had the smarts of the first one, is all.
Final Rating? SAM

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Title for the New STAR WARS movie!

Wow! We finally know what the title to the new STAR WARS movie is! It's: "Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the I don't really give a crap"


I mean, come ON, I'm all for escapism (believe me!) but does anyone really care about the next STAR WARS movie? I mean, the last two sucked, what's to say this one will be better? In fact, I think out of all of them, Ep3 has the biggest potential to suck moose-member. I mean, this is the big one, where the Emperor makes his play for power and Darth Vader himself is created. Lucas couldn't get the origin of Anakin or Boba Fett right, so what makes anyone think he'll get the birth of Vader right?

Oh yeah, the same thing that makes Bush-supporters think he's not a dictator...

Blind hope.


Saturday, July 24, 2004

TheBeauty Updated

Just wanted to point out that TheBeauty has been updated! This update features the lovely Linda Harrison who will always be remembered for the role she had in PLANET OF THE APES despite the fact that she didn't have a line of dialogue. She was beautiful and innocent and somehow managed to be more than just a pretty face in the opinion of this writer (me). So, click on over by clicking on her pretty picture toward the upper right-hand corner of the main page of ThePete.Com and check her out!! Or just click here.

There are a total of 25 women featured on TheBeauty so far, so be sure to have a look around. I'll be adding five more in the next week or so and then I'll be returning to the weekly updates after that. Next, I'll be adding my favorite living actress, Angelina Jolie.

Friday, July 23, 2004


Terror in the Skies, Again?

A freelance writer tells her story of abject terror and suspicious Syrians aboard a flight from Detroit to LA. They did nothing, but she's not racist!!


(Scroll down for the story or go here.)

The hysterical skies
She survived a flight with 14 harmless Syrian musicians -- then spread 3,000 bigoted and paranoid words across the Internet.

Commentary from Salon.

It all adds up to one big fat reason the average Jo(e) in America should NEVER have been asked to "remain vigilant" in the hunt for terrorists. If you read that woman's words, you can tell she's just an idiot. The way our country works is simple. If you are caught committing a crime, you can be messed with. If you are caught with something that clearly shows you are about to commit a crime, you can be messed with. If you carry a McDonald's bag to the bathroom, I'm sorry, but you are breaking no law, no matter how long it takes for you to scarf down your Egg McMuffin.

However, you should know that McDonald's food is not good for you. :laugh:


Everyone hears always hears one of two things about Halliburton, the company that used to be run by Dick Cheney.

1) It's a fine, patriotic organization that does a good job for reasonable cost.

2) They're horrible, they essentially steal/waste taxpayer dollars by overcharging the USGov but they keep getting contracts from the USGov because Dick Cheney is their inside man.

Well, regular readers of this website know which thing you'd hear from me and finally, there are some specifics to back up this opinion. has published an extract from Dan Briody's new book The Halliburton Agenda. I'd include an excerpt, but the whole thing makes a heck of a lot more sense and basically shows a distinct link between Cheney and Halliburton. I will throw this in to point out that Cheney still makes money from them:
Cheney has been receiving a deferred salary from Halliburton in the years since he left the company. In 2001, he received $205,298. In 2002, he drew $162,392. He is scheduled to receive similar payments through 2005, and has an insurance policy in place to protect the payments in the event that Halliburton should fold. In addition, Cheney still holds 433,333 unexercised stock options in Halliburton. He has agreed to donate any profits to charity.

Read the excerpt, trust me, it's a nice little history lesson about the most powerful Dick in the the free world. (Sorry, I'm just too childish to resist those puns!)


I'm usually not a fan of Garrison Keillor. His stuff is usually too folksy, too heavyhanded, not funny or all of the above. However, I stumbled across an editorial he wrote called "A Democrat knows that the leaf turns." It basically sums up how "liberals" are liberals because they understand that each man is not an island and that each of us must take responsibility for each other from time-to-time. He does a much better job of explaining it and I encourage everyone to check it out, whether you're a Dem, Rep, Liberal or Conservative. Personally, I'm not a fan of those labels, so check out his piece, ignore the labels and decide if you think being responsible for each other every once in a while is such a bad/impossible thing.

Read his essay at StarTribune.Com.


Well, now the FBI has said that there have been uncomfirmed reports that media vehicles might be targetted by terrorists at the Democrat's convention next week. The following is from a Reuters article at their website:
"The FBI has received unconfirmed information that a domestic group is planning to disrupt the Democratic National Convention by attacking media vehicles with explosives or incendiary devices," the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Boston field office said in a statement.
Domestic??? Why would domestic terrorists want to harm the media? For crying out loud, the media is the only chance we have of getting the truth out to people on a large and effective scale. Granted, the media hasn't been that great at reporting the truth since 911, but... :confused: Could it be that this domestic terrorist group might want to teach the media a lesson? Or perhaps attack Fox News?

Well, I doubt that. What I don't doubt is that the FBI which is run by the USGov which is run by the Reps, is making this announcement now because they are trying to distract from any successful PR the Dems might do at their convention. If this were not the case, why hasn't the FBI made a big deal out of the last time domestic terrorists got in trouble in the US? This was covered minimally by local news organizations in Texas and by the rare odd website, like TheMemoryHole.Org. Here's a quote from TMH's coverage of the domestic terrorists:
In May 2003, white supremacists in Texas were caught with a sodium cyanide bomb, other bombs, illegal weapons, hate literature, fake I.D., and chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. In mid-November, three people pleaded guilty to related charges, while seized documents indicate that there are other co-conspirators at large. The feds have served "hundreds of subpoenas across the country," and the plot has been included in the President's daily intelligence briefings.
So, is it these guys who are out to stop coverage of the Dems? Or is it simply a scare tactic to distract news people from covering the Dems in hopes they'll make the story about themselves? (Which do YOU think will happen?)

Either could be true...

Read the Reuters article about these domestic terror threats against the media.


Check this one out, in order to prove that terrorists could easily build themselves their own cruise missile using off-the-shelf parts for under $5000, Bruce Simpson, a clever New Zealander and tech-expert, decided to actually do it and chronical his adventures on a web site. He says the idea wasn't to provide plans to terrorists, but to provide incentive to governments to protect their citizens against such threats. Seems reasonable enough to me, as long as the pictures he puts on his website don't reveal too much regarding design or construction.

Of course, the USGov doesn't feel the same way I do. In fact, one New Zealand news source is saying that the NZGov has bowed to pressure from the USGov and broken it's own laws to stop the DIY cruise missile project from going forward.

So, not only has the USGov's TWAT abridged the rights of American citizens, but also those of New Zealand. (I'm over looking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan because they were obviously asking for it! ;))

The good news is that Simpson has secreted his missile away and says it is in safe hands, awaiting further testing. He has arranged it so that he honestly does not know where it is, but that it will be tested further at some point in the future. I'm wondering just how anyone could hope to test-launch this thing without all of neighbors hearing or at the very least scaring the crap out of the sheep!

Check out the DIY cruise missile site.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Most Annoying Thing All Day

I found this dork near the bottom of one of the many news articles I read today...

affleckcolumngnome (92k image)

You know, I like it when celebs voice their opinions, but when they get played for dorks like this it kind of makes me wish all celebs would shut the hell up.

How's This for Randomness?

I'm editing volume 4 of my novel series, right? I'm moving briskly along and suddenly, M$ Word starts mis-displaying italicized words. It only displays some of the words in italics and when I try to select them, the wrong words highlight. Also, sometimes bold text screws up, too. I don't know what's up. I tried DLing OpenOffice, but in order to install it you have to have one of your Mac OSX startup discs handy and I'm at my boba house and I'm not about to walk back home because some dumbass "free" office suite needs the install CDs for the OS. What an absurd requirement!! Yes, here's a new oil filter for your car, but you need to drive back to the dealer so they can install a bunch of extra stuff you didn't think you'd need.

Way to compete with M$Office, morons!!

I don't know what's up with M$Word. I'm going to try it in another word processor and see if it's just the file or if it really is Word. Now, if I can just find another word processor...

Sheesh. If it's not one dumbass little thing stopping me from working on stuff I actually care about, it's another.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Back at the Apple Store

Well, I'm back at the Apple Store as I type this. Don't worry, my PowerBook is fine, for the most part. The only thing wrong with it is that the video won't output properly. It comes out in PAL format and that is bad, as those who are familiar with these things know. To those of you who don't know, most American TVs are NTSC format, not PAL. When a PAL signal is displayed on an NTSC TV, it looks like a real mess. It's blurry, black and white, and shoved so far over that the right side of the screen is on the left and the left on the right. It reminds me of the picture quality I'd get while trying to watch the Playboy channel as a kid. My cable company carried it, but the folks didn't pay for it, but I could sort of get it in if I pressed the 3, 5 & 7 buttons on the cable box at the same time and then adjust the fine tuning. If I got lucky (ha) I could see sex scenes in photo-negative.

Good times. :rolleyes:

Anyway, so there's this adapter Apple makes you buy when you buy the 12 inch PowerBooks. The adapter will convert a "mini-DVi" signal to an RCA and/or S-Video signal. According to the discussion boards at many people are having the same problem as me. According to a few people on those boards, I've got a bum adapter and just need to swap it out. I tried to bring it in last weekend, but the Apple Store didn't have an RCA video cable. These are the most common video cables known to man. In fact, there's a television station located five minutes away on foot. There's also a K-Mart then minutes away. But they don't have a cable and this was the one time I left my RCA cable at home. :angry:

So, I'm back, with a lag in my schedule. With any luck, they'll see that it's the adapter and just swap it out for one that works.

I'll let you know how it goes! :)

UPDATE: Well, everything's cool. After doing things I knew wouldn't work, the genius took my advice and just pulled a new adapter off the rack and then tried it out. When it worked fine he simply said: "Trade ya?"

And I said: "Sure! Thanks!"

I now have an adapter that works, so I am a happy Apple owner. :satisfied:


The following is from a Washington Post article covering the 911 Commission's new report on the 911 attacks:
The final report by the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks details as many as 10 missed opportunities by the Bush and Clinton administrations to detect or derail the deadly terrorist hijackings, but the panel stops short of saying the attacks should have been prevented, according to government officials and others familiar with the document.
So, the report doesn't say that the attacks should have been prevented?? Well, I'd think that would be an assumption from the beginning, no? I wonder if those ten opportunities listed in the report include the one that the FAA and USAF missed when they didn't follow their own procedure by scrambling fighters to shoot down the planes before they killed 3000 people on the ground. Because that's the only real defense we can rely on. We can't kill all of the terrorists and the USGov won't behave responsibly abroad, which only pisses off more terrorists who want to attack the US.

The point is, since we can never remove all of the terrorist threat from the world, defense right here at home is what matters most. This is something the USGov knew before 911, which is why they had the policy of scrambling fighter aircraft within minutes of planes going off course without contact. The real problem is why this didn't happen fast enough on 9/11/1. Find that out and the real investigation begins.

Read the rest of the Washington Post article at their website.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Amid all of the accusations floating around that the freedom of speech is going by the wayside, it's so delightfully refreshing that the true meaning of the freedom of speech can still be understood by even the youngest of stuck-up, rich, elitist, future dictators. :P

jennatongues (17k image)
Isn't it nice that Jenna, co-first daughter can express
herself in the comfort of her own daddy's limousine
without the threat of any retribution what so ever?


Now, can someone give Linda Rondstadt her job back, please?

Monday, July 19, 2004


King Arthur (Unrated Widescreen Director's Cut)Entertaining? Sure, but it's nothing that will go down in history as a great film.
Technically any good? It's fine, but don't expect anything true to the classic Arthurian legends. The script is supposed to be based on "new archeological evidence." To me, it just seems like they wanted to change the story around and did it in a way not terribly interesting. Not a whole lot of character development, but the acting was ok. I found it predictable and cliche in a lot of places.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Unimpressed. This is the producer Bruckheimer's best film yet, but that's not saying much. It's bland and unmemorable, but a good matinee movie. But I'd rent the movie.
Final Rating? RTV


BarbarellaEntertaining? Definitely, but if you're offended by female exploitation movies, this movie ain't for you.
Technically any good? The editing is a little slow by today's standards, but the script is fairly solid for what the movie is supposed to be, which is a vaccuous, fantastical movie. Virtually no character development, but the actors manage to make interesting statements with their characters. Mind you, "interesting" in the context of a truly vaccuous film.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? Satisfied. As a heterosexual male, I almost miss the days where women could wear amazing outfits and have it not be something I have to enjoy as a guilty pleasure.
Final Rating? SIYL (brief, harmless nudity, sexual situations, crappy, but fun effects)


Bush wants ‘facts’ on Iran's actions toward al-Qaida

Something tells me the search for "facts" won't take very "long."

Thanks to Britt for pointing this story out.

Thunderbird Pilot Ejects

200309stricklinejects (24k image)

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Oh yeah, this makes sense. According to this New York Times article, the Department of Homeland Security is forcing it's air marshalls to adhere to a dress code.

Could the USGov have it's head any more up it's own ass than this?

The point of air marshalls on planes is to keep the planes and the passengers safe. If they have to stick to a dresscode, the terrorists will have an easier time singling them out and killing them first.

Good plan, Ridge, you idiot.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just a quick update...

Wow, the last couple days just got really busy, really fast. Luckily, the news has been slow in regards to things you need to hear about, which has been nice for me. I've been busy working on Volume 4 and my dayjob and a few other things. Some of TheFiancee's family's in town this weekend to see her show (click that link and then scroll down to the 2nd show down).

Not much else to report, really. Have a look at the moblog to see some pics from the past couple of days.

More, soon! Gotta go work on ThePete.Comic... still not done with it!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Strange Lady...

OK, so I'm sitting in my favorite boba house as usual last night. This woman who looks either Asian or Native American comes in and orders a coffee. She gets it served to her in one of those cardboard/paper cups with the protector-ring-thingy around it. She sits down at a table by the door, almost in my direct line of sight. I don't really pay attention to her at all after that, but then about a half-hour later, I notice this repetative tapping sound. I look around and see this strange lady is tapping her nearly empty coffee cup on the table rapidly, over and over... and over and over. I'm a bit OCD, so repeating sounds like that get under my skin. I put on my headphones to deal. I crank up the volume on my iPod and that does the trick.

Roughly thirty minutes later, I notice her with her arms crossed with one hand in front of her throat. She's now tapping at her throat the way she was tapping her cup. This is easy enough to ignore so, I do.

Suddenly, I don't know how much later, she just jumps up and leaves the boba house. She throws something in the garbage can outside the place and then moves off toward the corner. I notice she's left a little handbag next to her coffee cup on the table she was sitting at. I then have this absolutely absurd flash that she's some sort of terrorist and has just left a bomb in the boba house. Absurd, I know, but that's what I thought. I got even more concerned when I saw her crossing the street quickly, walking away from the corner the boba house isn't far from. I then debated what I should do. Tell the owner of the boba house? Pick up the bag and throw it away, myself? What if it WAS a bomb? It would probably blow up in my face if I tried to move it.

Then I let my natural instincts as a jaded American take over and convince me that it was nothing.

About fifteen minutes later, the strange lady returns, unzips the bag, places a little Bic brand lighter in it, zips it back up and sits down. She takes a sip from her now hour+ old coffee and just stares off into space for another thirty minutes or so.

Seriously. She didn't bring anything to read and no one was with her.

Finally, I didn't notice the time, she got up and left, this time with her bag.

So, I'm sitting in my favorite boba house this evening and guess who comes back in?

Yep, the strange lady. This time she orders a shaved ice with some sort of fruit on top. She sits down at a different table from last night. Then when her table from last night opens, she slides in so quickly, when the last guy who sat there stopped to make sure he hadn't left anything behind, she was already sitting there.

Easily a half-hour passes and then I notice she's talking to herself. Literally. She's not even sitting anywhere near anyone. She's just chattting up a storm with no one at all. She's not speaking loudly enough for me to hear what she's talking about, but it would be clear to anyone in the boba house that she was talking to herself.

Then, apparently, her imaginary friend tells a really funny one because she BUSTS out laughing and keels over on the cushioned bench she was sitting on. She then proceeds to giggle like her witty boyfriend has just conjured the witiest of witty jokes. She's laughing so hard that I look at her along with at least a couple other people. She then turns toward the window and holds her shaved ice cup up in front of her face as though it will completely hide the fact that she's now silently laughing her ass off.

At 10:21, about twenty minutes later, she's stopped laughing, but she's still sitting there like she was last night, all by herself with nothing to do.

Like I said... strange lady...

STRANGE LADY UPDATE 10:38PM: She just finished strumming a small pillow while holding it close to her ear as though she were tuning it like a violin.

STRANGE LADY UPDATE 11:02PM: She's now tuning her little bag like a violin and smiling brightly as she does it. What is up with this lady???


Here's a nice quote for you:
"I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world - no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but the Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominated men."

- Woodrow Wilson, 1916
You know who Woodrow Wilson was, right? He is the president who is on the $100,000 bill and rumor has it he got there because he was one of the key players that helped the Federal Reserve System into existence in 1913. Obviously, he was less than thrilled with how it worked out a mere three years later.

Want to learn more about what the media calls "The Fed"? Back in 2002, I helped build a thread at the GNN forums all about the FR$. Most of the work was done by a guy called Gnostic Humanist and certainly deserves most of the credit. However, the GNN forums harbor some serious trolls who seem to be bent on ruining perfectly reasonable discussions simply because they don't deam them worthy of existence. As a result, after a long-ass run, the FRS 101 thread was peed down the leg of a few of these trolls. Thanks to a suggestion from Darios, another GNNer, I've set about trying to recreate the thread at a forum maintained by him. If you're interested in learning more, and you should be, please check out the new FRS 101 thread at the Upwingers forum.

I can't recommend reading all this stuff enough. It's so important that we all understand how our money works. Especially since most of us have no clue.

I asked my step-mother, who is an accountant, how the Federal Reserve works and she couldn't tell me.

When an accountant doesn't know how the place we get our money from works, I think there's a problem, don't you?


When I was a kid, I was tought that lying was wrong.

You ever wonder if the only reason we are told that lying is wrong is so that those who tell us that will have an easier time getting away with lying themselves?

The Bush 43 Admin is definitely getting away with a lot of lies these days. Just have a look around ThePete.Com and you'll see more than a few. But here are a few more lies that the Bush 43 Admin are particularly fond of. This first excerpt comes from a post at the Blue Lemur website:
Two memos included with the Senate report listed objections that State Department experts lodged as they reviewed successive drafts of the Powell speech. Although many of the claims considered inflated or unsupported were removed through painstaking debate by Powell and intelligence officials, the speech he ultimately presented contained material that was in dispute among State Department experts.
So, Powell lied because they couldn't confirm everything that he said in that speech was the truth.

Believe it or not, when I say the weather's nice out despite the fact I haven't looked out the window today or checked weather reports, I am lying.

So, Colin Powell is a liar, Dick Cheney is a liar, George W. Bush is a liar... who else am I missing?


Here's an excerpt from a July 14, 2004 AP article at the USA Today website about a memorial to fallen soldiers made from the metal of former Saddam statues (emphasis added):
The museum plans to showcase other tributes from the Iraq war as well, including the suitcase Saddam used to store bundles of $100 bills before his capture by a detachment of 4th Infantry soldiers in December.

The museum also plans to get a head, arm and sword from one of the Saddam statues toppled in Tikrit. One of the defining images of the war occurred when jubilant Iraqis toppled a different Saddam monument — a 40-foot-tall statue in Baghdad.
Now, first off, what the hell does that last sentence have to do with anything? Was that Saddam monument used in the new memorial? The article doesn't say. But what that statement does do is further a lie.

I guess the Associated Press and USA Today don't bother reading the LA Times which published an article, part of which is excerpted here:
U.S. military, not Iraqis, behind toppling of statue

By David Zucchino
Los Angeles Times

The U.S. Army's internal study of the war in Iraq criticizes some efforts by its own psychological operations (PSYOP) units, but one spur-of-the-moment effort last year produced the most memorable image of the invasion.

As the Iraqi regime was collapsing on April 9, 2003, U.S. Marines converged on Firdos Square in central Baghdad, site of an enormous statue of Saddam Hussein. It was a Marine colonel — not joyous Iraqi civilians, as was widely assumed from the TV images — who decided to topple the statue, the Army report said. And it was a quick-thinking Army PSYOP team that made it appear to be a spontaneous Iraqi undertaking.
Jubilant Iraqis, my ass.

So... lies. :laugh:

Check out Powell's lies at The Blue Lemur.

Check out the USMil's lies regarding the toppling of that statue in that LA Times article over at the Honolulu Advertiser's website.

Read about the perfectly reasonable memorial for American GIs in what is, frankly, a puff piece, at the USA Today website.


In this great war against terror, the USGov has enlisted the help of many other countries around the world. Officially called "allies," these countries are bribed--oops, encouraged to become allies with the promise of financial aid in most cases. One example is Uzbekistan. Of course, Uzbekistan also happens to be a good example of what the USGov claims to be fighting.

That's right, Islam Karimov is well known for torturing disidents. He is so famous for it, locals live in fear and ambassadors turn a blind eye. This includes ambassadors from the west, like the US. Thankfully, Craig Murray, the UK's ambassador to Uzbekistan, actually has a spine and has spoken out so loudly against Karimov and his government's tactics that it nearly cost him his job, his life and nearly the life of his girlfriend, as well. Luckily, all are intact for the time being. But this isn't some run of the mill "speak out and we'll shoot you" kind of guy, Murray spoke out against--this is Karimov. A man known for employing many different types of torture, including boiling people alive.

Murray recently spoke to The Guardian's Nick Patton Walsh. Here's an excerpt from an article at The Guardian's website:
Murray was determined not to let the regime's abuses be drowned out by the country's newfound strategic importance. Uzbekistan had allowed the Pentagon to hire a vital military base in the southern town of Kharshi to aid the hunt for Osama bin Laden in neighbouring Afghanistan. In return, Tashkent got about half a billion dollars in aid a year. Some of the aid itself highlighted American double standards. In 2002, $79 million went to the Uzbekistani security forces and law enforcement (in 2002, the US aid budget to Uzbekistan was $220 million in total) - the same people whom the State Department accused of "using torture as a routine investigation technique".

Murray has plenty of first-hand evidence of the Uzbekistani's "routine methods". Sitting in the plush living room of his ambassadorial residence, he tells me: "People come to me very often after being tortured. Normally this includes homosexual and heterosexual rape of close relatives in front of the victim; rape with objects such as broken bottles; asphyxiation; pulling out of fingernails; smashing of limbs with blunt objects; and use of boiling liquids including complete immersion of the body. This is not uncommon. Thousands of people a year suffer from this torture at the hands of the authorities."
Apparently, the US is no longer giving aid to Uzbekistan, but can we really trust anything the USGov says these days?

Also, how many nefarious, truly corrupt, sick f**ks will the USGov ally itself with before it realizes how wrong it is?

Today it's Karimov, yesterday it was Osama when he was fighting back the Soviets. The day before it was Sadam himself when the USCorp Bechtel wanted to build a pipeline across Iraq (that deal got them off the terrorist support list which made it legal to sell him WMD--HA!) and before that, American investors (including Bush 43's granddad) actually traded with Nazis. It's true, you can look it up since the USGov seized assets from the banking firm Prescott Bush ran with some buddies.

So, when will the US stop supporting psychos?

Read more about Craig Murray and Uzbekistan's fine human rights record at the Guardian's website.

Read about Bush 43's granddad's business dealings with the "financial architect of the Nazi War Machine" a chappy named Fritz Thyssen.

Man, these businessmen, you just can't trust 'em can ya?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Well, it's nice to see somebody can make the time to go protest!

Wish I could be one of these people! (Do they even accept men into Code Pink?)

miniprotest20040714 (23k image)

When in Westwood, visit the LA Federal Building and witness a few people who actually have a spine and are willing to stand up for hours, holding up signs, just to spread a message that we need a regime change in the US.

And of course, idiot that I am, I managed to forget their names seconds after I finished talking to them. DUH...

Well, that's why I'm a scifi writer (loser) and they're out there protesting (being cool).

At least, SOMEbody's doing it!! :D


WOW, it doesn't get much more HIDEOUSLY LAME THAN THIS:
Attorney General John Ashcroft took yet another step last week to deep-six the Sibel Edmonds case by classifying the report of an investigation into her allegations of FBI wrongdoing so the public will never know what it says.
The above is an excerpt from a Village Voice article and it shows just how truly screwed up the system is right now.

sibel (12k image)Sibel Edmonds, in case you didn't know, is a woman who was hired by the FBI as an interpreter just after 911. She later tried to do the whistleblower thing after discovering (according to her) that the very department she was working in was crawling with moles. The short version of what happened next is that when she tried to do the right thing by telling her bosses, they fired her. She told the Senate Judiciary Committee who found out that the FBI knew that she was right on at least a few of her accusations, but later claimed there was no evidence of moles. They refused to give her her job back and she tried to sue for wrongful termination. While she waited 2 years for things to happen with the lawsuit, she continued talking about the moles she had uncovered. Then, Ashcroft tried to shut her up by invoking the States Secrets Act. Now, she can't talk about ANYTHING pertaining to the case. Here's a bit more from the Village Voice article:
Then, on July 6, Reggie Walton, a federal district judge in D.C., dismissed Edmonds's case challenging the FBI for firing her. Around the same time, he ruled in another lawsuit, in which attorneys had wanted to depose Edmonds, by setting forth in detail what Edmonds could and could not say. Judge Walton said it was OK for her to answer when asked, "Please state your name." But she must not answer "When and where were you born?" She could respond to "When did you come to the United States?" as well as "Are you a resident of the United States?" But she was not to answer "Where did you go to school?"

Finally after two years, the Justice Department's Inspector General last week released his report on the Edmonds case�and it was immediately classified.
So, no one who is any position to know anything about this case is allowed to say anything.

This whole secrecy thing is going a bit far, isn't it? The woman spotted moles IN the FBI, moles that could have messed with evidence of an oncoming terrorist attack. In theory, these moles could have caused the FBI to be unprepared for 911--or worse, another 911. WHY not go after these moles? Why fire someone who's doing her duty as a concerned citizen??

Read (a lot) more about the case of Sibel Edmonds at the Village Voice website.

Mondo Washington
by James Ridgeway


Ashcroft again screws down the lid on whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds
July 13th, 2004 11:45 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C.�Attorney General John Ashcroft took yet another step last week to deep-six the Sibel Edmonds case by classifying the report of an investigation into her allegations of FBI wrongdoing so the public will never know what it says. Meanwhile, Justice Department officials met in secret with a federal judge in Washington, following which he dismissed her suit charging the FBI with wrongfully firing her.

Edmonds is the translator hired by the FBI after 9-11 to help its woefully inadequate staff translate documents and wiretaps pertaining to the attacks in languages such as Farsi and Turkish. As she has told the Voice in past and recent interviews, she was given a top secret security clearance. She soon discovered that there were what she describes as two enemy moles with possible connections to 9-11 working both in the FBI and with the Air Force in weapons procurement for Central Asia, at one point. These were the Dickersons: Douglas with the Air Force and his Turkish-born wife, Melek Can Dickerson, with the FBI as a translator monitor. After they were subpoenaed for a court hearing, they left for Belgium in September 2002 and have not been heard from since.

Among other things Edmonds told her FBI superiors, she had discovered that Melek Can Dickerson affixed Edmonds's name to a printout of inaccurate translations. Properly translated, she says, these wiretaps revealed a Turkish intelligence operative in communication with his spies in both the Pentagon and the State Department.

When Edmonds tried to tell her FBI superiors what was going on, the bureau seized her home computer, gave her a lie detector test (which she later found she passed), and then fired her, warning her not to talk�backing that up by following her around in an open and intimidating surveillance. That didn't stop her. She went to the Senate Judiciary Committee and told her story. The committee's then chair, Vermont's Patrick Leahy, and ranking minority member Charles Grassley of Iowa wrote a letter to Justice demanding to know what was going on. Subsequently the FBI confirmed some of Edmonds's claims.

Her lawyers demanded an investigation by the Defense Department. On September 10, 2002, Colonel James N. Worth, the air force director of inquiries, wrote, "We have determined the allegations contained in your letter of August 7, 2002, involving Major Douglas Dickerson do not show improprieties and therefore do not warrant a formal inquiry." After conducting "a complete and thorough review," Worth continued, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations could find "no evidence of any deviation from the scope of his duties. Absent new and relevant information we have closed this matter."

She protested her firing at Justice, asked for an investigation, and sued. For two years nothing happened. Meanwhile, she kept talking�on 60 Minutes, in newspapers, to congressional staffers. She was turned away by Senator John Kerry's office and, only after pressure from the Jersey Girls, got a perfunctory hearing by the staff of the 9-11 Commission. But the commission's "inquiry" consisted of allowing Edmonds to sit down in a secure room and tell her story into a tape recorder while staff members sat by. There were no questions, she said.

To shut her up, Ashcroft invoked the States Secrets Act, classifying everything she had said or was about to say, down to the most absurd detail: "She speaks languages which the FBI says are classified," explained Mark Zaid, her attorney, at a press conference in Washington last week. "But if anybody checks her r�sum�, they are of course listed. . . . She was born in Iran and grew up in Turkey. So you can guess what languages she speaks�and English, which, I guess, is a classified fact as well." Edmonds is not allowed to answer any substantive questions that might reveal, for instance, where she worked.

Then, on July 6, Reggie Walton, a federal district judge in D.C., dismissed Edmonds's case challenging the FBI for firing her. Around the same time, he ruled in another lawsuit, in which attorneys had wanted to depose Edmonds, by setting forth in detail what Edmonds could and could not say. Judge Walton said it was OK for her to answer when asked, "Please state your name." But she must not answer "When and where were you born?" She could respond to "When did you come to the United States?" as well as "Are you a resident of the United States?" But she was not to answer "Where did you go to school?"

Finally after two years, the Justice Department's Inspector General last week released his report on the Edmonds case�and it was immediately classified.

Additional reporting: Alexander Provan

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This is AWESOME!! Here's a clip from an AP article that ran over at Yahoo News:
Daryl Miller didn't make it through airport security because he couldn't keep his pants on.

Airport police said a security screener was waving a metal-detecting wand over Miller's pants area on Friday when Miller pulled his shorts down to his ankles. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

Miller then said, "There, how do you like your job," thus ending the screening, according to the police report. He was charged with indecent exposure and released on $300 bail.
YOU ROCK, DUDE!!! :laugh:


I don't even know him, but he managed to capture what I and I'm sure many other Americans feel about this absurd war on terror whose pursuit makes American citizens its first victims.

I'm sorry, but being searched at airports is hardly adding to my feeling security. But Daryl Millder does. I just wish he didn't get fined. Seems like they abridged his freedom of speech, there, didn't they?

Read more about the incident over at Yahoo News.


Well, if you're thinking about visiting London, or any place else in the UK, for that matter, according to an article that quotes Britain's chief scientific advisor to the government, London's days are numbered. From an article at The Guardian:
There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than for 55m years, enough to melt all the ice on the planet and submerge cities like London, New York and New Orleans, Sir David King, the government's chief scientific adviser has warned.

Speaking on his return from Moscow, where he has been acting as the prime minister's "unofficial envoy" to persuade the Russians to ratify the Kyoto protocol to fight climate change, Sir David said the most recent science bore out the worst predictions.
Wow, New York and New Orleans, too, huh? I guess LA's in danger along with every other coastal city in the world.

Guess we oughta, I dunno, DO something about this...

Woops... gotta run, I LOVE THE 90s is on... :crazy:

While I'm watching an idiotic frivolous show about a time period I totally remember, you should head over to and read more about this cliched, but still serious, threat to life as we know it.


Well, apparently feeling he had nothing to lose, thanks to the gay marriage ammendment's total lack of support around the country, John McCain showed us once again, he can talk the talk. The following is from an article over at
"The constitutional amendment we're debating today strikes me as antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans," McCain said. "It usurps from the states a fundamental authority they have always possessed and imposes a federal remedy for a problem that most states do not believe confronts them."
WOW, do YA THINK? The South tried to secede because, among other reasons, the Federal government was trying to take away state's rights. People get pissed off when their state governments are told what to do by the Federal government even when the Federal government has a really good reason for it.

Obviously I'm not comparing slavery to gay marriage, I'm just using the two as examples. The Federal government tried to tell states that they could no longer use Ticondergoa #2 pencils in state government offices, I'm sure the states wouldn't appreciate it either.

We're just in this absurd place right now, here, in America where Bush 43 and his cadre/cabal/pals feel like they can force anything on the American people they want. This loss on the gay marriage ban is finally ONE loss for Bush and Co. Let's hope there are more because they're trying to get away with a lot of crap these days.

Nice to see McCain is right once in a while, it's just a shame he can't break with his party when it really will make a difference, like when Kerry wanted him to be his running mate. It is easy to speak about what's wrong but it's much harder to stop talking about it and do something.

Take it from me, I do the former all the time on this website! :rolleyes:

Read more about McCain's comments at

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So, I'm sitting in my favorite boba house...

So, I'm sitting in my favorite boba house and this 40-something homeless woman enters and starts asking customers for money. Being the jaded, cynical person I am, I put my headphones on in hopes that she won't be so rude as to not only interrrupt my work, but interrupt my music, as well. When three young college kids turn her down, she turns to me and starts talking right too me as though I've actually acknowledged her existence, which I haven't. But I'm not a total rude bastard, so I take my headphones off and say "excuse me?"

"I have five kids, I'm just trying to get them some food and trying to get them a home..." she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, perhaps you shouldn't have had FIVE KIDS, or perhaps let a man have unprotected sex with you FIVE TIMES, or perhaps you should CHANGE YOUR STORY so it makes you seem a little less like an idiot," I wanted to say.

"Sorry, I can't help you," was what I really said.

She turned from me, eyed some of the other customers sitting around, eating, drinking, doing work and just decided to leave.


So, TheFiancee forwards the following email to me:
Subject: same sex marriage poll
> The [California] Governor's office is taking a poll on same-sex marriages.
> Apparently, conservatives are flooding the phones with negative
> responses. So please call now and forward this to your friends.
> Just call the office at 916/445-2841.
> Then hit 5 for hot issues then 1 for same sex marriage.
> Then hit 1 again to support same-sex marriage.
> Please call and take a moment to vote. I just did it and it takes
> about 10 seconds.
I think, that's fine, so I call the number and get this great recording about how I've called the office of Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) and it then gives me a list of options. Among other things, I can invite Arnold to an event, I can get his email address, I can even "voice my opinion on a hot issue." I hit the "5" button and then another recording asks that if I want to "voice my opinion on same sex marriage, press 1." So, I press the "1" to get to "voice my opinion." Yet another says "If you are for same sex marriage, press 1, if you are against same sex marriage, press 2."

So, I press "1." Then, another recording tells me thanks for contacting the governor's office and hangs up.

WOW, so that's what it's like to "voice my opinion" to the governor's office!


And here I was trying to work up in my mind how I was going to give them a mini speech about how legistlating against gay marriage just equates to more big government telling us how to live our lives. I'd ask if, as a conservative governor, does Arnold really want to support legislation that will open the door to things like gun control?

That's what cracks me up about conservatives. They're against gay marriage but GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GUN!!

Uhhhh... get your hands off my penis! Unless I'm gay, in which case, keep doing that... only faster...

Well, I'm not gay, the point is, it's okay to legislate what a man does with his penis or what a woman does with her vagina but not okay to make laws controlling other things we use like guns?

YES: I have a RIGHT to defend myself by maintaining the ability to kill anyone who threatens me!

NO: I don't have a RIGHT to make other people of my gender experience pleasure in the privacy of my own home!


Back to the governor's recording (that was not Arnold's voice, God dammit!), when they phrase the options as they did ("If you are for same sex marriage, press 1."), I felt like I was being pigeon holed. In actuality, I'm not "for" same sex marriage. On the one hand, I'm straight. On the other, I'm not a big fan of the marriage institution in the first place. In other words, I'm not completely "for" marriage of any kind, straight or gay. On the third hand (??), I don't want to have a "pro" or "con" opinion on it, I just want it to be available to those who want to take advantage. Does that make any sense?

The argument I like to mount against conservatives (or anyone) is that it shouldn't matter what is done in the privacy of someone's home as long as it doesn't harm the rights of another person. I think we should all feel this way (ideally) and therefore it shouldn't matter if any of us are "pro" or "con" just that we acknowledge a person's right to do what he or she wants in their own home.

I don't think gay couples need some sort of social "approval" from me or anyone else. I bet they'd just like to get married and move on with their lives.

Who can blame them?

Oh and one last thing. Nowhere on the recording did it say "you can only voice your opinion if you are a resident of California." So, if you aren't in California, YOU CAN CALL, TOO!!

So, call 916/445-2841 and VOICE YOUR OPINION!

They won't know where all of these "voices" are coming from and it LITERALLY takes SECONDS to call.

So, DO IT NOW, so gay couples can live their lives the way they want and conservatives can stop bitching about it.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Bush asserts pre-emptive strikes policy

From the above linked article:
President George W. Bush said on Monday his administration would maintain its policy of pre-empting potential security threats despite growing doubts over the adequacy of US intelligence to assess such dangers.

So, I know that I'm not capable of accurately measuring a threat, but I'm going to attack any threats, just because.

Let's dumb it down even more:

That black guy might have a gun. Just in case, I'm going to shoot him.


That is, of course, the parallel.

Weeee More Updates!

Wow, well, I've actually been able to keep updating TheBeauty for the past week or so. I need to catch up. It seems like unless I do something every day, I have a difficult time meeting a deadline... LAME... gotta get over that. Anyway, I also updated the MediaOfTheMoment--FINALLY. It's the titles sequence from an old 70s show... ah, the good old days!! And finally, TheForum is back up!! So, start posting! Anything that comes to mind is fine! GO FOR IT!! PLEASE!!

Thanks! More updates, soon!



Well, looks like I'm in the right state for negative opinions of electronic ballot machines. This is from an AP article posted at
Critics of electronic voting are suing Diebold under a whistleblower law, alleging that the company's shoddy balloting equipment exposed California elections to hackers and software bugs...

The California lawsuit was filed in state court by computer programmer Jim March and activist Bev Harris, who are seeking full reimbursement for Diebold equipment purchased in California. Issues cited by the case include Diebold's use of uncertified hardware and software, and modems that may have allowed election results to be published online before polls closed...

"This is about money now -- a case of the capitalist system at work," said March, of Sacramento. "The laws on voting products and processes are unfortunately unclear. But the law on defrauding the government is really, really clear. Going after the money trail is cleaner than going after proper procedures..."

Election officials have until Sept. 7 to decide whether to join the lawsuit, said Tom Dresslar, spokesman for state Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

The thing everyone needs to understand is that anything electronic or computerized can be hacked. They haven't invented a, CD, DVD or computer that can't be hacked into, so, how are they going to invent a ballot box that can't be?

This November if you're asked by your local polling place to use an electronic voting machine, tell them you're Amish and demand a piece of paper you can write your choices on. :rolleyes:

Read more about the California whistle blowers at!


Bush plan allows logging in national forests

From the above linked AP article posted over at
The Bush administration on Monday proposed a new plan to open up national forests to more logging, confirming a draft plan published two weeks ago.

Under the plan, announced by Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman at the state Capitol, governors would have to petition the federal government to block road-building needed for logging in remote areas of national forests.
With all of these computers, we STILL need to cut down more trees to make paper? Can't we make paper from petroleum products? After the Iraq Attack we should have plenty of oil from there, right?

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Another weekend blows by...

Well, it's yet another Sunday (are we ever going to run out of these?) and that means what it usually means and that is, I didn't get enough done! Yeah! I did work on TheKey, but only in a busy-work capacity, you know, formatting it, printing it out and stuff like that. I need to start on Vol. 4 tonight, but I also need to do some serious dayjob work. Sheesh... I am the king of not making money.

Still, I did watch a bucket of anime this weekend and I plan on doing a new column for the site featuring anime-related stuff, but mostly, it'll be reviews of anime I've watched or am watching. I also need to do some more work regarding those pop-up menus above. Need to make sure they all lead somewhere which means creating more content! In other words, I'll get to it eventually.

Anyway, not much else to report on (thank GOD). I am wondering where the heck TheChad is. It's been a while since I've heard from him and he hasn't replied to my email yet. Chad, if you're reading this, email me, man! Or tag TheTagBoard or something!!

Thanks! Oh and TheForum will be back later today. :)

Ja ne! (Later!)


Well, the stage is set for Bush to stick around longer than he should according to law. The following is from a Newsweek article over at MSNBC's website:
American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack, NEWSWEEK has learned.
Here's the problem, if these kinds of warnings persist, Bush 43 may push for elections to be pushed back until there is a lesser chance that an attack could occur. With all of this rampant fear-mongering, people might actually ask for elections to be put off and Bush would be happy with that, no doubt.

"We can't have our citizens dying just to cast a vote, can we?" Bush will say.

And the American people will likely buy it. So, the elections will get pushed back.

In an America where just four years ago, we couldn't push the inauguration back until a recount could be completed, the election will be pushed back because terrorists might strike.

They've struck on American soil twice in the past 11 years. 3 times if you include McVeigh. For this, they bring up talk of pushing elections back?

Just watch, it'll go from postponing elections if there is an attack, to postponing elections to avoid an attack, to postponing elections indefinately until we can have a stronger guarantee that the USGov can protect Americans trying to vote.

Hey, when Bush 43 joked about his job being easier if he was a dictator, I had a horrible flash of paranoia that Bush wasn't kidding. The Reichstag-- I mean, 911, two wars and the Patriot Act later, it looks like just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

I hope I'm wrong...

Read about the current paranoia coming out of Washington that may lead to a postponement of the elections in November.

Read a Reuters article over at Yahoo News covering disagreement in Washingon about whether or not this is a good idea.