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Wednesday, January 30, 2002


Anyone reading this a Madonna fan? Check out this page. It's got some pretty funny stuff on it...

Just Thinking About the "Real" Ariel

Well, if you've been reading TheKey, you've read about the adventures of a few people as they trek across the country, and whatever - but one of the characters is a 15 year-old named Ariel that I VERY loosely based on a real person whom I don't know. She complains a lot on her site about how guys on the 'net are pigs being all gross and perverted and stuff. I decided that should she ever find out about TheKey, she might find the Ariel character a bit too similar to her, so I thought I should email her and let her know that yes, I did name the character after her, but beyond physical appearance and a couple of very general traits that the "real" Ariel has, my Ariel is a completely new and different person. Just the same, I wanted her to know what I had done. I just thought it was the right thing to do. Feel free to tell me otherwise in my comments section for this entry. I just hope she's not horribly offended and demands I change the character's name.

Anyway, busy day (still) ahead of me. Got to grab a bite and just keep on trucking. It's almost 6am and I have so much to do...

"I ain't got time to sleep."

So, I guess I shouldn't be blathering on in my blog, either... later!


Sunday, January 27, 2002

How Do I Feel?

Remember in Empire Strikes Back after Han Solo was tortured and stuff? And he says to Leia: "I feel terrible."

That's me. Good night!


Saturday, January 26, 2002


Check this out - it's eerily accurate!

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Defender-ship.I am a Defender-ship.

I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones, and unforgiving of any who would hurt them. Speed and foresight are my strengths, at the cost of a little clumsiness. I'm most comfortable with a few friends, but sometimes particularly enjoy spending time in larger groups. What Video Game Character Are You?

Friday, January 25, 2002

Comments Shmoments

Well, comments are nice, but I really wish there was a script that worked like's but that I could install locally. I've tried a few scripts in the past, but they never work for me. They come close, but either they don't have quite the features I want or they are exactly like Blogger, but I can't get the damn thing to function the way it's supposed to! Damn permissions are wrong or something. Pain in my ass.

Anyway, TheKey is getting really crazy. I'm going to have to start taking notes to keep track of stuff and I'm the guy writing it! Damn!

Not much else to report - every day I seem to get less done than the previous day. I think the circle will be complete when I just don't get up one day. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow...

Welp, hope you're doing well - be sure to leave a comment!

Later, bitches!


PS I'm sorry, sometimes swearing is just FUN!

PPS check out ThePeteTV to see which toy I'm showing of each day! NEAT!


MetropolisEntertaining? WOW! Was it EVER!!
Technically any good? While a little bit light on character, the plot kept me guessing from the first frame to the last.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? I've got a new film to add to my top 10 favorite movies list! YOWZA! I gotta see it again! (Preferably in Japanese!)
Final Rating? GSN

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

You! Read TheKey!

Hiyo people! Well, whoever is reading this, anyway. I am REALLY enjoying "TheKey" - are you? Check it out and tell your friends! The more people who get in on it, the better - just like in the story! Watch for a new, FUNCTIONING "leave your own comments" link coming soon... well, with any luck...

More Time Please...

Hmmm... I wonder where all the time goes. I didn't spend THAT much time working on eBay crap today. But I look back and see that indeed - I worked on little else. No chores, a few hours of writing and that's it. Huh. Are they shortening the hour??? Cuz I used to be able to get a LOT more done in my day.

Oh well - be sure to check out my pal Chad's blog - I just added a link to it below and to the left. Also, I added a comment feature that hopefully will work - I just set it up, but please feel free to click on the "comments, dude" link below and let me know what is up with you. Cool, huh? If it works, I may use it on TheSciFi.Com and more... we'll see though. It's actually a hosted service run by some average guy... go fig. Anyway, LATER.

PS - well, it looks like the comments thing DOESN'T work - I knew that would have been waaaay too easy... oh well, if you see the phrase "comments, dude" just go ahead and click on it, will ya? Thanks!

Thursday, January 17, 2002


Sheesh - well, check out ThePeteTV to see the cams swapped around - not on the page, but in my office. I'm not sure if I like the new arrangement (I moved my laptop to the opposite corner it was in). I like difference, but I don't know how practical it is. SHEESH! Can I say SHEESH any more times? Tonight was horrible - I ran the most depressing movie - it's called "La Pianist" although I think the American title when it's released is "The Piano Teacher". It's about this crazy-anal-retentive piano teacher who is a SUPER control freak, but she has no idea how to love or even what it is. You'd think this would make for a wonderful romance - but no - it turns out that when she gets turned on, she wants to vomit. She likes to watch others feel passion, but when it comes to herself, she can either only watch or be tied up and forced to feel pain. Or so she thinks because when she finally is beaten by her lover she discovers the pain actually hurts! And she BLEEDS and stuff. When she finally has sex - it's the most depressing thing. She just lies there like she's being raped. UGH! And I'm a guy who likes sex scenes in movies, if they're done well - this one was "done well" but it was depressing as HELL! ARG!

The only neat thing about the screening was that Jay Leno was in the audience. That was cool. There's this one dude at work - he's another projectionist. He flipped out on me once and all but demmanded I be a projectionist like he is. (i.e. do everything his way) And when I refused and then didn't react the way he thought I should when a projection mistake occured, he got in my face and was straight yelling at me telling me to admit I had made a mistake, when really it's none of his business, either way. Sure, I made a mistake and I admitted it, but the print was late, it was a mess and this co-worker of mine was jabbering his head off at me while I was trying to thread up the reel. Sure, I made a mistake - I admitted it, but guess what? The mistake didn't matter since the print was flawed (according to one of the producers who were there that night) and they weren't worryied about how well the screening went on a technical level. The point is - no one noticed, no one cared and still this co-worker of mine was going on about how I made a mistake and I should "be a man and cop to it!"

Of course, I had, just not the way he wanted, kneeling before him praising both him and the Christian God, both of whom, I am clearly superio-- I mean INferior to...

Yeah right.

Oh yeah, and then there's the fact that I trained his sorry ass. I think I know what I'm doing, THANKS.

So anyway, it's like months later and I haven't spoken more than a few words to him in passing but the dipshit keeps thinking I want to be friends with him. The guy flipped out on me and got in my face - is he going to do that again? I don't know and I don't want to know. I'll just avoid him, period. I told my boss and he's cool with me never working with him again. Which is good because I quit my day job so I could avoid stress JUST like that. Co-worker crap (especially this guy's brand of crap) is NOT for me.

So, tonight he comes into my booth (clear on the other side of the building from the booth he was working in tonight) and tells me how he's got Wiliam H Macy (the lead guy from Fargo) in his theater doing a Q&A. Like I'm supposed to be impressed by this or something. Jesus H Macy wouldn't impess me - so WHAT - they're freaking PEOPLE. Yeah? William H Macy? Cool, well, in this booth right here is ME. I'm MUCH cooler than William H Macy (although I think he's a kick as actor!) is and you're practically rubbing elbows with me, man! Isn't that cool? NOW GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!

No, I did not say all of this to him because that would make me as bad as he. Instead, I just relaxed and kept watching my depressing ass film, basically saying all of 3 words to him. He seemed to get the hint and left adding a "see ya" to which I said nothing.

In case you're wondering why I'm blathering on like this, my desktop computer is busy burning a CD and since all of my mp3s are on my desktop computer, I can't listen to them while I burn, so I am killing time listening to an old NIN CD that isn't inspiring me to write anything. So, I'm killing time... Luckily, the CD I'm burning is a bunch of mp3s I can listen to on my laptop - thus freeing up my desktop for more burning - yippee!!

Anyway, enough of my crap. Later!


PS Read "TheKey" and tell your friends to, also! They'll like it! Tell your Mom! Tell your, well, tell everyone! I want to feel important to someone other than myself and my fiancee, damn it!!

Whoops - CD's done burning - gotta go!

Monday, January 14, 2002

The Car and TheKey!!

Arg! Another long, stupid-busy day! I spent over 300 bucks on my damn car!! ARF!!! Woah - typo - I mean ARG!!! Damn I am in love with TheKey! If you haven't read it - go do it now! It's getting so good I've already written the next night's entry - it's the writing equivalent to a page turner - only I guess you'd call it for me a page-writer. I dunno. Anyway, it's so good I want to scrap the page-a-day thing and turn it into a chapter a day thing and just have them be short, 4-5 page chapters. BUT, it's too late to change my mind. Plus I LOVE this challenge of writing every day!! It's coooooool!

I Need a New Job, a New Car, a New Life

Well, another weekend has gone by and has more or less whizzed right down my leg! Yipee! It started off well enough - actually - it didn't. I got stuck running a 15 second clip at work several times over on Friday night. But getting there and back ended up taking three hours. Which I guess is only fair since I get paid a 3 hour minimum. But then TheFiancee worked late which meant the Buckaroo Banzai DVD would have to wait until Saturday night. The next morning we had made plans to go see one of my oldest friends (a film school buddy), his wife and their new daughter down in Hermosa Beach. We took my car - probably a mistake since Hermosa is about 45 minutes away and my car is 15 years old. (TheFiancee's is just 5 and in great shape.) We hung out, got to meet this wonderful thing that is my friend's daughter. She is beautiful and that was immensely special to me. If I wasn't such a manly man I would have busted out in tears. I have to stop calling her dad a loser, now. It was just so special.

Ooof course, with every magical moment, life seems to jam a really sucky annoying moment to deal with, too. On the way back - I should say FIVE MINUTES from my friend's house we saw smoke coming from my engine. I thought maybe it was just the exhaust coming from the car in front of us, but once the light changed and we started rolling, the car started overheating. It turns out that the radiator cracked. You can't fix something like that. You replace it. So we called AAA (guardian angels, all of them) and got my poor Maxima towed back up to a Pep Boys near me. It sucked because I knew it would cost a buttload of money (it did) and a truckload of time (it has). I got home, wrote "TheKey", the Chocolateer (my other Page-A-Dayer) and then popped in the Buckaroo Banzai DVD at 11pm. By 12:30am, TheFiance was falling asleep - so much for the extras.

Then Sunday came and I spent the entire day designing shirts for various parts of my web site. It took me so long that I wasn't even able to build the web pages to display the designs on! Arg. Then I had to write "TheKey" and update my TheFunnies Page - which I will do right now. Okay, that's done. Click on that link and see if you laugh at all... hey, you never know! Of course, it wasn't even that simple - I had to resize a strip and re upload it. What a pain it all can be. If it wasn't so fullfilling to see all this stuff up on the web I wouldn't do it.

Oh and swing by ThePeteTV and check out the GameraCamera for a sneak preview of one of those t-shirt designs I mentioned earlier.

Welp, I must run. It's now 5:09 and I must get up in time to get to the Pep Boys at noon so they can work on my car while I wait there. Pain in the ass... sheesh! Anyway, if you've got some money and you feel like spending it, head to TheMall@ThePete.Com and show unca Pete who loves him!



PS AND I didn't get a chance to do a buttload of stuff on my site, including add a new blog for The Chocolateer's journal in Unleaded Tales. DAMN!

Thursday, January 10, 2002


Ugh - what a pain - I'm staring at my bandwidth for TheSciFi.Com wondering why I'm halfway to my monthly limit. Of course, it's because of my mirror of the Star Wars trailers. So, I think cool - at least plenty of people are hitting my site and seeing my ads. But then, I've only sold a handful of items, but again, my bandwidth is through the roof. So I moved the trailers to another server and BOOM - the bandwidth freezes and doesn't move on the new server! This means some DIQUEEDS out there are linking directly to the trailers and not simply refering their users to my site. PRETTY damn lame. So, now I am in the process of tracking down some apps that will stop people from DLing my files without actually BEING on my site. It's fine that you DL them and then put them up on your own server, but don't abuse my bandwidth BUDDY!! This on top of a bunch of VCDs gone wrong is making this week into a thoroughly annoying one. 2001 DIDN'T END YET!! THINGS STILL SUCK!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

TheSciFi.Com and SLEEP... or Rogue Leader...

Why am I so tired?!? ARG! I got three thousand hits to TheSciFi.Com today!! I hope my bandwidth holds up for the month. I'm going to have to watch that closely. Sheesh - what a pain! But it's a good pain, since it means people are hitting the site - I just wish more of them would check out ThePete.Com since it's what I *really* care about. Oh well - I'll have to put a bunch of links over there to things on ThePete.Com and hope they'll follow them. I am getting sales of SW items in TheMall@ThePete.Com, so that's nice. Anyway, as I said earlier, I am crazy tired and I have no idea why. It could be that I got just six hours of sleep last night and less the night before, but jeez - gimme a break! I don't usually feel THIS lousy! Oh well. I'm going to write a bit more and go to sleep. Maybe I might do more if a round of Rogue Leader jazzes me up... later!

Saturday, January 5, 2002

TheKey Coming Along

AAAAARG!! Page 5 of "TheKey" was late today! But I did write it before my fifth day of the year officially ended. It's a pain in the ass being a writer. In really dumb ways, too. Ah well - it's too much fun to stop doing, so I'll just have to deal with it. I've got too much to say and too many stories to tell. Sunday the sixth will bring a few changes to ThePete.Com's main page. With any luck, I'll be able to add some junk elsewhere, too. But I'm having coffee with a friend of mine and I have more eBay junk to put up for auction, so I don't know how much time I'll have. Wish me luck! Oh and anyone who happens to read "TheKey", I'm looking for feedback. Either email me directly or you can post messages to my guestbook or send me an email from my site. Specifically I am wondering about the links. Do they help the realism or distract from it? Laaaater!

Friday, January 4, 2002


I'd like to extend my personal thanks to the folks at for having such a cool system (and for free!) while still letting a few REALLY ANNOYING DESIGN FLAWS SLIP BY THEM!!! Like for those of us who are latently dislexic, it's rather annoying when you spend ten-to-twenty minutes writing an entry only to look at the "Post & Publish" button and PRESS the "Blogger" button which is located conveniently RIGHT ABOVE IT. Guess what happens when you click the "back" button on your browser! Is your post still waiting for you? OF COURSE NOT...

damn - that was a really cool post, too...

Here's this, anyway:

Oh yeah - that's right - click on the above pic to read the latest page in my Page-A-Day-Novel - it's online, on schedule! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!


Entertaining? Mildly, but only because the performances were so good.
Technically any good? TERRIBLE!! Weak script - left out HUGE chunks of his life and even beyond that, there was NO character development AT ALL.
How did I feel as the credits rolled? USED! And I don't think the film wanted me to feel that way.
Final Rating? DNS

Thursday, January 3, 2002


Ack! While I was able to write the third page in "TheKey" (my Page-A-Day-For-A-Year-Novel) it didn't happen on January 3rd! I did however write it before I went to sleep again (as with what I am typing now). So, I feel like I've only kinda wussed out. I'll definitely get another page done before the end of the 4th, though! That's a PROMISE, mofo!


I'm broke. But I'm happy.

Sushi dokodeska (Japanese for: "Where's the sushi?")


I found the "infinite lives" code for Rogue Leader over at!! YESSSSSSS!

Great, now I'll NEVER get anything done!

Wednesday, January 2, 2002

With Great Power Comes Great Cliches

Well, now that I have ultimate power over Rogue Leader, I must now remember that age old lesson (well, 40 year-old lesson, anyway) that states "With great power, comes great responsibility." Which means, I can dictate, almost precisely, how much RL I play. So, I must do that. I have committed myself to write at least 8 hours a day - of course, this is proving MUCH harder than even I had expected. I've been able to eek out 4 hours a day and in fact, today I am short an hour, so I must go now. I am going to write a short script. (We'll call it Short Script#2.) Later!

Tuesday, January 1, 2002


I like me.

You type strange things at 3:53am while listening to Fatboy Slim....



Sorry about the language - you get that every once in a while with me. It's just that since the American military started bombing Afghanistan, has had NOTHING but headlines about this supposed "war" on terrorism. (Save for the 24 hours they had a story about George Harrison being dead.) It's driving me crazy because India and Pakistan were on the brink of NUCLEAR war for a few days there and kept reporting "the latest on Bin Laden".



India and Pakistan were getting their NUCLEAR missiles READY TO FLY, MORONS!! There's more going on in the world aside from our insane plot for revenge against Bin Laden who killed fewer Americans in one fell swoop than the died in two weeks during the Rwandan massacres back in the early 90s. (That was 10,000 - but they're black so "we" don't give a crap.)

Sorry - it's late, I should be writing, but I'm venting instead...

PS Jeez I love techno music. But there's never enough truly kick ass songs... le sigh...

Writing TheKey!!

So far, so good. It took me about an hour or so to write the first page of my epic new novel "TheKey". Check it out! I'm writing it a page a day all this year. One down, 365 more to go! Woohoo! Now if I can just fill 8 more hours today with writing! Wish me luck!