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Thursday, February 2, 2006

ThePete's Ultimate Take on The State of the Empire Speech 2006

Don't worry, I'll keep it short.

Ultimately, I feel the same about this years SotE speech as I have the previous ones. Bush doesn't bring anything new to the table. The same BS rhetoric telling us how the world should be but not how it is going to get to that state of "be-ness".

So, America should have military and financial dominance over the world--how will it get these things?

I mean, I know how this will be done, but I want to hear his plan. This is how Bush has been able to get away with so much all this time. He doesn't say anything substantive at all. He just says "we're spreading democracy" after previously saying "we're getting the WMD" after first saying "Iraq is a threat to us." Of course, even before that, back in early 2001, Powell and Rice both said that Saddam wasn't a threat to anyone.

On the surface we have vague platitudes that don't put forth any real plans for what we're going to do. He gives the American Idiots just enough to feel good about him and doesn't mention anything directly about all the nasty stuff he's going to do to people and their rights.

What really cracks me up is that the Republicans always whine about how the Democrats have no new ideas. I saw exactly zero new ideas in the Bush's SotE 2006 speech. Zero. It's all recycled crap from previous speeches of his or other concepts that have been floating around for a while.

The US government is in dispicable shambles and is in dire need of new blood. This shit is s joke and we should be ashamed to even bother calling America the best country on Earth.

That's like saying Underworld: Evolution is better than Underworld. BIG DEAL, Underworld pretty much sucked. The rest of the world is in a pretty bad state and if the only good thing you can say about America is that it's better than any other country, you're really not saying enough.

Look, it's not enough to just survive.

If we can save lives by torture, bombing, killing and lying, you have to ask if we deserve to have our lives saved.

There is no justification for what the US government has been doing in regards to torture, censorship, deceit, the arrest and indefinite detention of human beings, and warrantless wiretapping.

Our leaders are letting us down. Yes, even the Democrats.

OK, so this post wasn't so short. But hey, it's shorter than my last post on the SotE speech ;)

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