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Sunday, June 27, 1999


Well, it's that time of the year again. Below are a list of shows that will be appearing on TV this fall. I'll tell you if they will succeed or fail and if they will be good or bad. Yes, I will do all this without having seen any of these actual shows MONTHS before they begin airing. I'm not trying to be cool - it's just that they are obviously that bad - you be the judge.

"Third Watch" (NBC) - This show focuses on paramedics in New York City. You know, where they wrote that song "911 is a Joke". But seriously, this show sounds more like a scifi show and that will harm it. Plus, there's no hook. BOMB.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC) - This is a spin off of "Law & Order" centering on sex crimes. This show will do well. Maybe even better than the original.

"The Michael O'Malley Show" (NBC) - This is another one of those shows that stars a stand-up comedian. It's about a guy who decides, at 30 years of age, to grow-up. Doesn't sound like a comedy to me - more like a funeral. This'll bomb faster than "Costello" did last season.

"West Wing" (NBC) - Rob Lowe plays Michael J. Fox's character from Spin City in this drama about the inner workings of the White House that was obviously ripped from that NBC sitcom about the inner workings of the New York Mayor's office. It may do well, but only because people don't mind unoriginal shows with good looking guys in the lead.

"Stark Raving Mad"(NBC) - This show is about a horror writer and stars "Antonio" from that old NBC sitcom "Wings" (now run perpetually on the USA Network) as the horror writer and "Doogie Howser" as his book editor. I don't know what to make of this show - aside from the fact that the title will scare a lot of people off. However, buried between "Frasier" and "ER" may turn it into a "HIT". Hey - "Jesse" got renewed, didn't it?

"Cold Feet" (NBC) - A show about three beautiful white couples in various states of relationship-involvement. This show sounds boring enough, but couple that with it's timeslot, FRIDAYS AT TEN, and you've got a sure fire H-- I mean BOMB.

"Freaks & Geeks" (NBC) - This is an hour comedy about kids attending high school in 1980. First off, I was still in school in 1980 and there wasn't a damn thing that was entertaining about it. Secondly, just placing the show in 1980 does not create a hook that will get people's attention. (What was the name of that movie that took place on December 31st, 1980? Oh yeah, I can't recall BECAUSE IT SUCKED.) Thirdly, "Ally McBeal" is a total fluke, it's doubtful that hour comedies will work without a laugh track. Fourth, the title alone will confuse the crap out of people. Finally, it's timeslot will damn it - it holds the slot that has killed two other shows. ("Dark Skies" and "Sleepwalkers" previously held the 8pm, Saturday slot. Then again, both of those shows sucked).) I bet this one will BOMB, too.

Welp, those are just the new shows NBC has coming up this fall. Next week, come back to read my predictions for the WB! YEEHAW!

[|Or do you think they will ALL be great shows?]

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