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Tuesday, June 6, 2000


Here's the deal with ThePete and his politics: Not a liberal, not a conservative, against both parties but understands (a little too well) the realities of the system as it stands today.

Got an open mind? Keep reading. (If you stop at some point, you might want to change your own definition of "open minded." I said you MIGHT want to change it! GEEZ, you're sensitive!)

Many people take one look at my site and think I'm a lib. Just because I despise Bush does not make me a lib. However, I am not a conservative either. I'm actually an Atheist who respects life and has strong morals. Jim Wallis, the author of God's Politics said on the Daily Show recently that he didn't believe that Christianity has a monopoly on morals. I'll go one further, I don't believe that religion of any kind has a monopoly on morals. To me it's all about what you leave behind. If you want to be remembered by future generations of people as a great guy, then you need to be a great guy before you die.

This is how I live my life. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me--and hopefully make people think about things along the way. Let's get to my specific politics.

I feel like Republicans and Democrats have both sold out their parties and are now functioning only to keep their own power at any cost. They will admit no truth if it harms their ability to stay in office and to keep power over us.

SO, if you've come here to bag on me for being a conservative or for being a liberal, you're SOL on both counts. I'm both and neither. I'm anti-abortion but pro-choice. I'm for good old fashioned family values but only when the family is a healthy, nurturing environment to spend time in--this can be the case even if the parents have two penises between them or none at all (ie they're gay). A FAMILY is just that: A FAMILY--a nurturing, safe place that allows people to be raised and loved throughout their lives. You can have a gay couple, straight couple, interracial couple, it's all good for me. And don't try any of that "marrying turtles" shit with me. That's horse shit and you know it.

Back to politics: I'm against ALL corruption. Dem or Repub, it stinks. If you're pro-Republican or pro-Democrat, you're pro-Corruption. Vote against the greater evil, is what I would say if only voting actually made a difference. I vote whenever I get the chance but will no longer do so in presidential elections, unless my feelings about how well the USGov can handle an election change.

If you think the last two elections were fair, you're kidding yourself. No amount of "sour grapes" accusations will make me back down on this. It's a FACT that 93,000 voters were taken off the rolls illegally in Florida before the 2000 election. Read Greg Pallast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy if you doubt it. You can also do your research instead of writing it off as "liberal propaganda." The 2004 election was just as flawed but the scammers got better at hiding it. First off, I have come across no information that would suggest that those 93,000 voters in Florida had their right to vote restored since 2000.

Ohio's election was riddled with issues, left and right. If you're conservative brain is shutting down as you read this--BE AN ADULT AND OPEN YOUR MIND. This is not about lib Vs con, this is about FACTS. Ohio had problems--lots of them. Then there was Washington--look what happened with their governor's race. They had a Republican win by a hair and then in a recount, he lost.

Bush may have won in the popular vote in 2004 BUT HE DIDN'T IN 2000, so don't use the "popular vote" excuse for why I should shut up. The very fact that Repubs and Cons all react the same way shows you how shallow and power-hungry they are. I'm interested in knowing for SURE who won--not getting my guy in.

Truth be told, John Kerry is a virtually spineless, boring, long winded pussy-cat who will cuddle up to almost anyone if he thinks it will benefit him. I say "virtually" spineless because he did tell Rolling Stone that Bush had fucked up Iraq and used that term "fuck". I give him a LOT of credit for doing that. But I take away a lot more for not tearing into Bush on his military record and not making a bigger deal about his own successes. Modesty is nice, but it doesn't help get the word out that you've actually done some pretty damn-heroic things in your life. (Not just Vietnam but being the real point-man on Iran/Contra--don't know what I'm talking about? Do some research.)

I found his concesion WAY too early--back in 2000, things were up in the air for a couple of months--this time 'round thanks to Kerry's pussy-cat attitude things weren't up in the air for a few hours. John Kerry bailed on America.

OK, there's way more that I need to go into, but I'll hold off for now. I do have paid work to do. Thanks for reading though! Glad you care.


That's ME! I run this site, it's mine, although I have friends who guest blog every now and again. Hm... what to include about me...

Well, I should include a link to ThePoliticsOfThePete page because I have strong political opinions that have leanings in both "conservative" and "liberal" realms. However, you shouldn't label me as either because I am fully neither. For every liberal trait you see in me, I'm sure I can counter it with a conservative one. Oh yeah and I define conservative as "adhering to the traditonal ideas and principles advertised by the founding fathers as the reasoning for the founding of America."

Let's see, I'm old enough to enjoy a cocktail, but never drink. I'm an Atheist, but don't think you shouldn't worship the god of your choice, don't make me do it, too. I do believe that there's more to life in the universe than us, but I'm pretty damn sure the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god isn't it. I could be wrong and frankly, I hope I am. As an Atheist, I (sort of) believe there isn't a heaven but that eternal life is possible but only metaphorically. We live on through what we leave behind. Leave a positive legacy and people remember you that way--you live on as a positive person. Leave a negative legacy and live on as a negative person. Leave nothing behind and you are gone forever.

I stay away from sugar, alcohol and most drugs (caffeine and occasional sugar being the exceptions). I also switched away from fluoride toothpaste when I read a study that suggested that fluoride has no effect on teeth after a few years following the growth of your permanent teeth. I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years and so far no problems with the teeth. They're even whiter now than they were when I was drinking a can of Mountain Dew every day. Go fig.

I sold my car a couple years ago because of a combination of things. Gas prices going up, insurance, maintenance, registration fees, smog checks, concerns about the environment all had a part in this decision. I know ride a Honda Elite scooter where ever I need to go. I call it the GodPhoenix after the ship on the classic anime series GatchaMan.

I used to be a HUGE fanboy. Now I am just a mild one. I still love the original Star Wars: A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, Classic Trek and a handful of anime/manga/American comic book and other limited scifi franchises. My current obsessions are the aforementioned Gatchaman and GhostInTheShell. I'll be selling most of my Star Wars and Star Trek toys over the next few weeks on eBay, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of JesusThe reason I stopped being such a rabid fanboy was because I read the book pictured to the left. Damn thing changed my life. I'm not saying everything I read in it I believe to be true. However, what they suggest in that book and the sequel to The Hiram Key, The Second Messiah, and its sequel, Uriel's Machine end up making a heck of a lot more sense than what mainstream western history tells us. I was an Atheist long before I read these books, but they reinforced my beliefs that "God" is not. Once I saw how the world just might be running (even today), I became more concerned about the world than how Anakin Skywalker will make his final turn to the dark side of the force. Now I watch the world move and things seem to fit this new line of thinking I pulled from reading those books.

OK, that's all I feel like writing about myself right now. I still need to talk about my fiancee and my career and my dayjob(s). There's always too much going on inside my head.