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Saturday, January 29, 2005

ThePete.Com Newspaper-Style!

About six months ago, my friend John, he runs the Boba Loca I'm always hanging out it, suggested I set up the main page at ThePete.Com similarly to the front page at His feeling was that scrolling all the way down the page was a pain in the butt and he just wanted to be able to check out the kinds of stories he wanted to read. For instance, what if he didn't feel like reading about a story on 911, but did want to read the latest Pocket Reviews. If the main page was set up like CNN's site, he could just scroll to the section he cared about and check out the latest posts.

So, finally, I figured out how to do it--for any WordPress grease-monkeys out there who want to try something like it on their site, I used Kitten's Show-Cats plugin available here along with her other plugins. Go here to learn more about her stuff for WP.

Anyway, so the newspaper style page is set up here please check it out and feel free to let me know what you think. It's also available by clicking "newspaper" in the "view style" section of the text links just beneath the PG-13 graphic.

If people like the newspaper style and use it, I'll keep it around and even set up a cookie so you'll automatically forward there if you prefer that front page over the regular one.

Welp, it's time for bed, I think. I just finished a huge-ass copy gig and I realize now that my creativity had bottle-necked with that gig. As soon as it was done, I was filled with energy--still am. Which is good since I've got three days to cut a short film (2 hours of footage down to ten minutes) finish a 7 page comic and then edit a 50 page comic into PDF format. WISH ME LUCK!!

Once I'm done with those projects I'll have more time to blog as usual. I apologize for the delay and will do my best to sneak in a few entries over the weekend. I also plan on doing more fun stuff soon--I'm just getting way too depressed at how Orwellian everything has gotten and just how fricken stupid most people seem to be about it. Gotta remember to have fun in life--it's too short to be depressed all the time.

OK, I'm outta here!

OH YEAH, don't forget to check out ThePoll (under the hitmap!) and please consider joining my free-stuff Conga Line. Read more about it here first.

OK, NOW I'm REALLY outta here...

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