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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


The wounded in Falloojeh aren't getting treatment and today we heard about a family with six children being bombed in the city. It's difficult to believe that in this day and age, when people are blogging, emailing and communicating at the speed of light, a whole city is being destroyed and genocide is being committed- and the whole world is aware and silent.
That's a clip from a post at Baghdad Burning from November 29, 2004.

She also blogs about the rumored use of chemical weapons by TheUSMil:
I keep having flashbacks of that video they showed on tv, the mosque and all the corpses. There was one brief video that showed the same mosque a day before, strewn with many of the same bodies- but some of them were alive. In that video, there's this old man leaning against the wall and there was blood running out of his eyes- almost like he was crying tears of blood. What 'conventional' weaponry makes the eyes bleed?
Good question...


This is some pretty weird stuff going on--the following clip is from an article from
The rugged coastline of Tasmania was littered with the carcasses of more than 100 whales and dolphins yesterday after two separate beachings that have baffled scientists.

At Sea Elephant Bay on King Island, in the north-west of Tasmania, 55 long-finned pilot whales and 25 bottle-nosed dolphins died when they became stranded over the weekend.
Nobody knows what's up. Scientists are literally baffled. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that biologists generally believe that whales don't beach themselves by accident. They do it because they'd rather die than face a killer whale or an extreme climate change. The important thing to remember is that whales and dolphins (and the like) are not dumb fish. They have complex social structures and communications. When they die like this--something is seriously up.